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She has named herself rin in the story.

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(Normal POV)

'I'm home! I'm home! Don't freak', said Rin as she ran into the house.

'What were you doing? Your slow like a turtle today to just to get home', said her mom. 'Never mind that, just go wash up for dinner.' 'OK mom!'

When dinner was over everyone went to bed. Rin couldn't sleep because she was still thinking about that crystal Suyana was telling her about.

'Two tear drops, huh?' she said looking at the crystal. 'Even if what Suyana said is true, how do I get tears? I don't know how to make myself cry. She sat up in bed and thought for awhile.

'I got it! I'll stand in front of a fan till I get cold enough to be sleepy and yawn.'

Rin got out her fan and turned it on. She sat in front of the fan and waited for the water works. As she sat there she began to think about the world that she would be thrown into. So she started to get cold and a yawn came out of her mouth. Her eyes watered and she quickly dabbed the crystal to her eyes and waited for something to happen. She waited for two minutes and nothing happened.

'I knew it. It was a joke!' said Rin and she was about to leave when suddenly, the crystal started to glow. 'What the…' And in a flash of light she was gone.

She found herself swirling in a bluish blackish portal that seemed to be endless.

'What do I do now?' she said while falling. Then out of nowhere she saw these weird creatures coming toward her. 'What a tasty looking treat.' Said one of the monsters. It roared and started to charge at Rin.

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM ME!' screamed Rin as she tried to somehow run for her life. Then she saw a bright light, which for some strange reason started to pull her into it.

'Whoooooooaaaaaaaaaa!' was all Rin could say before she blanked out.

(Setting now in Resembool)

"Ok Al are you ready?" said Edward. "ummm sure", said Al (transmutation circle lights up)

We did it! - huh" (the transmutation was going well unfortunately there was a price they were not expecting to pay)

"Brother help! help!" Al no! (Ed's leg gets taken)

(Back to Rin) (Rin Pov)

When I woke up I knew I wasn't home anymore but in another town, I guess the country, but it was raining pretty hard "When I find Suyana I'm going kick her-(ed screaming)" "That sounded like a scream. Hello anyone there? Hello?" "There was defiantly no luck cause I passed out."

"That sounds like Edward-who's that she looks hurt grandma," said someone.

"Get her inside" said another person.

Al runs towards the people talking previously.

(author's note: format has changed for people talking.)

Al: please Winry, Pinako! help my brother is bleeding to death!

Winry: Al…. we didn't even know you guys got back already

Pinako: no time to waste Winry let's help these boys and that girl

The last thing I saw was a suit of armor holding a boy covered in blood.

(1 year later…)

"Ooh my head hurts and why do I feel a pain inside my chest," I said as got up

"I got to get out of here"

Pinako: Good morning my dear. I see you have finally awaken. Let go fix you a cup of tea to feel better."

Pinako left for a few minutes then came back in with a cup of steaming tea.

"Here you are dear," said Pinako.

"Thank you for everything but who are you," I asked

(back to normal Pov)

Pinako: My name is Pinako Rockbell and that's my granddaughter Winry Rockbell.

She said this as she pointed out the window at a girl with blond hair.

Rin: where are her parents?

Pinako: They were killed all because of the military state. All they do is take away innocent lives like my son.

Rin: I am sorry to here that (looks around) so….. you know those boys well too?

Pinako: yes I do kept a close eye on them after their mother had pass away

(go outside)

Rin was going out the door when winry was coming to the door to go in the house.

Winry: hey where are you going?

Rin: oh outside nice meeting you both

(Ed and Al sparing)

Al: Brother are you sure about becoming a state alchemist?

Ed: I have to try Al what other choice do we have

Al: Hey look it's that girl she was found unconscious when we went to Winry and Ms. Pinako

Ed: Hey! Over Here!

(Rin goes towed them)

Ed: I'm pretty sure you feel better after that knock out huh

Rin: where am I?

Ed: Resmbool

Rin: how old are you?

Ed: 13 why?

Rin: your height doesn't match your age I mean you look 8

Ed: wha- are you saying I'm short

Rin: yeah?


Al: calm down Ed

Rin: Haaaaaaaaah! I never knew you were this excited

Ed: oh really (splashes water)

Rin: hey hahahaha

Ed: so speaking of wise mouth how old are you?

Rin: 13

Ed: that's right we didn't tell you are names my name is Edward Eric

Al: and I'm his brother Alphonse Elric

Rin: so why do you hide in that suit of armor Al?

Al: oh umm…..

Ed: have you ever heard of Alchemy?

Rin: a little, say that Alchemist tried turning lead into gold

Ed: what about human transmutation

Rin: isn't that just a myth?

Ed: well we did it trying to bring back our mother but doing that Al lost his body and I lost my leg but paid my arm in order to attach Al's soul to this armor

Rin: that's so sad but both of you are fools dying is a part of life I know you hate to lose a loved one but can't mess with death everyone has 1 life not 2or 3 but 1 to live and we should all enjoy it while we are still here on this earth today

Ed: I'm going to get Al's body back but my first step is to joined the military

Rin: I'm coming too

Ed: why?

Rin: I don't belong here I need to find a way to get back home

Ed: alright but do you know any combat moves

Rin :( big grin) surprise me

(Ed comes charging at me) (I dodge it and pinned him down to the ground)

Ed: ok your good let me go!

Rin: sorry

Ed: oh by the way what is your name?

Rin: Rin

Ed: Ok Rin let's get going

Later that night, Ed and Al burned down their house for whatever reason and we were on our way to begin the journey.

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