Here's chapter 2. I hope you guys enjoy! I had to rush this one...

Hinata's eyes fluttered open and she squinted hard at her surroundings. What had happened? Where was that guy? Hinata sat up and rubbed the bump on her head that she had landed on. Suddenly she noticed bandages on her body and all her wounds were close to fully healed. She started to nervously fidget with her hands. Suddenly she sensed someone behind her and spun around. There he was, standing there a look of annoyance on his face.

"Hm. Bout time you woke up" He said. He walked towards the shy girl and she shrank back.

He grinned. "I'm not that scary now am I, hmm?"

"W-w-what do you want from me?" Hinata asked, her eyes wide.

Deidara's grin faded. What the hell was he supposed to say? Oh well. He'll ignore that question now and think of something later.

"I can't answer that right now, hmm."

Hinata was about to ask again but decided it wasn't a good idea. He seemed to have a sort of anger problem.

"Are you going to hurt me?"


"Umm, w-well who are you?" Hinata asked softly.

"Deidara. And this.." he pulled out a chunk of clay and grinned. "Is my art."

Hinata watched in fascination as Deidara's hand hungrily chewed the clay. Her eyes opened wide as a funny looking bug was created. He was pleased at her look.

"You like it, hmm?"

Hinata managed a small smile. " H-hai."

"Hm, well thats not all." Deidara grinned and threw the bug into the trees, away from Hinata. Hinata gasped in shock when she saw the explosion. Her expression told him that she liked his art. Of course. Who wouldn't? But this was so...

"De-de-deidara-kun? I need to go home.."

He looked at her. Of course. He couldn't just keep her...or could he? ..No. He had to let her go. Anger welled up in his chest at the fact that he wasn't getting his way. Should he keep her? No.

He had to let her go.

"Hm, well then, You're free to go." He said angrily.

"Umm o-okay.." She turned and started walking.

Deidara's eyes widened. He had forgotten something.

"Wait! What's your name, hm?"

Hinata turned around. She was blushing.


What a pretty name. Just like her...Gah! He needed to stop thinking like that!

Hinata then turned back around. "Umm bye.." She then started running towards the trees until she was no longer visible.

Deidara lowered his head and sighed. The most valuable art he'd ever seen was gone. Oh well. Maybe this is a good thing. Now he could focus more on getting his revenge against that stupid brother of itachi's.

He started walking through the woods on his way back to find Tobi. People had thought that tobi was madara. There were two people wearing masks and Madara somehow got rid of tobi. But now that tobi had come back, claiming to be obito. He still never took off the stupid mask though.

Kohana village had been rebuilt and Sasuke was living there. So then he can have his revenge. Deidara grinned at the thought. (This is not true. I just came up with this to fit the story better ^^;)

He had walked for about thirty minutes now and was getting tired. He sat down on the ground to rest.

Hinata stopped running and looked back. He was gone. She blushed at what had happened between him and her. He didn't seem to want to hurt her... but what did he want? Suddenly the thought of Naruto popped in her mind and she shook her head, forcing the thought to go away. Sakura deserved him better, anyways.

Suddenly Hinata heard something above her. She looked up at the trees. It was dark so she activated her byakugan. However, before she could get a good look, something rushed down at her, knocking her to the ground.

Hinata quickly got up and looked at the man in front of her. He was a tall muscular guy and the look in his eyes terrified her. He grinned and lunged at her. She dodged and faced him. She was done being called weak and even though no one was watching she would still feel victorious.

Her hands lit blue from the chakra and she ran at him. Suddenly, she noticed he was holding barbed wire in both hands! Hinata couldn't stop and ran into the wire. It cut through her body and she realized that it was full of burning chakra. Hinata screamed at the pain.

"Your eyes are mine" He growled.

He grinned evilly and reached down towards her.

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