angel and devil

chapter one

Lila and Terrence leave yuck

as the beginning of the episode yin and yang are fighting again yin steps out of the fight yin goes into she and Yang's room and at that moment two small characters appear at yin's shoulders

a pink one named eve and a light blue one named Luna

yin: I'm tired of ya two interrupting my thoughts

eve: well I'm sorry we're bothering you but master yo has something to tell you yin

Luna: eve is right yin your master wants to tell you something

yin: oh really what is it?

Eve: you've got to go down stairs to find out yin

Luna: eve's right you have to go down stairs to learn what it is

yin: alright I'm going so stop worrying about me k?

Eve: k

Luna: k

somewhere else

we fade in and see Lila and Terence packing suitcases

yuck: what's with the suitcases?

Lila: well FYI yuck we are going to devil and angel island with our friends

Terence: yeah tyco, tico, eve, and Luna and I forgot the names for Lina's devil and angel

yuck: ya mean Trixie and Jake right?

Lila&Terence: yep

yuck: well good ridden I won't miss ya little annoying pests for the next two years

Lila: I'm sure before the end of the month you will start missing us come Terrence let's wait for

the others

Terrence: k Lila I'm a comin

yuck: bye I won't miss ya

me: k so Lila and Terrence left yuck

yuck: like I said will not miss em

me: well we'll see about that with a certain bad boy lover

yuck: OO hmm well we'll see if yin misses em but I doubt it

me: omg