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Author's Note: This story was originally supposed to be a part of another plot, but it kind of evolved into this. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

The group of six rushed through the hallways. The first bell had already rung, giving them three minutes to get to class. The evil sorceress Rita attacked early that morning with one of her monsters, nearly making them late for school. In their hurry they made the mistake of changing back into their street clothes before checking to see if anyone was around. Luckily the park was deserted, relieving them of much unwanted stress.

They ran into class, nearly knocking down the teacher, two seconds before the final bell rang. Ms. Appleby glared at them before going over to pass out the graded tests. Zack, Jason, and Kimberly's faces became glum. Thanks to Rita, the three of them had very limited time to look over the notes that Monday morning.

"Some of you did fantastic and others need to read a little better," she said as she weaved through the desks to hand the paper to the correct student.

"Alright, an A!" Zack cheered. He looked up to find everyone's eyes on him. "Sorry, I had a bad feeling after the test that day." He looked down at the desk, his face burning red.

Trini and Billy were also delighted with the grades they received.

Kimberly was in the middle of fixing up her hair in a sparkly, pink barrette when the teacher cleared her throat, standing over her. Kimberly smiled and took the folded test. She smiled as she unfolded the paper. Suddenly her lips dropped as her eyes graced that letter at the top several times. She shook her head, wondering if she should have her eyes examined after class. The capital letter in scarlet ink topped the right hand side of the paper beside her name and date. She bit her lip and glanced down at the comments in a matching color and handwriting lining the margins of her essay. Next to the multiple choice questions were a collection of X marks. She dropped her hairbrush on the floor as she took one last glance at the gigantic "F" that hounded her test.

"Kim, you okay?" Trini asked realizing her face had become pale.

Kimberly put on a false smile and nodded.

"Now I know some of you are disappointed in your grades," Ms. Appleby said before everyone began to bombard her with questions. "Use this as an idea where you stand as of now. There are three more tests and two papers this semester, so there is time to bring up the grade. I will also post extra credit opportunities on the bulletin back here." She pointed to the corresponding board made of cork, in which printed assignments were tacked on. "So if you got an A or B, congratulations. If you did not do so well, make sure to read the material better next time."

She then passed out the new novel they would begin reading that night. Afterwards she began the grammar lesson on the difference between fragments and complete sentences, something many had trouble with on their test.

Kimberly pulled out her pink folder and placed her test facedown inside before anyone had a chance to see the grade. She then opened her hot pink notebook, using her rose feathered pen to take notes. She glanced down, the new book they would begin reading was Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. The front cover showed a handsome young man with a frown, dressed in Victorian clothing. Kimberly groaned, already assuming the classic to be far from the sappy romance novels that occupied her reading life.

Class eventually came to an end, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone inside. Kimberly hurried to pack up her belongings, careful not to forget the new book. In the process she slung her pink polka dot hairbrush a few seats back, clanking against the metal chair legs. One of the male students, whose time in class was spent more often staring at the females, goofing off, or spacing out than paying attention to the lectures, went in search of the sound. He reached over and picked up the item, already knowing who it belonged to.

The brush's owner called out to her friends that she'd meet up with them later. She dawdled over to the bulletin board to check out some of the extra credit assignments posted. He smiled and used this as an opportunity to speak with her.

He strolled up as quietly as he could, the chain hanging from his pocket slammed against his leg and several tables with every step he took.

He jumped up beside her and said cheerfully, "Hey, Kim!"

She groaned and rolled her eyes then pushed him aside. He almost fell on top of the teacher's desk, catching his balance before blood covered the wood surface.

"That wasn't very nice," he said brushing pencil shavings off his jacket.

Kimberly turned to him, her voice not hiding the agitation, "Skull, I am not in the mood to deal with you this morning."

"Somebody failed the test," Skull said shifting his eyes around the room.

"And what would give you that idea?" Kimberly asked.

"Don't insult me," Skull said placing a hand on her shoulder. Kimberly sneered at him then shook him off. Skull laughed his obnoxious, high-pitch giggle then said, "We get a test back today and you check the extra credit. Hmm?"

"And your point?" Kimberly snapped.

"I just know the drill," Skull said with a laugh. He turned to leave and said, "But don't feel bad, we've plenty more tests to go."

Kimberly rolled her eyes as he walked out of the classroom. Skull suddenly stopped midstep and poked his head back inside.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot," he said marching back up to the girl in pink. "You dropped this." He handed her the hairbrush, several of her auburn strands sticking through the bristles.

