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Story is set in Order of the Phoenix for HP and after Canon for Yugioh, slight AU (it is a crossover.) More background will be forth coming.

Warnings: Violence, cursing (as in swears), cursing (as in magic), shonen ai (boys admitting they love each other, onoes, [think of everyone's favorite albinos])


"Running to Daddy now, are you? Is his ickle boxing champ frightened of nasty Harry's wand?"

"Not this brave at night, are you?" sneered Dudley.

"This is night, Diddykin. That's what we call it when it goes all dark like this."

"I mean when you're in bed!" snarled Dudley.

He had stopped walking. Harry stopped too, staring at his cousin. From the little he could see of Dudley's face he was wearing a strangely triumphant look. * Harry opened his mouth, sure that Dudley was bluffing.

A strangled scream drew the attention of both boys as a small figure stumbled into the alley. Harry's wand was in his hand before he had even thought of drawing it. He pointed it towards the shape as it lurch sickeningly down the alley, leaning on the wall as though it couldn't carry it's own weight.

"What is that?" Dudley whispered, his voice choked with fear.

Harry's only response was silence. He didn't know. It wasn't a wizard, that was for sure. It was far too small for that. It moved too loudly and too strangely to be a house elf. Maybe a gremlin of some kind? If Hermione and ha been ther she would have known. Harry feverently wished that he could have been stuck in this place with her or Ron or even Neville at this point. Anyone would have been more useful than his stupid cousin Dudley.

The creature pitched forward, sliding from the wall and onto the ground. It tried to lift itself up, failing with a dull cry. It lay still for a moment. Then it emitted a noise. A very human noise.

Harry dashed forward. It only took him a few steps to reach the shaking bundle. Gentley, very gently, he lifted the small boy, guiding the body until it was leaning back against the wall. A sharp intake of breath let him know his cousin had followed but Harry paid him little mind. Years of first hand experience told him that the boy before him was in shock.

Harry placed his hand on the child's face, silently cheering when the head shot up. He took a deep breath. "Where are you hurt?" Harry sounded far calmer then he had expected too. His nerves were screaming in Cedric's voice.


"Where are you hurt?"

He laughed. It was all he could do was laugh. Laugh as tears poured down his cheeks. Laugh as the world he had fought so many times to save fell down around his ears and shattered into pieces of bloody starlight.

Then he was sliding as pain once again wracked his small form. He could feel himself falling forward. He was always falling. He tried to catch himself but knew he couldn't. He couldn't do this on his own. He wanted to so badly. He wanted to be strong enough to be alone. But he wasn't.

"You aren't alone."

He dragged air into his lungs so he could laugh. The bark that escaped his lips sounded harsh even to his own ears. Stupid voice. What did it know? Of course he was alone. He didn't need him anymore.


His other half. His other half didn't need him. His other half was strong enough to be on his own. Darkness was always stronger than light.

"That's not true."

The voice sounded desperate to believe it's own words. He could almost feel a hand gripping his wrist. Then another wave of agony washed over him. He was unraveling. He could feel himself breaking apart. Like a dam. One crack and the water washed the entire thing away. He knew he was dying. He didn't know how but he knew. He was going to die here. Right here, right now, because he was no longer needed.

"You are needed."

He shook his head. It hurt. His head hurt. Everything hurt. He could feel the magic wrapping itself around his heart. Squeezing it. He was going to die. It was proof he was no longer needed. He had said he was no longer needed.

"You need to live."

No. He didn't. Everybody died. His only regret was that he would die unneeded.

"You aren't unneeded."

Oh yeah? Name one person who needed him.


"Oh yeah? Name one person who needs me." The dare came out a ragged gasp as the boy started to choke again.

Harry could feel the magic in the air. It hung like fumes from a potion, clinging to his skin. And it was whispering to him. Whispering the same thing his mind was screaming.

Save him.

It felt as though the very shadows of the night had added to the cry. The boy in his arms whimpered as he began to convulse again as though under the Cruciatus curse.

Save him.

The boy whimpered as his body stopped twitching, but his breathing was shallow.

Harry bit his lip. He could taste the blood. He knew what he should do but he had no idea what would happen.

Save him.

Bloody hell. That had never stopped Harry before.

"I need you."

Almost immedielty the magic closed in. It was cold. Harry could feel his body freezing as the magic pressed down against him, forcing him to the ground. It pinned him there with a life of it's own, holding him down as he tried to squirm from it's grip. Harry tried to breathe, trying to keep from panicking. The air was freezing, turning his saliva to ice in his mouth. The cold seeped into him, freezing everything. Harry could hear his heart slowing. He was going to die. Like his parents. Like Quirrel. Like Cedric.


Harry heard the voice echo in his head. The voice that had moments ago been begging for the other's boy's life. "Will he be okay?" Harry's oxygen starved brain giggled at him for talking to voices, then berated him for dying in front of Dudley. He was going to make his cousin's day.

He will live.

Harry paused at that. He was dying, but someone else was going to live. He cringed as Cedric flashed before his eyes. He hadn't been able to save Cedric like this. He wished he could of. "Then I'm okay with dying."

The voice gave a satisfied nod in his head. Then the shadows will accept you as the light does.

Harry sat up with a gasp, his body shivering fiercely as heat slowly returned to it. He blinked stupidly at the gloom, recognizing the shape of the alley as the darkness seemed to recede with a whisper.

Protect him.


* That's all from Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. Pg 18. By JK.

AN-Okay, I know it is a bit confusing right now. The next chapter is going to get into explanations. And will be longer. Feel free to send me any questions, comments concerns or suggestions. And i live for reviews.