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Cloud Strife. Hero of the planet, mercenary, ex-SOLDIER, and all around nice guy. Yeah we've all noticed you. Well I'm mean how could we not? But ya know somethin' he's always walking around with this painful expression on his face, like you know he loses someone every day.

He probably feels like it though ya know he still hasn't gotten over losin' Zack or as I liked to call him porcupine head. Although to tell the truth, even though Spiky (Cloud) blames himself for his death, personally I blame myself I mean I am the one that shot him. Those were orders, but still… I took his friend away from him, I- I'm not proud of that, but that's the way it is I was only following orders after all.

Yeah I know what you're thinkin' I'm nothing, but a Shinra dog and well you'd be right. Who gives a shit though, I like my job and enjoy what I do except shootin' Zack. The man was an annoyin' bastard, but I wouldn't have wanted him dead, not Fair he was too good for that he shouldn't have been hunted down in the first place and I shouldn't have been the one to kill him. Tell the truth in the entire time that I've been in Shinra I think that's the only thing I really regret, well that and dropping the plate, but those were orders too.

Some times I think Cloud shoulda just killed me and gotten revenge for Zack. He's not the type to do that though, and I know that, but I still wish he had. Even now with Cloud lyin' here in my bed just a couple of feet from me. I feel like I shouldn't be here after everything that's happened this is where we end up, as lovers? Man if someone had told me this was gonna happen I would thought they were crazy as hell.

A shuffling sound to my left brings me out of my thoughts.

"Reno" Cloud says sleepily

"Yeah babe what is it?"

"Reno it's late and I'm cold. Get your ass back in this bed." He was trying his best to be angry, but he was too tired so it sounded like a very sleepy complaint. I stroll over to the bed and slipping back under the covers wrapped my arms around the sleepy blonde.

"Aww I'm sorry babe"

Cloud hits me lightly on the arm. "Thought I told you to stop calling me that?"

I snicker softly. "Yeah you did, but since when do I listen anyway? Just go back to sleep spiky." He hits me lightly again before snuggling into my bare chest, then falling asleep. I hug him close to me and kiss the top of his head. Sometimes I still think I shoulda been killed a long time ago, but it's times like this that I forget about all that and thank Gaia that I am alive, just so I can be here with Cloud. Don't ask me how this happened 'cause couldn't tell you, but I'm glad it did happen. This is the one thing I'll truly never regret.

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