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(Back in the elderly woman's home)

(First Pov)

So into the kitchen I went and the smell of sugar and chocolate cookies overwhelmed me. My stomach growled and I sat down to eat.

'What is your name child?'

'My name is Rin. What's your name?

'Suyana,' she said as she brought out a plate full of cookies

'Hope you like them,' said Suyana. I was chowing down and muffled out 'they're great', but my mouth was full. (ME: A Tony Tiger moment going on here. LOL!)

'So you are probably wondering what the crystal you found is called.' I stopped eating and took the crystal out. 'Well, what is it?' I asked. 'That's not ordinary crystal child. This crystal allows whom ever possess it to travel through dimensions.'


'Yes. There are different kinds of crystals, each possess a power all their own. This particular crystal though has only a few in existence.'

Righttt. I thought this woman was nuts. Well she is an elderly woman.

Suyana: To activate it you need two tear drops. (she gets up) I have a book about all the types of crystals here. Would you like to borrow the book?

'Um…. sure. I guess.' I said a little wigged. She gave me the book and it was the book I had seen before when I first came in her house. I was about to ask her another question about the book and the symbol when my phone went off.

'Sis, what are you doing? You were suppose to be home 30 minutes ago.'

'Oh sorry. I got caught up with something. I'm on my way.' (hangs up the phone) I have to go now. Thank you for your hospitality Ms. Suyana.'

'Your welcome Rin. My you have a safe journey.'

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