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Optimus Primal watched the two spiders through the monitors as they left the Maximal base. It wasn't that strange for him to accept those two to join the Maximals. He did it before, anyway. But these two were different, they were known for their manipulation and trickery. Optimus knew that there were dangers into letting them inside the Axalon, but they're also capable of handling two Predacons.

"Excuse me, Optimus. You wanted to see me?"

Optimus snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Silverbolt's voice. The Maximal leader turned around to face the fuzor.

"Yes, I have a task for you actually." Optimus replied.

"Ok, then. What is it? I will proudly carry it on."

"… Spy on Tarantulas and Blackarachnia."

The fuzor blinked a few times before responding. This will give him some time to spend with Blackarachnia. It was hard to admit it, but Silverbolt has been admiring the femme ever since he went online on Earth. Now that she joined the Maximals, it would be easier to get her attention. The only problem now was a certain spider-bot.


Silverbolt looked at the Maximal leader. "You do not trust those two scheming spiders yet, right?"

Optimus sighed. "Well they're not the kinds of bots we just let into our team. Make sure they don't do any of their tricks. We need that stasis pod, Silverbolt. If they are just tricking us, call for back-up immediately.

Silverbolt nodded his head then transformed and flew out of the Axalon to track down the spiders. Optimus Primal had given him the coordinates to the stasis pod so there was no problem there.

The fuzor soon saw the two spider-bots in their beast modes. Silverbolt made sure not to get too close and he was still in the air. So far, the spider-bots weren't doing anything suspicious but it was till early in the mission. The fuzor knew that the Predacons weren't going to let a stasis pod into Maximal hands so easily; especially since the pod landed in Predacon territory.

"My queen! Our security cameras had just picked up something." Inferno yelled as he approached Megatron who was sitting on his throne.

"What is it? Maximals?" the Predacon leader asked.

"No, it is Tarantulas and Blackarachnia. It seems that they are going to capture the stasis pod that has just landed."

Megatron glared at the ant. "A stasis pod! Why wasn't I informed about this earlier?"

Inferno gulped before responding. "I-I'm sorry. I was foolish. It will not happen again!"

Megatron waved his hand dismissively. "It doesn't matter anymore. Send Waspinator and Quickstrike to fetch the stasis pod. If they encounter those treacherous spiders, exterminate them, yesss."

Inferno his head and went off to find the other two Predacons.

The Predacon leader activated the computer monitor and it displayed Tarantulas and Blackarachnia. Megatron smirked. "Those two will regret that they did this."

Waspinator and Quickstrike were just sitting around doing nothing. The two didn't even notice the monitor behind them that was showing the two spiders. Inferno approached the Predacons.

"You two! The royalty has given you orders to retrieve a fallen stasis pod."

Quickstrike yawned before lazily getting up. "At least I'll get to kick some Maximal butt!"

"Oooooohh. Waspinator will destroy Maximals!"

"One more thing," the two looked at Inferno before he continued, "Tarantulas and Blackarachnia are no longer considered as our allies. If you see them, you know what to do."

Quickstrike's optics widened. "What! My sugar-bot? She's no longer a Predacon! Hmph, well one look at me and she'll come crawling back."

Waspinator laughed. "Waspinator thinks that snake-bot is dreaming."

Quickstrike grunted. "Let's just go." With that, the two Predacons left the base and headed to the stasis pod. Quickstrike wasn't giving up on Blackarachnia that easily.

"I ain't letting that lunatic Tarantulas get my sugar-bot."

Tarantulas and Blackarachnia transformed back into their Transmetal forms since the stasis pod was right in front of them now. Tarantulas scanned it for any damages.

"Well, it seems fine. We should get it to base now. It's too dangerous to activate it so close to the Darksyde."

"Yeah, Megatron's goons should be arriving soon. But then again, they aren't the brightest Predacons around."

Tarantulas laughed. "Very true. Now then, it's time we bring this stasis pod back."


Tarantulas and Blackarachnia knew who's voice that was. The two turned around and saw Quickstrike and Waspinator.

"Quickstrike, TERRORIZE!"

"Waspinator, TERRORIZE!"

The two Predacons transformed into their robot modes then pointed their weapons at the two spiders who drew out their weapons as well.

"Give us sugar-bot AND the stasis pod now, you crazy spider!" Quickstrike yelled.

Tarantulas cackled. "What makes you think I'm giving up any of those, you twit? Blackarachnia doesn't even like you."

"That's not true! Sugar-bot and I have a special connection."

Blackarachnia rolled her optics. "Please, we don't have ANY kind of connection. Now why don't you just let us go with the stasis pod without a fuss?"

Waspinator growled. "Spider-bots will not escape! Waspinator will destroy!"

Wapinator fired and barely missed hitting Blackarachnia. The spider-bot was able to dodge. Tarantulas ran to her aid.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just take care of these pests and get back to the Axalon." Blackarachnia said as she glared at the two Predacons.

Tarantulas cackled. "With pleasure."

And so they started battling.

Silverbolt watched from the air. He knew that the spiders could handle those two Predacons. But he would still aid them if needed; well he'd go to Blackarachnia's aid more. It wouldn't matter if Tarantulas got injured in battle; with him out of the way, he'd have the beautiful Blackarachnia for himself.

Author's Note: Sorry, if it seems too short. I just had to end it there first. Thanks again to Coli Chibi! I'll try updating more often. Until next chap!