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"Lets go to sleep" leah said after seth disappeared into the trees.

"Okay" we all replied simultaneously.


We all walked back into the living room and sat down in a circle.

"im not tired!" Beki said in a baby voice.

"me either" Ally whined

"relax, we dont have to go to sleep." i said in truth i wasnt tired either and i could see

that aimee didnt feel like sleeping.


"Let's actually watch the movie!" Aimee said. Mean Girls was one of her favorites and she hadn't seen it in ages, she was dieing to see it.

"Fine!" we all replied. I pressed play and we all settled down. The movie was just over when Leah said

"Dani what did you want to talk about earlier, you sounded kinda serious or something?"

"Oh, well….. It actually wasn't me that wanted to talk to you… it was the girls!"

"Okay so what did yous need to tell me?"

"I'll be back in a sec!" I said as I stood up I ran into the kitchen and over to the freezer. I had a feeling this could get emotional. I grabbed the Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey for Ally and Beki, Caramel Chew Chew (AN: I think that's the name!) for Aimee, Cookie Dough for me and then I just grabbed a Tub of plain Vanilla ice-cream for Leah. I turned and got spoons out of the drawer, then I walked back to the sitting room but I froze in the doorway How the hell did it get so messy? I chuckled lightly to myself and Leah looked up

"What's so funny?"

"How the hell did it get so messy?" I said as I looked around. They looked too

"I don't know!" Then we all burst out laughing. I went over and plopped down on the ground next to Leah. I handed them all their ice-cream and spoons and then popped the lid open on mine.

"So stop trying to put it off. Tell me now!"

I looked at the girls then back to leah then to the girls again they didn't want to talk yet.

"Okay, okay. I'll go first."

"Wait. What do you need to say?" Aimee asked

"Well I've been thinking lately and I've been crushing on Colin for years and nothing has ever happened and I don't think it's going to either. I mean I'm nearly 16 and I have never had a boyfriend 'cause I'm already caught up on a guy who is way out of my league and doesn't even know I exist." I said. Ally and Beki's eyes were bulging, Aimee's jaw practically hit the floor and Leah was frozen.

"What are you talking about you are beautiful, smart, funny, a little crazy at times and everyone loves you.?" Aimee said.

"You are so in his league!" Ally said while Beki was nodding her head then she said

"If anyone is out of their league it's him."

"Woah." Leah had moved "What the girls said are true Dani, but where are you going with this."

"Well today I wasn't messing when I said Niall asked me out, I gave him my number and told him to call me. And if he does I think I'm going to go out with him I mean I really like him not as much as I liked Colin but I do like him."

"Oh" Aimee spluttered

"My" Ally coughed

"Crisps and crackers." Leah finished.

"Leaaaaah seriously leave it to you to ruin the drama.!" Aimee said in a whiny voice.

"I think Niall seems nice!" Beki said to me while the others were bickering about "Dramatic Effect"

"You really think so?"

"Yeah. I'm positive."

"Okay I have come to a decision." Aimee exclaimed in a really weird voice "You can date Niall if he passes our tests!" She said the last part with an evil smirk while rubbing her hands together!

"Fine just DON'T traumatise him. Got it?"

"Fine" they replied.

"Okay I'm finished whos next?"

"Ohh me, me, me!" Aimee shouted like a 5 year old. I don't know how but she always gets high on Ben & Jerrys.

"Okay go for it!" Leah said chuckling

"Well I heard you knew about Colin so I think you need to know who we like"

"I am in like with ~Brady"



"WHAT?" she shouted

"Lee calm down its normal for people to like other people" I said as if I was explaining it to a five year old.

"I know that idiot."

"Then what are you shouting about?"

"Why didn't you's tell me sooner?!" she said "Did you girls not trust me or something!" She sniffled "Especially you Aims, you're practically blood." I jumped up and hugged her

"I only realized today!" I said

"Yah and we didn't know Dani had said anything!"

"We're sorry" we all said together. Then all of a sudden

"Who am I killing?" I looked up and saw Seth, Colin, Brady, Matt and Derek. We all burst out in fits of giggles.

"What the hell are you idiots talking about?" Leah said she was the only one sobered up. They didn't answer so I picked up my ice-cream and pointed at the name Ben & Jerry's. for some reason all boys think Ben & Jerry's is for break-up's or boy problems. In this case it was but not always.

It took her a few minutes and then she said

"Idiots, it's not always for break-ups."

"Okay then." Seth said "What are you still doing up?"

"It's not that late and we were talking!"

"About?" he prompted

"Something private with Leah that you and your friends ruined!" I shot at him

"How come Leah gets to know?" He said "And the guys have names you don't have to call them by "Your friends" all the time"

"Leah's our older sister there is some things we can ask only her about!" I said "And what if I don't want to call them by their names."