"Were you planning on adding it to a shrine or something?" Kimberly asked snatching it away.

"You're welcome," Skull said as he walked towards the door a second time. He turned around, leaning against the doorway, watching her read the last paper on the board.

Kimberly sighed and said, "These assignments are all stupid."

Skull nodded. Kimberly assumed he failed so many tests that he personally knew how awful they were.

"Don't worry, we all fail tests," Skull said as Kimberly turned towards him. She was not in the mood to hear anything else about the exam she failed, but her heart felt a bit of comfort in the boy's words.

She walked up to the exit in which his body currently blocked.

"Will you let me pass?" Kimberly asked with her hands on her hips.

"That all depends," Skull said giving her the eye.

"No way," she said pushing him aside.

"What? I didn't say anything," he called chasing after her.

"I know what you were thinking," Kimberly retorted stopping at her locker.

"Well then you have a dirty mind," he said hanging on her locker door the minute she opened it.

She smiled at him and said, "Well that proves my point that you're thinking dirty thoughts."

Skull raised his finger and opened his mouth about to reply when he realized she caught him. He nodded and patted her on the shoulder.

"Okay, you win," he said. Kimberly smiled and exchanged books. Skull smirked then said, "And isn't the rule the winner takes the loser out on a date? How 'bout Friday?"

"Dream on, Skull," she said clutching the locker. Skull let go and she slammed it shut.

"Okay, the loser takes the winner out,"

"Goodbye, Skull," Kimberly snickered walking away from him.

He watched her hurry down the hall to her next class.

Two classes later the group met up for lunch. Trini was the only one smart enough to pack her own lunch, leaving the rest to settle with what the cafeteria supplied for them. They sat in silence for the first few minutes, avoiding eye contact as often as they could.

Finally it was Jason who spoke, "Okay, guys, we have got to be more careful next time."

"I know," Trini spoke. "We were almost late for school."

"But Rita never pulled a stunt like that before," said Kimberly.

"I mean we almost demorphed in public," Jason reminded.

The rest replied with a nod.

"If she tries this again we might actually be late and everyone will discover our identities as the Rangers," Billy said.

"How so?" Kimberly asked.

"If six Rangers are out fighting in the morning five consecutive days of the week and then six students show up tardy those same days Rita attacks…" he stopped and made eye contact with everyone in the group. "Someone is bound to become suspicious."

The other five groaned, never taking that into consideration before.

"Let's just hope she never does that," Jason said picking through his food. Little did they know the witch they spoke of was in perfect listening range of their conversation.

They continued to eat in silence, no one wanting to mention that fragile subject again.

It was Trini who broke the silence the second time, "So, how'd everyone do on the test?"

"Great," Zack replied. "Man I'm glad I got an A. With Rita having me trapped the night before, I was tired when I got home and had to look everything over that morning."

"I know," Trini replied. "It's a good thing we were able to pull through."

"Yeah, thanks again for saving me, guys," Zack said.

The others assured him it was no problem at all. Everyone minus Kimberly and Jason were smiling as the conversation died.

"I didn't do so well," Jason said.

"Yeah, me either," Kimberly added.

"Oh, that's terrible," Tommy replied.

"Yeah, but I'm sure I can pull a C up to an A with time," Jason spoke.

"Yeah, that'll take no effort at all," Billy said.

Kimberly's eyes dropped to the table. She had almost felt a little better when Jason revealed his disappointment, now she felt more ashamed than before.

"What's wrong, Kim?" Tommy asked putting his arm around her.

Kimberly shook her head trying her best not to cry. Out of the six she was the one who cried more than any of the others, usually over petty things. She figured her tears annoyed her teammates, so of late she tried her best to hush them when the reason was not that serious. However Tommy continued to probe, eventually the others beginning to question her as well.

"I failed, you guys," Kimberly spoke. "I didn't have time to study either." She shook her head, hoping to dry away the water behind the lids.

"Kimberly, it's okay," Trini said.

"Yeah, there are plenty more examinations," Billy added.

"No, you guys," Kimberly said her face becoming as pink as her blouse. "When I sat down to take the test I forgot everything that happened in the book. Then this morning when Ms. Appleby gave me that disappointing look. I just feel terrible."

"It was just one test," Tommy said hugging her tighter. "You'll do better on the next one. I promise."

