Title: For the Love of Earth

Rating: G

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When Darien and Kunzite finally reached Serena she was still unconscious and she had some cuts and scrapes on her head.

"Darien who is she?" Kunzite inquired as they dismounted their horses.

"I have no clue." Darien replied as he looked at the girl before him. That's when he noticed the cuts and scrapes on her head. "Kunzite she's hurt!" Darien hollered.

"Does it look serious?"

"I don't know." Darien said while he gently picked up Serena. "Kunzite I want you to go on ahead and tell the doctor that we have found an injured girl in the forest. And bring the dogs with you too. I will be there soon."

"Yes Darien." Kunzite stammered while he fulfilled Darien's orders.

Darien then walked over to his horse and he carefully placed Serena on the horse. He then got on the horse behind Serena and rode all the way back to the palace as fast as he could.

When he finally reached the palace he put his horse in the stables and ran to the palace doors with an unconscious girl still in his arms.

When he entered the palace the doctor was already there waiting for him. She showed Darien a room where he could place Serena. "Your highness you will need to step outside while I fix this girl up." the doctor proclaimed once Darien had placed Serena on the bed.

"Yes Doctor." Darien obeyed while he left the room.

When he was completely outside of the room Darien came face to face with his generals. "Hi guys."

"Hello Darien."

"Darien how is the girl?" Kunzite questioned.

"I don't know."

"Do you know who she is?" Neflyte asked.

"We still have no clue. We heard her screams in the forest because the hunting dogs were chasing her and by the time we got to her she was already hurt and unconscious." Darien explained to them.

An hour later the doctor had come out of the room where Serena was placed and walked up to Darien. "How is she doctor?" Darien asked.

"She'll be okay. She is still unconscious though. She also has some bruised ribs and some scrapes on her head." the doctor explained thoroughly to Darien.

"Can I see her now?"

"Yes, you may you highness. Also please tell me if she wakes up."

"I will" Darien agreed as he entered Serena's room.

Darien sat by Serena's bed for a couple of hours wondering who she was when all of a sudden he heard a faint moan escape her lips. "Uhh.." Serena moaned as she slowly started to wake up. "Where am I!" Serena screamed as she shot up on the bed. She soon felt a sudden pain shot through her body.

"Calm down miss. Your fine." Darien assured Serena while he tried to make her lye back down again. "Please miss, lye back down."

"Where am I?" Serena questioned frantically as she laid back down on the bed.

"Your in the royal palace on Earth."


"Yes, Earth"

"What happened to me?" Serena asked as her head started to pound.

"Well we heard your screams in the forest and when we reached you, you were unconscious. You hurt yourself also, but we don't know how. You must have tripped over something and fell."


"Yes, my general, Kunzite, and I."

"Oh, I see." Serena sighed. She then turned her attention the window of the room that she was in.


"Yes" Serena answered, turning her gaze onto the man who had helped her.

"What is your name?"

"My name. Well my name is Prin..." Serena then remembered that she didn't want anyone to know she was the princess of the Moon. Especially the prince of the Earth. "Serena. My name is Serena."

"Well Serena it is a pleasure to meet you."

"It is a pleasure to meet you too. Uhh..I don't believe I caught your name." Serena whispered wearily as her head started to hurt even more.

"Oh my name is Prince Endymion, but you can call me Darien."

"Thank you Darien." Serena moaned as the pain in her head became unbearable.

"Serena what's the matter?" Darien asked her worriedly when he noticed the agonizing look on Serena's face.

"My head hurts so much." Serena cried as the pain in her head became so intense that Serena could barely focus. She then blacked out.

"Serena! Serena are you alright? Serena!" Darien cried as he lightly shook her still form.

When Serena did not respond to Darien's pleas, Darien rushed out of the room to get the doctor and spotted Jadeite. "Jadeite! Get the doctor. Tell her that the girl blacked out after she complained about her head hurting."

"Okay Darien." Jadeite said as he rushed off towards the doctor's room.

Darien then ran back into Serena's room to check on her and to see if she had a wakened. But he found, to his dismay, that she was still out. That's when the doctor came rushing into the room. "How is she, your highness?"

"She is still out . She blacked out soon after she complained about her head hurting." Darien explained while he moved aside to let the doctor examine Serena.

"Well let me see." the doctor mumbled as she started to examine Serena. She seems to be alright. The pain mush have been to much for her, so I want her to rest for a couple of days. Also when she wakes up give her a spoonful of this medicine for her head. Be sure to give her one spoonful everyday until the whole bottle is empty."

"Yes doctor and thank you." Darien said as he showed the doctor to the door.

"Also you highness, her body might start to hurt if she makes any quick movements because of her bruised ribs. That is why I want her to stay in bed and stay as still as possible for a few weeks.

"Yes doctor" Darien agreed while the doctor left the room.

Darien then walked to the kitchen to get Serena a bowl of soup for when she woke up. When he returned to her room he found that she had woken up and was sitting up in bed. "Serena how are you feeling?" Darien asked her once he had entered her room.


"Well you will be needing to take it easy for a little while. You might also feel some pain in your ribs if you make any sudden movements because some of your ribs got bruised when you fell."

"All right." Serena smiled. "What do you have in your hands? Serena asked him after she had noticed the tray that Darien was carrying.

