The sun was setting over the ocean, turning the water gold. It was a beautiful sight, like it always was. Yukito sat next to Misuzu as usual. They were silent, not having much to talk about.

"I had a dream last night." The blonde girl said, still looking out over the ocean.

"Yeah? I have dreams all the time." THe silver haired young man replied. She really was a weird one.

"This was a dream… about the sky…" She said quietly. Yukito looked at her, the wind blowing his hair around, and his eyes widened a little in curiosity. "I was in the sky in a world I'd never seen before, never could have imagined. You see, when your sitting on the ground like we are, you can only look up and the clouds are always above you, but in my dream it was totally different. The clouds were under my feet. I could see the blue of the ocean below them. But I couldn't tell how far down the water was because everything went on forever like the whole world was stretching out to infinity." Yukito looked at her for a moment longer, then back out at the ocean.

"Hey…" He said. "Do you remember, if you had wings in your dream?" He asked.

"Hmm? I dunno. I didn't notice."

"You probably shouldn't go around telling people about your dreams and stuff."

"Don't worry, you're the only one I've told, Yukito." She smiled.


Kanna had been lulled to sleep by the warm night air and the sounds of the crickets under the porch and the frogs in the streams. It was always like this in the summer. So relaxing.

Ryuuya and Uraha paused outside her room, before the guard slipped inside, walking to the winged girls bedside quietly.

"Hey, Kanna… wake up." He said quietly, leaning over her. The young girl opened her eyes, widening in shock as she saw the man above her. "How are you?" He asked, grinning creepily. Kanna screamed, and started flailing.

"Gyahhh! Intruder! Guar-mmhmf!" Ryuuya had hurriedly placed his hand over her mouth to shut her up, holding her to him.

"Shhh! Don't make so much noise!" he hissed. "I need to talk to you!" He said as she calmed down, realizing who it was and seeing Uraha outside. "Do you want to see you're mother again?" He asked when she had quieted. Kanna stared, unable to help a sound that confirmed his question. She did, she missed her mother, even though she didn't remember a thing about her. "I've sworn not to disobey Kannabi no Mikoto's orders, not matter what they are. Therefore, if you order me to help you find your mother, I will risk my life to do it for you."

Kanna could only stare at the guard. She felt love for him, that was for sure, and was taken aback by this act of his. The hope was almost too much for her to bear. Ryuuya leaned in close, his hands on either side of her lap, nearly in her face.

"Now, as my mistress, will you order me to take you away?" he asked. She blinked.

Oh Sir Ryuuya… She thought quietly. This… is so unexpected… It means so much to me… but I…



My head is killing me…

That was the only thing going through his head when he came to. His head was pounding, and after a few minutes, he could actually feel a bandage. "ughhh…" He groaned… trying to sit up. "What happened?" He wondered out loud quietly. A flash of passing scenery and the sensation of falling came back to him and he frowned.

"Oh my goodness!" He looked to the door a little too fast, and saw Uraha standing there, looking a bit more pale than normal. Sen was behind her, giving him an odd look. "You're awake! Im so glad." Uraha said, kneeling beside him and checking his temperature, making him lay down again.

"Stay laying down, You hit your head pretty hard, Ryuu." She said. Ryuuya didn't complain. He closed his eyes and groaned a little. Sen told Uraha something quietly, and then left the room.

"What happened?" Ryuuya asked after a few moments of silence, opening his eyes to look at Uraha.

Uraha looked down at the young man who had started so many strange feelings in her. She hadn't been spared in the month he had been there. She had been having strange recollections just as they had, but like them, she didn't say anything.

"It was terrifying. Kanna, she had some sort of attack, I don't know. She had gotten delusional, and some how gotten to the roof. I couldn't find her, and then Sen noticed her up there. You grabbed the ladder and climbed up after her while Sen called the fire department. She turned when you called her name, and fell. You jumped after her and just barely grabbed the edge of the roof when you caught her, but you lost your grip and fell." She wiped a few tears away. "S-Sen caught you, but only broke your fall. You still hit your head, on the railing. I was so terrified, Kanna wasn't hurt, but she's still asleep. She's woken up a few times, but was pretty disoriented. She keeps talking about a dream she's been having about flying." She said quietly.

"She's been dreaming about flying?" Ryuuya asked. "She called me Sir Ryuuya the other day, or whenever that happened." He said. Uraha blinked. Seeing a darkened room, though she was looking up at him, she suddenly felt distressed and angry. Before she could be confused, the image was gone, and Ryuuya was asleep again. She wiped her eyes again, and watched him. He looked older. The days of work in the sun had tanned his skin and aged him. He didn't look like a boy anymore, more like a man. She smiled and stood. She didn't know how, but she knew he'd be okay.


Uraha ended up facing the city officials about the situation, but in the end she wasn't blamed for the Kanna situation and Ryuuya was back to normal in a few more days, able to was able to say goodbye to a teary eyed Shiro. Ryuuya promised to go play with him again, which satisfied the boy. His new mother was already doting on him quite a bit.

It was about Mid summer, and he and Kanna had finally been able to hang out together again.

"Been awhile, hasn't it?" She asked. He nodded.

"Yeah. It has, hasn't it?" He said. After Uraha had said something about Kanna mentioning her dreams to her, he was having some now. He was older, the world was younger, Air cleaner. He was always on the move in the dreams, and often he thought Uraha and Kanna were there also. "So, I heard you've been having funky dreams." he said for conversation.

"Whats so weird about dreaming about flying?' Kanna asked, sticking her tongue out at him. "Just some dreams is all." She huffed.

"So? What are they like?" he pressed. She glared.

"Well, the night before I got all funny that one day, I had one where there was a full moon in a clear night sky…" Ryuuya watched as the young woman's face grew distant, relaxed and dreamy like. "I was trying to fly to the top of the sky, but there were voices echoing all around me, like they were trying to catch me. I hurt all over. I, got scared and woke up. I was thinking about that when I blacked out." She said, shrugging. Ryuuya hummed a little. He didn't know what to say.

"How long have you been having these dreams?" he asked.

"Hmmmm… I'd say since you came here. That's about when they started." Kanna said. Ryuuya paused and stared wide eyes after her as she kept walking.

Dad… could she be…?

But if it was her, then why had Yukito had such a difficult time? Why would he, Ryuuya, have it easy? It baffled him, really. He had no idea why.

All I ever needed was to be here with you and make you laugh…

Ryuuya smiled gently as Kanna talked about something. He could do that. Making her laugh was pretty easy, actually. He liked just being around her. When it was him, Kanna, and Uraha, they almost seemed like a family.

If she becomes attached to anyone, both she and the person she loves will fall ill.

Neither one will survive.


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