Jessica, Jessica, you're a good friend,

I know that you'll be there, to the end.

I still think it's weird, how your fingers can bend,

But, I'm sure if you break them, they will mend.

While on Millsberry, much mail do you send,

I think you are starting a fun new trend.

Whenever someone needs it, a quarter you lend,

Even if then you have none to spend.

On your serving, we know that we can depend,

Your skills and hobbies are an interesting blend.

The school you go to, I attend.

I'm sorry that, on a regular basis, I offend.

With you as my pal, I don't have to pretend,

I have a great friend, on whom I can depend.

A great habit you have, is that you tend,

When someone is mean, you defend.

I'm sorry if our friendship, we have to amend,

If I do something mean, I didn't intend.

I'm glad that you chose, to befriend,

The classmate that can, do a backbend.

An e-mail I sent, and had to resend,

Had two little words, (that don't rhyme with end)

Happy Birthday!