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Akane sat at a booth in Ucchan's. It had been a year since she and Ranma graduated from Furinkan High School and while she had gone on to study at a local university, Ranma had decided that she had had enough school for now and was a sensei at her own dojo. Considering the fact that she, Ranma, was the World's Strongest Fighter she had many students; some of which traveled across the world simply to be trained by her. Kyle, while still actively researching history, had completed his project for Graduate School and now lived with Ranma, helping her at the dojo.

Akane looked up at the door as she heard it open. Ranma walked in, removing her hat and gloves, it was early March and was still rather cold outside. Akane waved to her friend, ushering her over to her table. Ranma spotted her and quickly walked over, sitting down.

"Hello," Ranma greeted Akane, "Sorry I'm a little later than usual, I found something interesting in my home and spaced off the time for a bit."

"What did you find?" Akane asked her friend. The two of them met regularly, about once every other week, here at Ucchan's. Ukyo and Kasumi expected them and had food specially made, waiting for them as they arrived. Kasumi delivered the food to the girls, smiling at Ranma and her sister, then walked back to the kitchens.

"What's Kasumi doing working?" Ranma asked Akane, "Isn't she pregnant?"

"She's only known for a few days, and the doctors have determined that she's only about three and a half weeks along," Akane told her friend, digging into her food, "Now answer my question."

"Sorry," Ranma blushed.

'Ok, this is good,' Akane internally smirked, 'It takes a lot to get Ranma to blush these days.'

Ranma pulled a velvet box out of her coat and put it on the table between the two women. Akane looked at it, then at Ranma, then back at the box, then back at Ranma.

"Is that what I think it is?" she asked.

"It is," Ranma told her, putting the box back in her pocket, "Kyle's been acting a little weird lately, or weird for Kyle anyway," the girls snickered at that, "so I suspected that he was up to something. Once he started meditating more than usual, I began suspect that he was planning on proposing to me. I looked all over the house, because knowing Kyle he's already bought the ring, but couldn't find it in any of the least obvious places that I expected him to hide it in until he was ready."

"So how is it that you have the ring?" Akane asked.

"I looked under my pillow," Ranma said off-hand, causing Akane to choke on her food.

"What?" Akane coughed, "He hid the ring under your pillow?"

"Like I was going to look there for it," Ranma told Akane, "the only reason why I found it was because I decided to change pillows."

"So you're positive he's going to do it?" Akane looked her friend in the eye. Ranma took the box out again and showed Akane the ring. It was beautiful, but simple: a simple gold band, with a pearl adorning it.

"It's even the right size," Ranma said to Akane, putting the box back in her pocket.

"Alright then," Akane said, "What are you going to tell him?"

She smiled as Ranma got a scared look on her face. "You love him," she said to her friend, "He loves you. His family adores you. His dad thinks the way you beat him was hilarious. What's stopping you from saying yes?"

"I don't know," Ranma admitted.

"You realize he's probably as scared as you are," Akane said, "I mean you started looking for the ring because you recognized the signs pointing to him preparing himself to propose. The way you told me about it I'm guessing that this has been going on for two weeks?"

"Three," Ranma corrected her.

Akane looked up from her book as her boyfriend, Ryu, came in through the door of their apartment. Both of them were still in school, Akane thinking about teaching primary school, and Ryu at the police academy. Ryu was expected to graduate early due to his extensive knowledge of combat fighting. All he had to learn was what they were teaching in the classroom.

"I talked with Ranma today at Ucchan's," she told him, "We think that Kyle is planning to propose to her soon."

"I've known that for about four weeks," Ryu said, "before you get mad at me for not telling you, I promised Kyle I wouldn't tell anyone."

Akane sighed, "Alright, I forgive you," she said, "But you're going to have to be real nice to me for a while to make it up. And I mean real nice to me."

Ryu laughed and picked her up from the chair. "And what do you define as "real nice"?" he asked, kissing her.

"Oh, I'm sure you can figure it out," Akane grinned at him, playing with the edge of his shirt. She kissed him again as he let her feet down to the floor. Walking around him, not once breaking the kiss, she steered him in the direction of their bedroom, pulling him in that direction.

"You know," Ryu said, as they walked into the room, "It's hard to believe that you were once a tomboy."

"Really?" Akane looked up at Ryu innocently, "Why is that?" She began to pull his shirt up over his head.

"Do you think that four years ago you would have imagined yourself doing this?" Ryu asked her once he was completely free of his shirt.

"You have a point," she said, before smirking and kissing him again.

Ranma stood in the hall of the home she shared with Kyle. She looked down at the little velvet box in her hand. Should she say yes? She couldn't think of a reason not to.

After defeating Darian Moor, she regularly visited with them on vacations, when she wasn't doing something (like camping) with Akane. Darian had agreed to teach her how to use a claymore, and she even had her own custom made one for herself. Ann was a ball of energy, always arguing with her brothers, sometimes making it difficult for them by speaking in a different language and seeing how long it took them to catch up with her. The Moor siblings spoke several languages, seeing as their parents were world famous and went all over.

