'' it's in the garage follow me '' he said. so i was following him to the garage when we got there i seen a car hiding under a sheet. he pulled the sheet off the bloody red Ferrari.

'' wow dad i love the car,is that my car? i said while looking at the car.

''yea bells'' that's yours '' after that i was jumping up & down screaming.

'' wow ''

'' omg dad your the best ''

'' here is the key's''


''what are dad's for ? he asked

'' I'm gonna take it for a ride ok ''i said while still jumping up & down like a 5 year old girl on Christmas morning.

'' ok go have fun '' he said with a frown on his face . looking down at the ground .

'' OK,thanks alot dad '' i said in give him a hug .&left to get in my car which by the way smelt good . i put the key in the ignition & stepped on the pedal & was at the mall in less than 30 minutes. when i got there i saw this really sexy guy looking at me from his silver Volvo. so i licked my lips at him . i get that attention all the time . then BANG this girl banged into me , this small pixie liked girl ran into which was beautiful by the way .

''i'm sorry '' she said while looking at me up& down .

'' ow...it's ...ok'' i said while getting up from the ground . i had to bend down to get my purse . then the boy from earlier started to whistle at me ''.

'' hey my name is Alice ''. she said while jumping up& down.

'' my name is bella by the way , has anyone tell you , that you look like a pixie ''. i said while looking at her up& down . see had on a black mini skirt on with this cute red tank top with red high heel on.

''yes , i get that alot '' she said while rolling her eyes .

'' i love your outfit'' i said

'' i love your too '' she said

''thanks , which high school are you going to ? she ask

''fork high'' i told her

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(a.k.a Edward wifey )