A/N: when I get depressed, or upset, I write. It's my way of dealing with it. Anyway, when I was really upset at school and wrote this, even though the episode was like last week or the week before. It's a one shot based on the episode of All Saints where they were undertaking the SES training course. Only saw it once, so I hope I get all the details correct that I am using. Even I know how random this is, so I don't expect reviews or anything. Umm... Hope you all like!

Steve and Jo walked into the Emergency Department of All Saints hospital, looking for Mike. They found him, having a conversation with Frank. Mike stopped his conversation half way through and looked around to see Jo and Steve, standing behind them.

"Come on," Steve spoke up. "We've got one more left. I'm not about to let Jo drive for a year."

"I've already won two out of three so you, Steve Taylor have no hope," Jo told him, and small smile appearing on her face as she turned to face him.

"I was out of it this morning, and as you so kindly pointed out, a couch potato, so if we start again things will even up a little bit." Steve turned around to face Jo as he made the last comment, before, simultaneously, they turned to Mike.

"Go wait out in the car and I'll be there in a minute," Mike told them, before turning to face Frank, only to find he had walked off already. Mike sighed and followed his colleagues out, only to find they were arguing over something.

He mentally groaned, feeling like he was the father of two small children, who could never get along. Of course, they were nothing like Amy and Bart, so he supposed it could have been worse.

When he reached the car, he found Steve already in the back seat, with Jo in the front, leaving him the passenger seat. At least he got to sit in the front, unlike poor Steve.

As the car started up, Mike pulled his I-pod out of his pocket and turned it on, placing the ear phones in his ears. This would be one long trip.