Chapter 5

Jasper POV

I couldn't help but laugh as I got into my car.

Today has turned out to be pretty interesting.

I mean, the new girl smokes, gets high, flirts openly with teachers, punches people in the face, apparently gets away with punching people in the face, laughs with the person she punches in the face, and is beyond hot.

I know we were going to be great friends, I thought as I pulled into my drive way and got out of my car. I shut the door and turned towards Bella who had just hopped out of her car, and was now facing my average sized, blue house. After she gazed at it for about a minute, she started walking towards me and said, "Well, are we gonna stand here and look at it all day or are we gonna go in the house anytime soon?"

"Ha ha, come on, and I'll give you the tour." I said as we both walked up to my house. I unlocked the door and we both stepped into the house. I wiped off my feet, while she looked around my cozy living room.

"It's not much but it serves its purpose." I said to her. She looked over to me and said, "I think it's great. Very homey and inviting." I just shrugged as she made her way over to the mantle above the fire place and glanced at the pictures there. I was about to ask if she wanted to see the rest of the house but she started giggling.

"What?" I asked. She turned to me, still giggling and asked, "Is this your picture? When you were a baby?" I walked up to her and looked behind her shoulder to see the picture she was looking at, and sure as shit, it was a picture of me in nothing but my Power Ranger pull-up, cheesing at the camera. "Yeah that's me." I said. Turning towards her again. She was grinning and said," You were so cute!...what happened?"

"Oh ha ha. You're sooo funny." I said sarcastically. She just grinned. "I like to think so. Come on, show me the rest of your house."

So I did. I took her into the kitchen, dining room, showed her where the bathroom is, and then brought her to my room. When I opened the door, she immediately stepped inside and took off her shoes. "Don't those hurt like a bitch?" I asked curiously. I couldn't imagine walking in shoes like that. She just laughed while she walked over and sat on my bed, leaning against the headboard and looked around the room. "They took some getting used to at first, but now I could probably run a mile in them, and still not be sore." She replied. I nodded as she pulled out a cigarette and lighter.

"Do you mind if I smoke in here?" She asked. "No but, if you don't mind can you hold it to the window? I don't want my mom to come home and smell smoke in my room."

"No prob. Oh, hey before I light up do you mind of I wash my clothes? I want to see if I can get the paint off them." I nodded and went to my drawers and grabbed a pair of boxers and a small t-shirt for her. I turned to her and said, "Sorry I don't have any sweats, and the shirts the smallest one I have."

"It's all good." She then stood up and reached down for the buttons of her jeans and started undoing them. "Whoa, what are you doing?" I asked curiously. She didn't stop pulling her pants down as she said, "Changing."

I scoffed and said a sarcastic, "Really? I couldn't tell. I meant why are you changing in here?" She just started taking off her shirt and replied, "Because I don't feel like leaving the room just to change. It's not like I'm naked and I think you and I both know that I'm not exactly shy." I laughed and said good point.

Plus, I mean, damn she's hot. When she turned around to grab the pair of boxers I noticed the tattoo that took up her whole back. It's of a a tiger that looks like it's climbing on rocks to get across a body of water, while snarling at something to the right. On her right shoulder she's got flowers that look like their falling.

(A/N: The tattoo is a hell of a lot cooler than I can explain it. Check it out on my profile to really appreciate it's complete awesomeness.)

"Wow. Nice tattoo. I didn't even notice it earlier." I said. She pulled up the boxers over her hips, and then put the over sized t-shirt over her head, while turning to smile at me. "Thank you. It took a long ass time to get it finished." She said. "I can imagine. How long have you had it?" I asked curiously. I was expecting her to say maybe a couple months but surprised me greatly when she said, "Two years, tomorrow actually."


"How old are you?" I asked. She smirked and said, "Seventeen." I was shocked. "You've had that since you were fifteen? How is that even possible? Don't you have to have a parent give you permission to get a tattoo if you're under age?" I asked.

"Yes but, I knew my mother would never allow it, so I went to my friend Snake to do it for me. He owns his own shop so I knew it would look great. Plus, I got it for free because he owed me for introducing him to Ondine. They're engaged now." She said.

"Snake? That's kind of a weird name." I said. "No offense to him or anything." She laughed and said, "I know right! I tried to tell him that it was the stupidest nickname ever but he just ignored me." I laughed too and then asked, "So does the tattoo mean anything or is it just a something-that-liked tattoo?"

She smiled sadly and said, "Yeah, I got it after my best friend Jake killed himself." I instantly felt bad. I could tell she wasn't going to say anything more on the subject so I just said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked, it's was none of my business."

Again, she smiled sadly and said, "It's OK. It's not your fault, you didn't know." I smiled sadly back at her and changed the subject. "Here give me your clothes and and I'll go start a load of laundry." She smiled and handed me her clothes. I quickly left the room and started a load and headed back up to my room. When I got back, she was looking through my music collection.

I smiled and asked,"See anything you like?" She must not have noticed me come in because she jumped and turned to look at me, while smacking my shoulder lightly.

"Jeez! You scared the shit out of me! And, yes. There's a lot of stuff that I like in here. I figured since you liked Taking Back Sunday, that you would only listen to stuff that sounded like them. I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised to find that you have a lot of good metal in here. I absolutely LOVE A Life Once Lost. Plus, major brownie points that you have Job For A Cowboy, The Hottness, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, and Diecast." She said.

"Yeah, they're pretty cool. We'll have to go to one of their shows sometime too."I replied as I bent down towards the loose floorboard that I kept all my goodies in. Bella was sitting Indian style on my bed, looking at curiously. I just smiled at her and lifted up the floorboard. She laughed when she saw what was in it.

"Haha, I should have known." She said with a smile. I took out my stash jar and pipe, and went to sit next to Bella. Once we were comfortable I asked, "Can I bum your lighter for a sec?" She wordlessly handed it to me after I packed the pipe. I held the flame to the green as I sucked it in, holding it in for as long as I could before exhaling, and passed it to Bella.

"So when was the first time you ever smoked weed?" I asked her curiously. She blew out the smoke, and leaned against my headboard, laughing, as she replied, "The first time I ever did it was with my friend James when we were thirteen. Ha, he came over to my house a couple hours after school looking so nervous, and just rushed up to my room telling me to follow him. So, when we got in my room and locked the door, he pulled it out and said that he wanted to try it with me. I eagerly agreed. I mean, James and I both had already been drinking hard liquor at high school parties, so pot was like a huge deal. So we lit up, and did everything, but neither of us got high the first time."

"Same here. I didn't get high the first time I smoked either." I said.

Conversation went on like this for hours until it was 1:00a.m. Bella and I both had drowsy eyes and were getting sleepy, so I suggested that we should go to sleep.

We were both about to crawl into under the covers when Bella exclaimed, "OH SHIT! I forgot to call Charlie!" I calmly handed her my cell phone and she dialed.

"Hey dad." She said. I couldn't hear what he said on the other end. "Calm down please, I'm fine."..."I'm at my friend Jasper's house"..."Yes, he's a boy, what does that have to do with anything?"..."Whatever, I'm spending the night so I'll maybe see you tomorrow." She hung up before he could reply. She handed me my cell phone with a roll of her eyes. "Dads."

I laughed while she crawled under the covers, and I took off my jeans. I got in next to her, we were facing each other but we weren't touching at all. Once my head hit the pillow, I closed my eyes and reached over to my nightstand and shut of the light. "Night Jazz." Bella said, sleepily. "Night." I replied as I drifted to sleep next to my new best friend.

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