It was a terribly hot July night. In four after midnight it was normal for everyone staying in Hilton hotel to be in a deep and peaceful sleep. Well…nearly for everyone.

Dave Batista was just interrupted from that privilege. He opened his eyes, groaning and moaning at the same time, trying to find out what made him wake up. It didn't take him much time to realize it. He was able to hear muffled voices from the room which was connected to his.

"Damn!" he muttered in agony and went as fast as he could to check on his best friend and roommate Randy Orton. He opened Randy's bedroom door and saw him sleeping on his bed. He was trembling like a leaf, his face paler than a sheet, and he was crying, his sobs full of fear. He was having a nightmare…again.

"Hey mate!" Dave whispered touching him lightly on his bare shoulder. No response.

"It's okay, I'm here!" Still no response. Dave was starting to get really worried. Suddenly he had a simple but efficient idea. He hugged him and patted him a little on his back. It seems that Randy felt safety because he opened his eyes.

"It was just a nightmare champ. It's gone." Dave tried to reassure him.

Randy was still crying. "I saw her again Dave. She's haunting me for a year."

"Calm down pal." Dave said calmly. "We were all responsible for what happened then."

"But I was her best friend!" Randy protested. "I shouldn't let that happen to her! It's my entire fault!"

"Listen man. Orders are orders. We had to obey Hunter to make our way to the top. And take a look at us now: I and Ric have been Tag Team Champions for a year, Hunter is the World's Heavyweight Champion for three months and tonight you became the Intercontinental Champion! And where is she now? She might be dead for all we know!" Dave stopped talking for a while, trying to decrease the anger in his voice."Teamwork is what you need right now to remain to the top. But she was a distraction for you and hell yeah, even for us! And that's why we got rid of her, don't you remember? She betrayed our team and moreover, she betrayed your friendship!"

The only thing that Randy could do was to smile bitterly.

"Man, I know it hurts. But it's been a whole year since you last saw or heard of her. I've got just one advice for you. Get over it as fast as you can." With that last words Dave stood up and left Randy's room.

Randy was standing there speechless .Suddenly he grabbed his wallet and took out a photo from it. Any ordinary person who would stare at this photo would see just two happy people, maybe a couple in love on a sunny day. But for Randy, it wasn't just an ordinary photo. It was showing him along his a quite shorter girl with long curly black hair and blue eyes. They were on a beach, tanned and happy. He turned at the back side of the photograph and read the same dedication that he had already read countless times before.

"To my best friend: Hope that all our days together will be like this day on the beach. Luv ya Ravenheart."

Randy had a bitter expression on his face again. "I'm sure that you will be back Ravenheart. And then… I'll pay for everything."

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