A Perfect Impossibility

A re-imagining of the 7th year, so books 1-6 apply. In fact, the alternate universe-ness starts during the famously long "camping" in book 7, at some non-existent time after Ron returns to the group.

This is a Draco/Hermione all the way. :heart: It is also my first real fanfic, so be nice and comment please? There will be lemon in much, much later chapters. The wait is what makes it all worthwhile, though, right? That's the kind of fanfiction I like reading, anyways.


The search for the horcrux's continues!

Chapter 1

They had managed to track it down. Hufflepuff's cup. It had taken some real scoopy-doo style sleuthing on Hermione's part, and she felt rather proud and terrified at the same time as she looked around at the snowy landscape.

Northern Canada, in the middle of freakin winter! In just so happened the Malfoy's owned a ski lodge (a really big, expensive mansion, actually) in the area. Naturally, Hermione and the boys didn't think Voldy would hand another horcrux over to the Malfoy family, seen as what happened to the last one, but Hermione had discovered something odd.

Bellatrix Lestrange had been "given" the mansion early last year. The deed had been signed over, all legal-like. No doubt Voldy would be all for punishing the Malfoy's after the failures of the past few years, but making them give up their mansion? Not really his style. He's much more the torture and belittlement sorta guy.

But what other reason could there be for Bellatrix gaining a secluded snowy mountain retreat guarded by various spells? Other than the fact that Voldemort did trust her with his precious horcrux. She could have hid it in many places, places Voldemort would have appreciated and which would have seemed perfectly safe, such as, say, Gringotts. But if, for instance, a few teenaged freedom fighters were crazy enough to try and find his horcrux's, Gringotts is too close to home for comfort.

And so, seen as how the transfer of the mansion to Bellatrix was just oh-so-suspicious, the trio decided it was worth checking out.

And so here they were. Hermione had had the foresight to sneak into a muggle town and buy some heavy winter gear, but it was just so damn cold! She turned and looked at her two companions. Harry was holding up all right, but Ron had turned a rather ugly shade of blue/gray. They just had to stop soon and make camp. The wind was too harsh to keep walking.

They had one fatal flaw in their plan: The exact location of the mansion was not common knowledge. They had had a pretty good idea, and were searching frantically. But for today, they needed to find a place with tree's to block the wind and set up camp.

It was a matter of minutes before Hermione got her wish, and they had the tent up. Harry cupped his hands in front of his face and breathed on them. Ron's teeth were chattering.

"So…what are we going to eat?" Ron asked, his teeth chattering so it sounded more like "sssssso….w…what….a..a…..g..going to eat?"

Hermione was too grumpy and cold to find his focus on food amusing today. She shot him a glare.

"Alright, let's not get back into the fighting thing again, ok?" Harry beseeched them. "Look, we still have some jerky and a can of peaches left. Let's just eat that, and hope we find the mansion be tomorrow night. If it's a hiding place for the horcrux, it's probably deserted; no servants, nothing. If we can get by the security spells, we should have a warm place to stay and maybe some food to eat."

Ron sighed, "That's a big "if." "IF" we find it, "IF" we get by the spells, "IF" there's no one there, "IF" they kept some food in their cupboards…."

"There's nothing we can do; bellyaching isn't helping anything. Let's just all get some sleep, ok?" Hermione said quietly.

That night, Hermione had strange dreams. She couldn't remember the details, but it included cold gray eyes. In the dream, the dark mark was eating up his arm, slowly devouring his body.

She woke up shivering. But from the dream or the biting cold, she couldn't tell.

Being near Malfoy-property must have been affecting her. Or maybe it was the story Harry had told about how Draco couldn't bring himself to kill Dumbledore…how he was being manipulated and used by Voldemort. She couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

Everything cruel he had said to her, and she still couldn't bring herself to have ever wished this on him. He had been raised to believe in the horrible things he had always said, but now he was seeing the dark truth behind the blind hate of the death eaters. He had learned what being a death eater entailed, but now it was too late for him to escape.

Hermione shook her head, trying to wipe away the vision of sad gray eyes from her mind.

"Good Morning!" Ron called, in a better mood after some food and sleep. He peeked his head around the curtain separating her room in the tent. "Oh!" He said, grinning. "How'd you sleep?"

"Yeah…morning…good…" Hermione answered in a quiet tired voice. Sleep had not been as restful as she would have hoped.

Ron grinned "Are we ready to go out and face great evils at impossible odds today?" He asked. He was much too cheerful. He also seemed to have a slight blush across his face.

"Ron?" Hermione asked


"Get out."

As Ron left, Hermione dragged herself out of the bottom bunk of her bed. She looked in the mirror as she began to dress for the day. That's when she realized in all her tossing and turning last night one too many buttons on her jammies had come open. She was showing just waaay more cleavage than she wanted, especially with Ron's wake-up call.

No wonder he had seemed cheerful…she had thought it was strange, Ron, a morning person!

"Little perv…" Hermione mumbled, adding on all her warm winter sweaters and coats in preparation for their search. It had become pretty clear lately that Ron was interested in her in that way, but Hermione just couldn't think about romance with anyone right now, let alone Ron. Ron, who had switched off being a best friend to a total jerk more times than she could count in her Hogwarts career. She needed time to think, and now was not that time. More important things were at work right now than her love life.