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I woke up and the sun was shining. Someone (probably Ward) had made a fire and he was cooking some eggs. Willow was sitting on the rock and eating a piece of bacon. No, wait. It was a tin can. An honest-to-goodness tin can. Ward looked up and said,

"Well. Sleeping Beauty finally woke up."

I rolled my eyes and stretched, smiling a little at his comment. Willow finished her can and started talking about our plans for the day. As the scent of eggs penetrated the air, my stomach grumbled loudly, drowning out Willow's voice.

"Want some eggs?" Ward gallantly offered, holding out a paper plate full of them.

I grinned and replied, "Yeah. Thanks."

"So," Willow said conversationally. "How did you sleep? Any strange dreams?"

How did she know?

I nodded and told them about my dream between bites. At first, Willow just looked confused, but when Ward whispered something in her ear, she seemed to be worried about something. When I finished, they looked at each other for what seemed like an hour, rudely leaving me out of their telepathic conversation. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer.

"What am I missing that is so important?"

They both turned to look at me and Willow had great sadness in her eyes. Something else flashed across Ward's face. Guilt, maybe? It was gone in a heartbeat. He sighed and answered,

"Something is wrong on Olympus. The gods are fighting."

I scoffed. "So what? In the old stories the gods were always fighting. What is it this time?" I said, sounding like a total snob, I know.

Ward looked at me like I was crazy. Then he shook his head and said, "We have to get going. Come on, I'll explain as we walk."

I got up and followed him and Willow as they left. Even though they were walking kinda fast, I kept up easily. After about 5 minutes, Ward continued the conversation.

"It's true that the gods fight a lot. But this one is bad. Like World War 3 bad. And I can't tell you why they're fighting. All I can tell you is that a god or goddess broke a pretty serious oath. I think they should just make her sit on the naughty mat, but that's just me…" he chuckled and kept walking. We walked in silence for a couple minutes and then a startling thought occurred to me.

"You guys know who my Olympian parent is, don't you?"

Willow answered, "We have a pretty good guess. Your dream and the signs kinda made it obvious." It wasn't a surprise.

"Who is it?" I asked hoping to startle them into answering.

Willow started to answer but Ward cut her off.

"I wish we could tell you but we can't. Only the gods can tell you that. If we told you and they found out..." he shuddered, "being hit with a baseball bat would be more pleasant they what they would do."

"I can keep a secret!" I said earnestly. Ward snorted.

"Keep a secret from the gods? That's like trying to lick your elbow without a tongue, which might actually be our punishment. Maybe when we get into camp, Dionysus will tell you. If not, he or she will have to 'claim' you." he said, and I noticed his effort to stay gender-neutral.

"What do you mean 'claim'?" I asked. "If it's anything like 'marking your territory', you can count me out right now."

Ward and Willow laughed, and I noticed that they weren't nearly as lovey-lovey out here. "Well, usually your parent sends a sign." He said, ducking to avoid a low-hanging branch.

"Who is your Olympian parent?" I asked, whacking my head in the branch he had just ducked under.

"That's private." he said, glaring at me. I was shocked at his total mood-swing, so I didn't recognize the warning signs.

"Come on! It's a simple question," I defended myself.

"None of your business." He answered curtly, roughly pushing past some innocent blueberry bushes.

"Why won't you tel-" I was cut off, not able to move. Ward had stopped time again.

This is so annoying! I thought. Willow was frozen next to me. She did not look like a happy pony- No! Satyr! Bad Emily!

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