Minna, Yorushku-na! [Hiya, Everyone!]

So I get this email out of the blue right, asking if I want to contribute to an online blog about relationships and all that good stuff. (I guess my reputation precedes me. Sigh, my adoring public.) Actually, to be fair, they asked Eliza to contribute too. You know, probably didn't want all the chicks to feel left out. Anyways, we're accepting emails if you need some advice on your love life or your sex life, don't be shy. Just Ask the Masters!

Ja-na! [See ya!]

Ken Masters, PhD

Love Doctor Extraordinaire

Hi to everyone out there!

So first off, let me apologize for my husband's less than progressive attitude about women in the 21st century. (A night on the couch seems to have broadened his scope quite nicely, though, I must say.) In any case, we're thrilled to be participating in this online venture and look forward to reading all your questions about relationships, and hopefully one of us can be of a little help. Like Ken said: Just Ask the Masters.

Eliza Masters,

Occasionally Bemused Wife of the Aforementioned Dr. Masters

PS: the PhD stands for Phony Doctor

PPS: She's just salty cuz they asked me first

-KM, PhD-

PPPS: Is the couch still pulled out?