Chapter 3: A Rude Awakening!

Ino got home to her house a mess (just as she left it). Ino sighed and sat her keys on the coffee table. Ino walked into the kitchen only to find that once again, Naruto had come over and raided it. Naruto was always busy nowadays, and often didn't have time to run to the store for groceries. Ino had given him permission to borrow a few things every once and a while. Ino walked into her living room, only to find yet another misfortune, her goldfish had died again (6th one.

Ino sighed leaving the dead fish where it was. Ino grabbed her nightgown from the couch and pulled it on. She then plopped down on the couch leaving her clothes on the floor. She was about to fall asleep when she heard the doorbell ring. Ino lazily walked over to open the door. Ino looked through the peek hole at the top of the door, to see Genma smiling like an idiot on the other side. How had he found her house? She lived in the middle of nowhere, out in the woods of Konaha.

Ino opened the door only to have flowers shoved in her face. Dandelions, they were her favorite flower. "Ino, can you forgive me please? I know I screwed up and made you mad, but I really don't want to lose our friendship because of it." Genma said. It was strange, because Genma usually didn't speak his mind at all. Ino smiled, "I will forgive you on one condition." Genma looked worried, because he always knew about Ino's crush. "W...what?" Genma said worried. Ino smiled knowing she would get what she wanted, "I will forgive you, but you have to give me a kiss, and not just a cute little peck on the lips, a full passionate kiss."

Genma sighed as he bent to kiss her waiting mouth. He had intended it to be a short kiss, but just the fact that their lips touched made his blood boil and the short kiss became a long one. He took her face in both hands and gently tasted and nipped until a barely audible sigh breathed out of her and into him. He gazed at the face he held. Her expression heavy lidded, and bright eyed was unbearably sensual. Desire began a fierce pounding through his mind and body, while the same primitive excitement roused in her. He felt it. He almost heard it. It flowed around them and between them and in them. He should leave. He should woo her slowly, the way a good man does. Instead he pulled her into his arms. She was shocked this time, confused, "I don't think..."

He silenced her with another kiss, and caressed down her back. Ino almost screamed out. What was Genma thinking? She wasn't fighting him though. She was naked beneath her thin nightgown, and the feel of her feminine softness and warmth, of her full, invisible curves, inflamed him. This was much more than Ino had bargained for. She hadn't expected Genma to get this exited. Her body reacted to his touch, both retreating and encouraging all at once. He pressed her closer, turning his kisses to her neck. She gasped quick breathed, a series of tiny announcements of her delight. And then with a pliant stretch she surrendered, and embraced him back. She intoxicated him. Her scent, her body, her kisses her returned, maddened him.
Kissing her still, he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the couch, closing the door behind him. He settled her in his lap, swearing to himself that he would only stay a bit longer before leaving. But the feel of her on his thighs and the new closeness of her body, so available beneath that thin nightgown, defeated that moment of good sense. Passion made her wild, and for an instance, no more she hesitated one last time when he slid his tongue into the moist warmth of her mouth. He wanted more, everything, and he wanted it now, but he couldn't. Genma pulled away. "Ino...I, I'm sorry." He said before bolting out the door.

Ino sat on the couch alone with nothing but the memories of what she had just shared with Genma. Bastard! He came to her house, and gave her more than just a kiss, and then he had the gall to just up and leave? Ino pulled off her nightgown, and put on her clothes.

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