Chapter 4: Tsunade's Suggestion!

Tsunade walked down the roads of Konaha, trying to enjoy her three-year anniversary. Juriya held Tsunade tight as they walked, enjoying the view. Everything was wonderful, until Ino came running down the path shouting curses toward Genma, who was sitting on the old red bridge. Genma looked up to see Ino. Ino came running to the bridge, not paying the slightest attention to the happy couple. Ino whacked Genma on the head. "Genma! What do you think you were doing?" she said gasping for air. Genma looked up at her as she sat beside him. Genma sighed, "I don't know, and I think my toothpick fell out at your house." Ino looked closely at Genma. It was he first time she had seen him without the toothpick in his mouth.

"Genma...I'm just happy you think of me as a woman, and not just some childish school girl with a crush on you." she said laying her head against his shoulder. Ino sighed, "I guess I can't hide my feeling any longer. I really have always liked you Genma. In fact, I think the first time I saw you at the Chunin Exams I fell in love with you. I used my supposed crush on Sasuke to cover up the fact that I really had feelings for you Genma."

Tsunade smiled at the young couple, as she walked over and bent down beside them. Tsunade whispered into Genma's ear, "this is the part where you say 'will you marry me Ino?' and then she says 'yes'." Genma laughed at the old woman. Tsunade walked back into Juriya's embrace, and left the couple be. Genma hugged Ino and said, "Will you marry me, my little sunflower?" Ino laughed at his new nickname for her. "Anything for you Genma." she said kissing him on the cheek.