Kaiba emerged from the bank hot, tired, and pissed. His morning was absolutely ruined.

The more of the wizarding world he saw the less faith had in the practicality of magic, which didn't actually exist, and the intelligence of those who used it, which was beyond lacking. It had taken the magic police, or Aurors as Ron had pointed out, an entire hour before they had begun interviewing witnesses. And despite having an Auror with their group as well as the wife of a ministry worker it had taken the small party another two hours before they were released from the controlled chaos of angry patrons, angry goblins and angry Aurors. Apparently having a werewolf in the party somehow magically increased the odds that they were all idiotic and sticky fingered.

So when the first face Kaiba spotted as he exited the bank was that of a smug tomb raider he did the only logical thing possible.

He slammed his fist into said face.

"Fuck!" shouted Bakura bloodily, the curse muffled by the hands over his face. His glare matched the liquid pooling in his hands. "You camel humper! You ruined my shirt!"

Kaiba's cobalt gaze was frigid. "You ruined my morning. I dare say we are eve-"

"You gave him a bloody nose! Mum is going to hex you when she sees this!" Ron pushed his way forward until he stood by Bakura, gawking as blood spilled from the albino's fingers and onto the ground.

Kaiba reached into a pouch and pulled out a small gold coin.

Bakura grinned. "My pleasure."

"Ow! You bloodied my nose!"

Perhaps the morning hadn't been a total loss.


Harry shook his head as he watched Ron walk into the proverbial lion's den. It was strange to think that a year ago Harry would have right there beside his best mate, and would have probably ended up just as bloodied. But a year was a long time and Harry had gained something that it seemed Ron was still lacking; survial instincts.

So instead of losing his head and rushing off to save Ron as though he were a damsel in dire need of rescue he circled the scene, looking for Yugi.

Tension he didn't know he was carrying was released from his shoulders as he felt a small hand slip into his. Harry looked down with a smile.


Yugi grinned. "Hey."

Together they turned to watch the unfolding drama as Ron blamed Bakura for a bloody nose, as Bakura told Molly that Ron hit him first and as Kaiba glared at the pair, daring them to mention his name.

"Are you going to tell me what you and Bakura were up to?"

Yugi shook his head, his hair swaying wildly. "Not now. And Kura will want to tell you himself. He's like that. He'll be upset if I spoil his surprise."

"Ah." They lapsed into silence a Ryou joined the fray, making beautiful Bambi eyes to show his distress at the thought of Ron harming his precious yami, which then caused Mrs. Weasly to redouble her vocal efforts at admonishment. When Ron rolled his eyes she grabbed his ear, dragging him down the street with the promise of all sorts of nasty chores.

Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin exchanged looks of pure horror as Molly Weasley abandoned them to a sopping trip with the half souls and the twins. They both realized that even as full fledged members of the Order of the Phoenix this was going to take all their skills. Together they turned to stare at the group.

"Right," Lupin gave a little wave, "I suppose we should be getting on with it then?"


In the end they decided to split up. Tonks would take the girls and the remaining Weasleys to pick up the fifth year school supplies while Remus would take remaining teens to deal with their more basic needs, such as robes, wands, and more basic school supplies like potion starter kits. The groups would head over to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour to grab a bite and then return back to Grimmauld Place.

Following his instincts that had allowed him to survive his teenage years at Hogwarts Remus decided that the wisest course of action would be to save the wands until last. After witnessing the tail end of the disagreement between Ron and Bakura, Remus was unsure who was more dangerous, the pale yami or the twins. He wasn't willing to find out by giving one a wand then allowing him to wander down the London wizard shopping district.

In the end this proved a wise decision. The trip went rather smoothly. Kaiba was too focused on making himself believe that magic was indeed not real to bother making snide remarks on the sheer idiocy of his fellow humans, muggle and wizard alike. Ryou was watching Bakura like a hawk, a hawk with bunny eyes, but a hawk nonetheless, and the yami was behaving as a model citizen whose dignity had been offended by raging ginger kid. Yugi and Harry, who had refused to be separated from the half soul, citing possible dangers in increasing the distance between them, were quietly chatting as Harry gave Yugi a verbal tour for everyone to hear, telling stories of fun things that had happened when he had practically lived in Diagon Ally during his summer before third year.

Unfortunately, the smooth trip meant that all too soon Remus was standing outside Ollivander's, trying desperately to find a way to contain the inevitable chaos of giving four sixteen year olds wands for the very first time. Steeling himself and dredging up every ounce of Gryffindor courage, Remus tilted his chin and entered the shop.

Yugi took one step into the dingy shop and gasped, his eyes roaming with wonder. But it wasn't the boxes upon boxes of wands that caught his eye, nor was it the blast marks that had accumulated from years of having tricky customers such as Harry. It was the feel of magic that washed through the store like sunshine through flower fields. Yugi could feel it spreading across his skin in gentle waves, scrubbing off the last dregs of his trip to the Shadow Realm from earlier that day. It was almost as comforting as Harry's tightening hand in his.

/This is… incredible./

Harry could only nod. It was the second time in his life that he could feel just how alive magic could be and he was enjoying it, especially since no one and nothing seemed to be trying to kill him at that exact second. He gave Yugi's hand a gentle squeeze and flashed him a small smile.

Then a small man jumped out from behind the counter and ruined the mood.

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