Okay, after much debate, I have finally decided on how I want the story to progress. And once again, my main OC has underwent a lot of changes from the original. Due to the new story I have chosen as the final version, it will be a two part saga. The first one is The World's Enemy. I will tell you the reason behind its title near the end of this part. This part will most likely span over the course of Before Crisis and Crisis Core.

Here are the pairings for this part, although some might be subject to change: ZackxOC, RufusxOC, and hinted one-sided TsengxAerith. If you would like to see some changes please tell me.

So, without further adieu...

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"A friend is one who knows you

And loves you just the same."

-Elbert Hubbard

Dark grey clouds rolled in the skies; hiding azure blue from wandering eyes. Ivory, frozen water particles descended upon the earth. The once dirt covered ground was now coated with slick, translucent ice and soft fluffy snow flakes. Tall, rocky mountains protruded from the planet. They were frozen solid.

Ivory light sparked from within a deep gouge in the mountain. The crater would have been pitch black had it not been for the glowing lime-green orbs. Carrying the spheres was a small group of people. Most of them wore dark brown or black cloaks, protecting themselves from the unforgiving cold. Each held either a sword or a spear; they were armed for combat. Oddly enough, all of their irises were a lime-green that seemed to glow in the darkness.

Standing near an area that was covered in fallen stones, probably from a rockslide, was an elderly man. His long grey hair was tied back with a ponytail, and a beard covered his jaw. He wore a dark brown cloak made of fur.

Turning away from the pile, he looked to the remainder of his warriors, "Never must we enter the place in which the atrocity has been buried; understood?" His men nodded to him; they all wore stone cold expressions.

Without another word, the men turned away from the pile of stones and began climbing out of the crater. Hopefully, such a beast would never rise again…

Yeah, the prologue doesn't tell you very much. But I'm sure it's kind of obvious what the 'atrocity' was. Anyway, please review and I shall update soon…