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The drugs that they gave started to give way. The idea of being on a plane made me like I want to vomit, hence the sedation. Carlisle said that I would be well enough to go home instead of another day in the hospital. I hadn't seen Dean since the hospital. Edward really wouldn't give me any information about it. My dad said that Dean and Sammy were in a lot of trouble. Dean wouldn't respond to me. I figured that he was shutting me out, or he had the Magneto helmet on since his thoughts weren't entirely clear. I never knew what changed in the hospital to make Dean leave.

Camilla was hovering. Easy to understand considering that the Cullen's had acquired a plane for the trip home. Edward had told me what happened when Alice let them know that we didn't have to book tickets for everyone.

She shouted "We can take the plane!"

Most the Cullen clan had just rolled their eyes and took a sigh. They were use to Alice's extravagant buys. Rose had loved the idea something faster than a car. Her only tiff was that she wasn't there with Alice to help shop. I'm sure that Alice would try to paint it a different color but there's still time for that later.

"So she just bought a plane?" I asked. "Where are going to park it? In the driveway?"

"Well, why not? We can travel anytime we want. I didn't want Bella to throw fit because she had to stay another day in the hospital. Edward saw that it was coming. Bella throws a fit, Edward gets upset with Camilla, Renata, Charles and Charlie." She shrugged "It was the only way to avoid the poor doctor of dealing with all angry vampires in the hospital. The guy was probably going to get killed if I didn't buy it. And little old Forks has an airport if you must know we can't really drive it home so I even arranged for a hanger to made."

"Alice, why didn't you just rent it?" I asked.

"I do not rent!" she looked absolutely horrified that I had even asked that question.

"I just figured that this would fit everyone." Alice simply said.

Well almost everyone. The void that was there was Dean. I doubt that he would have gone on a plane anyway considering that he was scared to death of flying, the guy can take on the ghosts and goblins but getting on an airplane is the scary thing. The first couple of moments that I felt uneasy the calmness covered over me and made me sleepy again.

"I gotta agree with Alice on wanting to fly home. And no Alice are not calling it Cullen air !" Edward seemed to be following someone's train of thought.

"Yeah you're right we might need a few more planes to be called that." Emmett laughed. "Oh, Eddie lighten up dude, I knew it was just a matter of time when Alice would buy something like this. I mean we have to hide cloths that like so she doesn't donate them to charity after the first wash, and sometimes not even then." He couldn't stop chuckling.

"I donate the cloths because other people should be able to experience top fashion." Alice said defending herself.

"Yes, the less fortunate woke up and said hey I really need that chanel dress." Edward said so smugly.

"Why are you in such a bad mood? I thought those ended when you started watching Bella sleep." She quipped back.

It was just then when I heard someone growling… Camilla. I knew that growl from anywhere. I also felt Edward's body stiffen at the same time reading their thoughts with what Alice said they clearly had stopped thinking about it till now. I peered around him to see if Charlie had heard. He was in the restroom when this exchanged had occurred, so I was in the safe zone.

Alistair's hand cupped Camilla so softly that she looked up at him and immediately calmed down. The small smile that escaped his chiseled face made seem almost human, forgetting that for a brief singular moment that his real age was who knows. The human body that he had obtained for his past angel duties still looked as if it was man of his late twenties and in actuality his vessel was more than a couple of millennia ago. I asked him once if the man was still in there and he replied, "No, once I had fallen he was able to leave the body."

There were times I had forgotten that Alistair had waited for Camilla, waited for her to be born, to grow and to be turned. A person like Alice had told him. The bond that he shares with Camilla is so strong binding. He was the one that understands Edward. He doesn't freak or excessively try to keep us apart. He knew the feeling of patience…longing. I think if anything he felt sympathy the fact that our lives were so intertwined and no sure solid future. My mind wondered for those horrid minutes.

If Aro gained control of me what would be the future for everyone? Would he kill Edward? Kill my family? Kill the Cullen's? What would happen to the world? Would he keep Edward alive force me into the weapon that he desired? What was Dean and Sam's future? Alistair said our ending would come also. I had already lost my mom. Every moment that I was alive brought Aro closer to his vision.

But what if I wasn't alive? I thought of a lot. Me being alive would cause the world to be in danger…caused Edward and everyone I loved to be in danger. Taking me out of the equation made everyone safe. If I did that it would be like I was giving up. Even with my death no one would be able to match their power and strength. If I won…everyone would be free…Edward would be free…free and safe. This comforted me in some way.

Why take the easy way out. Why let them win. Why walk away. I'm not. If I did anything it was going to be this. Beat them. It was bleak yes. Aro wanted this marriage to move swiftly before my powers would manifest. If I could get strong enough before then, I could kill him before it gets to close.

All of this I would have to keep from Edward. He would rather take me and hide me than risk me in battle, or a slaughter more like it. How would I train? When could I get the time to do so? Most important…how long do I have?

"Bella? What are you thinking about?" Edward whispered in my ear. The coolness of his breath made me shiver. My body loved it and wanted more. Dazzed for a few moments I regained to think of something.