"Well I'm your older brother so you can tell me!" the rest of the conversation forgotten.

I looked at the girls and nodded we knew what to do.

"Oh really we can talk to you about ANYTHING?"

"Yea" he replied he sounded oblivious to the fact that I had over emphasized "anything".

"Okay then girls lets tell him."

"Okay" they all replied together

"Well you see this guy asked me out but he's the biggest player in Forks, and I know he just wants me for sex and that I shouldn't go on a date with him but I just WANT him sooo bad!" Aimee said "What should I do?"

I looked at Seth his jaw was on the floor. I looked at Beki and nodded.

"Okay you can think about Aimee's situation while I tell you mine!" He just nodded recovering a bit. "Okay so I was at a party a couple weeks ago and I had a couple drinks but I wasn't drunk if you know what I mean I was just tipsy. My crush not mentioning any names came up to me and asked me to dance we did after a while we were grinding then he asked me to go upstairs with him, I did and I had sex for the first time. Now everyday we meet up and have sex. I love it! Thing is I'm not sure if I love him or the sex." Seth looked so shocked "What do you think?"

"Okay how about you tell us all your answers after we are all finished." Ally said "So, there is this guy I have known forever we are really good friends but over the last year we slowly turned into friends with benefits. I think… no I know I love him I just don't know how he feels? Should I say something or not!" Poor Seth he looks so freaked out.

"Okay my turn, so I was at the same party as Beki obviously but I was a bit more tipsy than the 3 of these and I ended up having sex. Long story short I think I'm pregnant!" That was his breaking point.


That was it I couldn't stand it any more I burst out laughing the girls joined in

"You… actually….. Think… we… would….do …..th-th-that?" I said between laughs.

"What?" he asked

"IT was a joke dude." Colin said

"God your such a Div (AN: My sister and her bestie say this all the time.. I don't know exactly what it means something along the lines of idiot, asshole and dumbass all mixed together!) Seth" Aimee high-fived me.

"Whats a Div?" Brady asked

"None of your business!" Aimee replied we had to keep up the act for Seth.

"I'm tired" Ally and Beki whined together

"Its your faults we are still up "I don't want to go to sleep" "I'm not tired" Aimee and I mimicked.

"Can we please go to sleep?"

"Fine" we said together. Then we kissed Seth on the cheek and hugged leah.

"Night Seth Love you!"

"Night Lee Love you!"

"Night boys" We all said together.

"Night Love you too." Leah and Seth said

"Night girls." the boys replied.

We all lay down and got settled pretty soon we were in a deep sleep.

Next morning.

I woke up and looked around there was a mess where the boys slept but no boys then I heard the press doors opening and closing. Food of course. Wait none of them can cook I suppose I should help. I got up and stretched and looked at the clock 8 o' clock the girls will be asleep until about 11. I walked over to the kitchen and froze I leaned against the door frame. There was flour everywhere I chuckled out loud. They all looked around

"Trying to make pancakes?"

"Errm" Colin said he had flour all over his face "Maybe" I looked over at Seth and he was on his knees

"Dani if I don't have pancakes for breakfast I will die can you help us please?" he said in a weird dramatic voice I looked at the rest of the boys and they were on their knees too.

"Please DanI?" they all said together

"Course I will." I said as I skipped over to the presses I grabbed all the ingredients and made my infamous Dani Clearwater pancakes. I had 2 and I kept some mixture fo4r the girls. The boys were eating when all of a sudden I heard a moan.

"Mhmmm… these are soooooooooooo good."

Colin moaned I giggled and he looked up a me with a goofy smile that turned into a grimace when Derek hit him upside the head and said

"Dude, sooo not cool." I giggled again and the boys chuckled

"I'm gonna get dressed be back in a few don't wake the girls."

I ran upstairs took a shower and got dressed. As I was running down the stairs I heard someone say

"Oh my, did you boys try to cook." it was Aimee's mom.

I ran into the kitchen and saw her

"Hey Mommy Liz!"

"Hey hun how are you?" she said as she hugged me

"Boys this is Aimee's Mom!"

"Oh, call me Liz boys!"

"This is my big brother Seth and his friends Matt, Derek, Colin and Brady." she looked at me and I nodded. She knew about Aimee's crush.

"Hello Boys. It's nice to meet you all. Now Dani I brought Sandy over she needs a run and I was hoping you could bring her?"

"Don't I always."

"Yea you do. Now I have to go or ill be late for work."

"Kay see ya laters."

"Bye Boys. Bye Dani."

"Bye" all the boys echoed

"Bye Mommy Liz!"

"SANDY here girl." Just then Aimee's Cream Labradoor Sandy came running in!

"Im goin for a run be back later. The girls will wake around 11 don't wake them or you'll die. Literally. Sandy come on." Then I ran out the back door.

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