Chapter 11: Over

*A Month Later*

Helen rested her head on Bob's chest, sweaty and hot from the sex they had. They celebrated their victory over IQ and their love. After the victory, the SWAT teams sent more boats and search teams to find IQ. After searching all over, they found IQ, or at least what's left of him. His costume all torn, his body all pale. Amidst all this, Bob and Helen Parr worked things out, and while the kids would be gone for another month, Bob followed Lucius' advice and things were going smoothly for him.

"I love you so much Robert Parr!"

"I love you just as much, Helen Truax-Parr!"

Helen was caressing Bob's chest as he caressed her hair. Helen then looked towards the bathroom, and saw the pregnancy test she took recently.


"Yeah, Helen?"

"I took a pregnancy test."


"And it's positive! I'm a month into my pregnancy, Bob! We're having a baby!"

"Wow Helen, that's great! We should celebrate, then when the kids come home, we can break the news!"

"Wow, 4 kids with you, Bob. I thought Jack-Jack was the last. And he's a mess. Which reminds me…"

Helen said as she stood up and got her clothing and started to put it back on.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm just going to fix your 'office', but I'll be back."

"You keep fixing the house lately, I'm used to seeing it untidy and I'm going to miss seeing your lovely body."

"You better get used to it being clean, and I'm going to miss yours too! Sleep, Bob. Your going to need the energy…"

Helen put on her robe going down stairs. She looked at the bedroom if Bob was peeking. When the coast was clear, Helen entered Bob's office and it was dark. She looked around and something grabbed her. It grabbed her near it and she was a little shocked. It was a person and it was bare naked as she could feel it's body.

"Did they fall for it?"

"Oh yeah. Worked exactly as you planned."


"I'm pregnant. A month into it."


"Whose else?"

"It depends. Whose been in you for a month now?"

"You. No one else comes close. I told you that. I faked it with him, so don't have to worry."

"Good, now turn on the lights, I want him to see us." Helen turned on the lights. The person was a man with blonde hair. He was muscular...young, and it was not Bob.

"You know I was so turned on when you wrapped yourself around me?"

"Did you love it, Victor?" Helen told Victor Grant.

"I loved every minute of it. I was so hard for you that time, Mrs. Parr."

"Are you hard for me now, sweetie?"

"I am, and I can see you are." Victor said, seeing Helen's nipples poke through her robe.

"The memory of us fooling everyone...Oh! Me cuffing you with a contraption that's destroyed, you 'being shot' when you really were beside me...It just turns me on, us working together so we can satisfy our urges..."

"Tell me though, why'd you accept my proposition?"

"I need and want this, Bob's just not enough for me anymore..."

"And I thought this was just 'for pleasure, and nothing more'..."

"Oh, it still is, this is not love, sweetheart. Far from it..."

"What's your excuse now?"

"Cleaning the office. Set an illusion?"

"Already did, babe..."

Victor then removed Helen's robe, leaving her completely naked, and lifted her up by her hips, laid her down on the table and made out wildly while he inserted his erected cock into her wet pussy and thrusted and penetrated her while he rubbed her legs, squeezed her breasts, licked her hard nipples, and grabbed Helen's soft ass while she rubbed his hair as they continued their hot and steamy affair in secret...

"Let's not waste time then..." The man then picked up Helen using her legs and laid her down on the table. He removed the robe that covered Helen's body and threw it to the side. Helen and the man were now completely naked. The man then inserted his erect dick into Helen's pussy, which was still dry at the time. Helen and the wildly made out and touched each other as the man grabbed her ass, her breasts, and kissed different areas of her body.

" don't know how long I've missed this."

"Oh! Oh, Victor! Don't stop!"

Helen continued to moan as Victor Grant continued to penetrate her and thrust himself into her.