Disclaimerrrr: Note that the game says "Squeenix", not "fudge poptart." Obviously.

A/N: Um, a poemfic. I was bored. To be read in a goofy manner.

Playing Kingdom Hearts
All day and night,
Saving Disney people
And fighting for the light.

Riku in his girly skirt
Is such a mofo!
When I tried to beat him,
I was like, K.O.!

Tigger's mini game sucks.
It ain't even funny.
Pulverizing heartless
So I can make more munny

Why does Kairi have
All those zippers on her dress?
If one were to unzip-
Why, that would be a mess!

How many Ansems
Can there possibly be?
Hit Xemnas in the balls
With a giant yellow key.

With the mermaid Ariel,
You see Sora dancin'.
If you ask me,
Marluxia's Michael Jackson.

Orgy 13 members
Don't even exist.
Tell Roxas that,
And he'll get super pissed.

A dog and a duck
And breakin' a card.
Oh, no-Sephiroth!
I just wet my unitard.

Playing Kingdom Hearts
All day and night.
Saving Disney people
And fighting for the light.

A/N: XDDD I dunno how well the rhyme scheme went over, but hey, I had fun nonetheless. My favorite verse is the second to the last, the one with Sephie. X]

For those of you who do not think that "Tigger's mini game sucks", do not tell that to me! lol~~ When I was playing it in KH1, it took me a freaking HALF HOUR to successfully jump from the top of the tree to the stump. I was TICKED. So ticked, in fact, that for Christmas that year, my mom got me a Tigger punching bag off Ebay. It is now my "anger management resource." Ha, ha!