"Um. Just tired." I tired to think of something to calm my body down. It was hard to keep my mind off the fact that I wanted to push my body against him. STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT! EVERYONE WILL FEEL YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE RAISE. STOP OR YOU WILL BE BADLY EMBRASSED!

I started to feel better. I felt that I could do this I would have some sort of grip on the future that I wanted. The chances of succeeding were against me anyway. I looked at my family it was now that I decided that they will be safe.

"We're getting ready to land. Will someone please buckle Bella up please?" Renata asked I could tell that she was smiling with her little tease. Before I looked down Edward had already buckled me up. When we landed, I felt hopeful of the future. It was within gasp. The drive home was quick since we didn't need to land in Seattle. The look on people's faces were down right embarrassing seeing the small airport staff rush out to see us land.

"Great Alice! All we need now is a red carpet." Jasper sighed he always seemed to put up Alice's silly outrageous behavior. He always gave into her.

"Well, if I saw this part maybe I would have." Alice strutted passed him with her giant purse said.

"She did try but not in time." Edward had already read her mind and laughed clearly he must've seen her calling and asking.

"Is there anything that you won't do for attention?" I asked clearly she enjoyed this to much.

"Well, yes there is. But no I didn't do this," waving at the plane, "for attention, I did it for us to get in and out of this town easier."

Clearly I hit a nerve. "I'm sorry Alice I didn't mean it like that. It's just everyone is staring." I put my head, clearly hoping that the lower that placed it no one would recognize that it was me.

"When will she see herself clearly?" Alice just sighed, very fed up with me.

Edward squeezed me around my waist and kissed the top of my head. I felt so safe and happy when he did that. My lips lifted to his wanting more, at that time to keep me from getting out of hand he kissed the tip of nose. I frowned and with that he just chuckled.

With the small amount time I've spent in Forks I missed it. The smell of the moss growing and weird enough even the rain. I couldn't help from cursing the days that the sun would come out, it would take Edward away. I started to hope that it would never be sunshine. I readied myself for darkness. Edward was the only light that I wanted. It occurred to me the similarities that I had for the weather. It in the rain that I could do anything, I learned to, based in part of Edward. My life would be the same I could make through the thick uneasy storm if he was with me.

After driving to our house Charlie helped out of the car and into the house. Edward was careful not kiss near my face. He politely kissed the top of my head and said that he would see me in the morning.

When we entered the house Charlie said that was going to take a shower. It was then that the rest of the household was sitting in the kitchen. It felt like they knew to wait in there.

"Yes, Bella?" Alistair said. He was putting a kettle of water on the stove to heat up for tea. With his back turned it was a little bit easier to talk to him when he wasn't looking at him. Although this was true for anyone that I had to have a serious conversation with.

"Um…I was thinking…I'm really ready this time. I want to start training." I felt my hair on my face I pushed it behind my ears.

"Bella? Are you sure?" Camilla questioned I'm not sure she ready to think of me endangering myself so soon.

"Cam she's ready." He placed his hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her while she clung to herself like she cold. Her eyes tightened and took a deep controlled breath to compose her body. "Camilla dear we knew that this time was coming. It is why we are here." He stood in front of her now with his hands cupping her so softly as if he didn't want to hurt her. "She can do this. She is strong for this." Alistair's voice was so sure so convincing that even I believed him that time.

The rest of the family rose from the seats. "We must not think of this in front of Edward. He won't stop us but it will keep him calm. If he's not worried it will be easier to train Bella if he's not stressed over her safety."

"Yes, Alistair we will not think of it." They spoke in unison.

"Now…I'm glad that you're ready for this…you're highness." It was then so unexpectedly that Alistair knelt down and kissed my hand. With that so did everyone in the kitchen. I wasn't sure what to make of it. That part I didn't expect.

"We will follow you until the end." Charles spoke.

"Um…Okay." Is all that I could mutter out, it made me uneasy now that I was plotting my new future.

"We will start tomorrow. I will speak to the Cullen's about them going hunting together. It will be easier to train with Edward not around. Tonight we will work on trying to strengthen your shield so Edward can't hear us. If it works on Aro it should be able to work on him soon enough."

"How long will I have to lie to him and the Cullen's" I felt horrible.

"I agree with Bella, why can't we trust them yet?" Renata asked.

"We would have the numbers on our side." Felix began to rise from his knee.

"We need more time. Bella don't think that I don't trust the Cullen's…I do. They saved your life. But it's for their safety, if the any of the guard make a surprise visit the less they know the better. In time they will come to know. Charlie is coming out of the shower Bella you're going to need some rest. I need to talk to the Cullen's now." Alistair said as he walked out of the house.

I made my way upstairs. As I pasted my family they smiled as they bowed their heads. They were happy, hopeful, and calm. It seemed like this was something that they waited for. I met Charlie at the top of the stairs. He still looked like the same young man in my pictures with my mom. Although some of that sparkle was faded, he was still in there somewhere.

'Hey, Bells heading to bed?" he looking down at his watch.

"Yeah, long day you know…I love you…goodnight dad." I made sure to take a long look at his face. I wanted to remember everything about him in this moment. Maria came so close, who knows if she'll come after him next. I would do everything in my power to keep him safe. To keep everyone safe.

Thank you for being patient.