"Yeah, and if you're having trouble with the material, one of us will help you," said Zack.

Kimberly nodded. She wiped her eye and smiled, thanking them all. She still lacked a way to tell them how much she dreaded the next book. Nonetheless, Kimberly felt blessed to have the friends she did.

That afternoon Kimberly stood at her locker collecting the items she needed that night. She opened her planner as she checked to make sure she packed the book for every class that required homework. She zipped her bag and stood up.

Suddenly an eerie sensation moved through her stomach. Kimberly held her breath, feeling a presence standing directly behind her. She clenched her fists and moved her right foot forward. She closed her eyes and turned around, allowing her fist to fly. She opened her eyes as she heard someone yell out in pain. Kimberly covered her mouth and gasped at the sight of Skull kneeling down, his hands covering his face, blood seeping through his fingers.

Kimberly knelt down beside him shouting apologies every two seconds.

"Skull, I'm so sorry," Kimberly said moving his trembling hand away from the wound.

His right nostril poured blood at a steady rate. He wiped it away on his sleeve allowing room for more to fall. Kimberly opened the front pouch of her backpack and handed him two tissues. He put them up to his nose and started to lean his head back.

"No, no, no, no!" Kimberly exclaimed pulling his eyes back to her level. "Look down, it clots the blood faster." He followed her instructions. Kimberly brought out another tissue and began to clean up what had dripped on the floor. "I'm so sorry, Skull," she said again. "I'm…I don't know what else to say."

"What happened here?" Jason asked having heard the commotion. Upon viewing the scene he wondered what the two of them were doing crouched down on the dirty floor. He saw the white cloth stained red and looked at Kimberly trying to hide a forming smile. "Kim, what did you do?"

"It was an accident, Jason, I swear," Kimberly cried.

"Yeah, an accident," Skull said.

"Skull, don't talk," Kimberly demanded handing him another tissue.

Kimberly looked up at Jason who was not entirely convinced. She said, "I heard someone sneak up on me. I didn't know and…I panicked."

Jason put a hand on Kimberly's shoulder and said, "It's okay, Kim. Accidents happen."

"Glad to see you care," Skull said pulling the bloody tissues away. The flow had stopped leaving his nose and mouth stained crimson. He spit red into the cloth then wiped what was left away.

"What were you doing sneaking up on her anyway?" Jason asked as the three of them stood up.

"What? I talk to her every day after school," Skull replied.

"Up to no good, I'd imagine," Jason said. He looked down at his watch then smiled at Kimberly. "I have to go. I'm supposed to be teaching a class in ten minutes."

Kimberly waved as he left the building. She turned back at Skull who stared at her with a faint smile.

"I can't say how sorry I am," Kimberly said.

"It's alright," Skull said throwing the tissues away.

"Well, maybe it taught you a lesson," Kimberly said with a smile. "Maybe you won't sneak up on people anymore."

Skull lightly laughed. Kim smiled, she liked that laugh a whole lot more than his loud, obnoxious one.

"Well, Kim, I only came by to ask you out on a date," Skull said. "Since you never answered me earlier."

Kimberly rolled her eyes remembering what happened between the two of them after English. She leaned her head against his locker and her grin grew as she thought of how simply being in his company those few minutes cheered her mood. He had made her truly laugh and forget about the grade on her test until it was brought up again at lunch.

"Well?" Skull asked leaning his elbow on the locker beside Kim's.

Kimberly closed her eyes and laughed, Skull's smile beginning to fade. She opened her eyes, sending him into a world of peace.

She nodded and said, "Okay."

Prepared for another rejection Skull began to come up with a witty comeback. His eyes opened wide and his lips became immobile. His body temperature rose to an unhealthy high as he tried to catch his breath and heart rate.

"Yes? You said 'yes'?" Skull asked.

Kimberly smiled, "Yes. It's the least I can do for hitting you."

Some of Skull's bliss died, but he was still too excited to be brought down.

"This is…you said...I can't believe this happened. When's a good time?"

"Friday night," Kimberly replied.

"Friday, great," Skull squealed. "I'll pick you up at eight. Well, no, I don't have a car. I'll be there at eight."

Kimberly laughed as he made his way for the exit. Being in a trance he tripped several times, crashing into lockers or other objects that lined the wall. Kimberly shook her head and laughed harder. For some unexplained reason she was actually looking forward to Friday night.