A Couple of Ninja Part 1

Summary: what happens when Ino's crush on Genma turns into something more than a friendly kiss? Can Genma get himself under enough control to tell Ino he loves her too, or will their whole friendship be flushed down the toilet?

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Chapter 1: An Unexpected Guest!

Genma walked down the dusty roads of Konaha. It had been a long day. Actually, every day lately was long, ever since the Chunin exams. Every time he got back from a mission, there was another one waiting for him, and when he wasn't on a mission, he was helping prepare the Hokage for different things she was obligated to do.

Genma sighed as he kept walking trying not to interfere with some children playing in the dirty streets. Hopefully for once Tsunade would let him get some sleep before heading out on another mission. What was he thinking? It was hopeless; this was Tsunade he was talking about.

Genma slowly entered the Hokage's office. Tsunade turned around and smiled. "Oh, Genma! I'm so glad your back. I have a mission you would be perfect for!" she said with that evil smile of hers that meant mischief. "Listen closely Genma. I have just sent out a young ninja on her own for a very high rank mission. I want you to trail behind her incase she runs into trouble." Genma smiled, "That's it? You just want me to baby sit a little girl on a mission? That's almost an insult." Tsunade glared at Genma, "Would you rather have a mission of your caliber after the one you just finished?" Genma shut his mouth and left the room.

Ino was so proud of herself. She would not let Lady Tsunade down! Ino was quick at the feet and lightning fast with a kunai. No ninja could get past her as she escorted the emperor's daughters to the shrine in sand country. The girls all sighed; there was nothing to do. The ninja escorting them was obviously bored, and they had begun to think she was ignoring them. The ninja woman was mysterious, intriguing, and positively the coolest thing the girls had ever seen. She wore blue Capri's, a dark gray sports shirt, and the dark blue ninja headband signifying she came from the land of fire's number one ninja village, Konaha. The thing that made the girls admire Ino so much was the fact that she was only a few years older than they were.

Ino was just barely eighteen, and already she had earned Lady Tsunade's trust. Lady Tsunade had told her that she knew talent when she saw it, and knew that Ino could do this mission. Ino had known she was lying, so when she sensed Genma's presence it was no surprise. "Genma, although I like the fact that I have you watching me, I see no reason for you to conceal yourself." Ino said perfectly calm. Genma smiled. Ino had always had a small crush on him, which she had not bothered to keep a secret. Her childish crush on Sasuke had withered away with his leaving the village.

Genma jumped down from the trees, and landed in front of Ino. The girls gasped with surprise of the handsome ninja who appeared in front of them. Genma smiled, "You were always a sharp one Ino. No wonder Lady Tsunade entrusted you with this mission." Ino rolled her eyes, "Apparently she doesn't trust me enough. She sent you." Genma laughed at Ino's acceptance of the truth.

It didn't take long for the girls to start pummeling the poor ninja with questions. Of course the ninja just smiled, and answered the questions the best he could. Genma loved the attention, and could see Ino totally ignoring him. Not long after, the girls started getting tired. They had entered the deserts, and it was also getting hot.

"Let's go ahead and set camp, in the morning we'll start again. It's getting dark, and the nobles are tired." Ino suggested. Genma yawned, "yea, I guess that would be good. I'm kinda' tired myself." Ino set out the tents, and was getting ready to go out to guard duty. "Hey Ino. I was just going to tell you, no matter what happens I'll always be here for you. So go ahead and go to sleep, I'll keep watch." Genma said sincerely.

Ino smiled, "Nah, it's ok. Besides, you said you were tired. I'm fine." Genma yawned and smiled, "Ok, you win this time." Genma walked back to his tent. Ino turned and looked at the stars. They were so beautiful tonight. Not to long afterward, there was a rustling in one of the desert bushes. Ino turned just in time to see a kunai coming at her face. Ino dodged and scanned the area. She sensed three chakra levels behind the bush, and they weren't very high. She didn't need Genma's help with these; they were nothing but bandits. Still, the fact that a kunai came out of that bush scared her. Ino jumped, and landed right behind the bush. There, stood the dirty, and what looked like tired bandits. Ino sighed, "you know y'all are no fun, where are all the assassins that I used to fight?" Just then the bandits threw off their disguises. It turned out they really were assassins, and they were hiding their chakra level. Ino knew she couldn't take all three of them and protect the girls at the same time. "Genma! Get the girls out of her. Now!" Ino screamed.

Genma woke to the yell of a highly pissed off woman. Genma ran out to Ino fending off three high rank ninja from the sound village. Shit! Why? Lady Tsunade said this would be easy. Genma pulled out a kunai and aimed carefully. BAM! One down, two to go. Ino growled, "Dammit, Genma! I told you to get the girls to safety." Genma smiled, "Ino, you know you can't take them. Why do you always have to be so stubborn?" Just then Genma disappeared. He reappeared right behind one of the ninjas. Two down, one to go. Ino was riled with anger now. Genma just smiled, because he of course thought it was funny. "One left Ino, I think you can get this one." Genma joked. Ino was yelling and stomping, and then she threw a kunai so hard, it went strait threw the ninjas heart. He fell to ground screaming in pain. Ino turned around ready to do the same to Genma. Genma was not so happy anymore, because this was Ino's serious face.

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