Ann was the best linguist of the three followed by James. The two of them would sometime have competitions, arguing with each other and every once would have someone, typically Kyle, shout out a new language for them to argue in and they would seamlessly switch to the new language. Kyle was only (only she thought) fluent in six languages: Gaelic, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and French; and he was the least skilled of the three.

It was because of the Moor family that Ranma had decided not to go into college. If she desired, she had five private tutors all to herself. Darian had degrees in math and physics; Judith, Darian's wife, had degrees in language and was a qualified nurse; James was a physical therapist, with degrees in biology and exercise science; Ann had a degree in art and was fluent in at least twelve languages, and had knowledge in others; and Kyle had a degree in history.

On top of all that, they were all excellent martial artists. Ranma wondered how the hell they had found time to learn all of the things they knew, but when she thought about it she decided it wasn't too difficult to figure out.

Both Darian and Judith were over one hundred years old, having met when they were fifty. Like Cologne, the control of their battle aura's kept them with a youthful appearance, strength, and gave them long lives. By the time James was born, each of them were over seventy. James was fifteen when Kyle and Ann were born. Kyle and Ann grew up having three teachers: two parents and a much older brother.

Surprisingly, they had several friends growing up. They moved around a fair amount, but they did it frequently enough during their youth that they went back to the same areas every so often, allowing the siblings to meet with their friends.

Ranma looked at the ring again. What did she have to shine with the Moor's? She was just Ranma Saotome, some girl from Japan. Her parents were both Japanese, instead of from Scotland and Norway like Darian and Judith were respectively from. While her parents were martial artists they held nothing to Kyle's parents.

Ranma stopped herself. No, those were lies. She wasn't just some girl from Japan. She was Ranma Saotome: the World's Strongest Fighter. She had been challenged numerous times over the past four years, sixty-three Kyle counted, and she had easily defeated the challengers. Her father, while not the former World's Strongest Fighter, was still world famous for being one of the two pupils of the original Legendary Grandmaster of Anything Goes Martial Arts: Happosai. Supposedly, Happosai had fought Darian Moor and had come the closest to beating him anyone ever came, until Kyle and Ranma.

Ranma smiled to herself. She wasn't a nobody. Her family may not have the pizzazz that Kyle's family had to it, but that was just fine. Judith had advised Ranma shortly after Darian's defeat to keep her life as simple as she could. She had constantly worried about how her children were growing up under the shadows of two Titans, but the Moor siblings seemed to have come out just fine.

Ranma walked to the entrance of the dojo and peaked inside. Kyle was inside doing a rather strenuous kata. He was shirtless, as he usually was these days. Ranma guessed it was to try and boost his ego enough to get himself to propose to her. She didn't mind, she loved looking at Kyle when he had his shirt off, and she wasn't afraid to admit it.

Idly, Ranma wondered if Akane thought her still a virgin. Ranma doubted Akane still was, considering Akane went to college, where the rest of the students were undoubtedly having sex, so Ranma assumed that Akane was probably sleeping with Ryu. Ranma blushed at the thought, but only lightly. After all, she was sleeping with Kyle as well.

'And to think that four years ago, both of us would beat the shit out of the boy who dared ask us for a date,' Ranma thought.

Ranma summoned her courage and opened the door to the dojo. Kyle finished the kata and turned to greet her. "Oh, hey there," he said, she could hear the hint of nervousness in his voice, "How was your get together with Akane?"

"It went well," Ranma told him. She tossed him a towel, "Wipe yourself off before I come over there," she ordered him.

"Yes, Master," Kyle bowed respectfully to her, causing her to giggle at him. Kyle, no matter how nervous he was about something he was trying to plot behind her back, could still be silly. He amazed her with how controlled he was at times, he broke his arm a year ago and just looked at it before saying "Well this is problematic" and snapping the bone back into position and walking to Dr. Tofu's to get a cast put on his arm. He amazed her how relaxed he could be at the same time as well. Kasumi told her that he was making funny comments the entire time he was at the clinic.

"You've been acting a little strange lately," she commented to him, watching him stiffen, "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yes," Kyle told her, though she sensed his elevated heart rate (barely, it rose from 49 beats per minute to 60), "I feel just fine."

"Well, in that case," she said, revealing the velvet box, smirking as she sensed his heart rate sky rocket, "I accept your proposal."

Kyle opened his eyes to look at a dimly lit room. Looking down, he saw Ranma lying on top of him, fast asleep. The ring he had bought five weeks ago, which he had told Ryu about four weeks ago, for which he had begun acting strangely three weeks ago so that Ranma would begin looking for it; which she started two weeks ago, and which she apparently found just a few hours ago, glistened on her finger.

Kyle had been preparing himself for his proposal to her, he had been planning on doing it tomorrow, but she had found the ring first. He had hoped she would, not because he was too scared to propose to her, but because he thought it would be funny for her to find it. When he explained it all to her she stared at him for a moment, then burst out laughing, and that's when Kyle found himself lying on his back in their bed room with Ranma looking down on him. He still had no idea how she got the two of them up to their room so fast.

'Then again,' Kyle thought, hugging his fiancé to him, 'she is the World's Strongest.'

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