Author's Note: I just started watching Beast Wars and the TarantulsxBlackarachnia pairing became one of my favorites! The story takes place after Coming of the Fuzors.

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In the Predacon base, Blackarachnia was walking down the halls. Things have been busy at the Predacon base. She had met the newest member, Quickstrike. The fuzor has been eyeing her ever since. Blackarachnia didn't mind. As long as she could use it to her advantage. But, there was one Predacon who she couldn't control. Instead, he was controlling her. She had to stop it.

"Tarantulas… I've had enough of your games!" she thought.

Blackarachnia then stopped. Her head was aching. She knew that it was Tarantulas.

"Oh, I thought you were having fun, witch. But I'm sure you'll have to stop resisting."

Blackarachnia heard Tarantulas cackle inside her head. It soon ended. Blackarachnia continued walking. Then, Waspinator went in front of her.

"Megatron wants to see spider-bots in control room right now." the insect said.

"For what?"

"Waspinator does not know. But spider-bot better go or Megatron slag spider-bot!"

Blackarachnia sighed and made her way to the control room.

Megatron was on his chair. The Predacon leader was looking at a hologram of a small island. Tarantulas was already there. Blackarachnia had just arrived.

"Why did you call for us Megatron?" Tarantulas asked.

Megatron still focused his optics on the hologram as he spoke. "A new floating island has been discovered. I think it is the aliens again. Here are the coordinates. You two shall go investigate it, yesss."

The two spiders nodded their heads at their leader and exited the base.

Tarantulas and Blackarachnia were in their beast modes as they made their way to the new island. Blackarachnia could hear Tarantulas chuckle.

"What are you laughing about?" the she-spider asked.

"Nothing of your concern."

Blackarachnia went closer to the other arachnid.

"Tell me. Aren't we partners?"

Tarantulas didn't say anything else since they had arrived at their destination. The two spiders were at the edge of a cliff. There was a dense fog in front of them. They transformed into their robot modes.

"Let's go in. She-spiders first." Tarantulas said.

"If you think-"

Before Blackarachnia was able to finish her sentence, Tarantulas kicked her into the fog. Tarantulas could hear her scream. After that, he could no longer see the other spider through the fog.

"Witch, are you still functional!?" Tarantulas yelled at the fog.

Instead of a response, there was Tarantulas was blasted at. The arachnid fell but quickly got up again. He sighed.

"She's still functional."

Tarantulas went into the fog.

Tarantulas looked at the new surroundings. There was sunlight. There were trees, flowers and grass. The island was definitely floating since the end of the island was not attached to another piece of land.

"Look who finally arrived." Tarantulas turned around and saw Blackarachnia.

"You! Why did you blast me?" Tarantulas asked as he narrowed his visor at the femme.

"Consider it payback for kicking me."

Tarantulas sighed. "Anyway, I have more important things to do." the arachnid began walking away.

Blackarachnia caught up to him. "Where do you think you're going?"

"This island proves that the aliens are coming back. I have to make another escape pod before they do."

Blackarachnia's optics widened. If the aliens were coming, she would need Tarantulas' help. The she-spider leaned in closer to Tarantulas. She placed her claw on his head.

"Let me help. We'll make a great team."

Tarantulas laughed. He then used his psychic link with Blackarachnia again. This made her scream and back away.

"I am no fool. I control you, remember? I know that you'll just use me and take the escape pod for yourself." Tarantulas ended the link, temporarily anyway.

Blackarachnia snarled then drew out her weapon. She aimed it at Tarantulas but before it fired, the two spiders saw a gun emerge from a rock near them.

"Identification: Predacons. Use of force has been permitted." they heard.

The gun started firing at them. Tarantulas and Blackarachnia hid behind another rock. But, there were more guns. The two spiders dodged the fires as they went for cover. They went to an open field. The guns stopped their attack.

"What was that!?" Tarantulas asked.

"This happened on the first island too. Drawing out your weapon the island's defense system to react." Blackarachnia replied.

"Well I'm not staying here any longer. I still need to build an escape pod."

Tarantulas transformed onto his beast mode and made his way to the edge of the island where the cliff was. But, something was preventing him from leaving. The arachnid tried ramming but it's as if there was an invisible wall in front of him.

Blackarachnia arrived. "Something wrong?"

Tarantulas was still ramming at the wall. "There's some sort of wall blocking the way."

Tarantulas transformed into his robot mode. He aimed his weapon at the wall. Blackarachnia shoved the other spider's weapon away.

"Remember what I said? This island will slag us both if you use your weapon." Blackarachnia said.

"Then what else do we do?"

Before Blackarachnia answered, a big hologram appeared in front of them. The hologram was the image Unicron. The spiders looked at it as it spoke.

"Predacons, you dare enter this island with weapons. For that, this island's defense system is on high alert. We have released other creatures that will terminate you if you are to approach them."

"How do we get out of here then!?" Tarantulas yelled.

"That is for you to find out. As for the rest of your kind, 20 Earth days is the time limit."

"Until what?" Blackarachnia asked.

"Until we return to Earth.". The hologram disappeared.

Blackarachnia faced Tarantulas. "What now, legs?"

"I'm getting off this island. I spotted an odd structure on the other side. That should be a clue." Tarantulas began walking away.

"Wait! I'm coming too."

"And why should I let you?"

"I know how much you love having someone to control. Besides, with "creatures" around, you'll need my help."

"Heh, you know me well, witch. Fine, let's go… partner."

Blackarachnia smirked as she went to Tarantulas' side.

Once again, Blackarachnia is forced to team up with treacherous arachnid. But, with the weird things on the island, she'll need Tarantulas at her side.

Author's Note: There are more chapters to go!