"Some soup for you. You need to eat something." Darien explained to her as he placed the tray of food on Serena's lap.

"Okay" Serena obeyed as she started to eat the soup.

"But right after you take some medicine for you head." Darien said as he stopped Serena from eating her soup and took out a spoon. He then poured some medicine into it.


"Yes medicine. Now open up." Darien ordered. Serena obeyed and opened her mouth. Darien then placed the medicine in her mouth.

"Yum!" Serena said sarcastically after she had swallowed the medicine.

"I know, but it is going to help your head." Darien chuckled once he had seen Serena's face after she had swallowed her medicine. "Now eat your soup." Serena nodded her head in agreement and began to eat the soup placed before her.

When she was done eating, Serena lied back down while Darien began to talk to her. "So Serena, where are you from?"

"I am from umm..." Serena thought frantically. She then blurted out a planet from where one of her guardians was from. "I am from Jupiter."

"Oh Jupiter! That's a lovely place." Darien commented.

"Yes, I know"

"So Serena, how did you end up on Earth?" Darien asked her curiously.

"Well I came here to visit Earth and I was walking in the forest. That's when those animals started to chase me." Serena explained hurriedly to him. Darien and Serena spent a little while longer talking to each other, until Serena's eyes began to droop.

"Your should get some sleep." Darien told Serena when he had noticed Serena's sleepy expression.

"All right." Serena yawned as she shut her eyes. All of a sudden Serena remembered her knapsack and the items that it contained. "Darien!" Serena screamed as she shot up on the bed and grabbed his arm right as he began to leave her side. That's when she felt a wave of pain course through her body. "Uhhhh..."

"Serena!" Darien cried as she quickly turned around to see her in pain again. "Serena be careful." Darien declared while he helped Serena lye back down in bed. "Remember what I told you about any sudden movements." Darien lectured her.

"I know, but Darien have you seen my knapsack?" Serena questioned him frantically.

"What knapsack?"

"The small knapsack that I was carrying in the forest." Serena explained to him.

"Oh that knapsack." Darien said when he realized what Serena was talking about. He then walked over to the dresser in her room and got took out her knapsack. "Here it is." Darien showed her as he walked over to her and handed her her knapsack.

"Thank you Darien."

"You're welcome Serena." Darien beamed. "There must be some important items in there if it has gotten you to act so hysterically." Darien concluded while her looked at Serena's face.

"Yes there is." Serena murmured as she began to fall asleep.

"Goodnight Serena." Darien whispered to Serena's sleeping form. Next he turned around and headed towards the door. Right before he left Serena's room he took one last glimpse of Serena. For some reason he felt a strong bond towards her. He then left her room and walked to his room to get some sleep.

When Serena had heard the door shut behind Darien she quickly opened her eyes and slowly sat up in bed. She then reached for her knapsack and took out her communicator. "Ohhhh... I am so glad it's not broken." Serena squealed quietly. She then tried communicating with someone in the palace on the Moon.

After a few minutes of waiting Serena was finally able to get a hold of someone. "Luna?"

"Serena!?" Luna cried after she had heard Serena's voice call her name. "Serena where are you?"

"I am well.. I am on Earth."

"Earth!" Luna exclaimed noisily. "Why?... how?... hold on while I get Queen Selenity." Luna blurted out as she ran off to get Serena's mother.

A few minutes later Queen Selenity came into view on Serena's communicator. "Serena! Serena is that really you?" Queen Selenity hysterically asked her.

"Yes Mother, it is me." Serena told her mother in a reassuring manner.

"Oh Serena I was so worried." Queen Selenity sobbed. When Queen Selenity had managed to calm down a bit she asked Serena a very important question. "Serena, where are you?"

"Well Mother I am on Earth." Serena admitted to her mother shamefully because she had disobeyed her mother's orders.

"Earth?!" Queen Selenity cried. "Serena I told you not to go there until the peace treaty was complete!"

"I know Mother, but..."

"Serena I want you to come home immediately!" Queen Selenity cut in with a serious look on her face.

"I can't Mother."

"Why not?"

"Well I got hurt in a forest."

"Oh my poor baby. Are you alright?"

"Yes Mother, I am doing fine." Serena reassured her mother. "The royal prince has taken good care of me."

"The prince! Does he know you're the princess of the Moon?"

"No Mother, I told him that I was from Jupiter."

"That's good. Now make sure he does not find out your true identity." Serena's mother told her with a serious tone of voice.

"I will Mother. I even hid my crescent moon."

"Good. Now call me each week until you are completely healthy. Then I will teleport you back home." Queen Selenity told her daughter.

"Yes Mother, Goodbye."

"Goodbye dear. I love you."

"I love you too, Mother." Serena whispered back. She then disconnected her communication with her mother and before she knew it she was fast asleep.

The next morning Serena was awakened by a knock on her door. "Come in." Serena yawned as she slowly sat up in bed.

"Good morning Serena."

"Good morning Darien." Serena smiled as Darien entered her room.

"I brought you some breakfast." Darien stated as he set the tray of food on her night stand.

"Thank you Darien." Serena beamed while looking up at him. For some reason she felt a strong closeness to Darien that she could not explain. She then carefully got out of bed, with some help from Darien, and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she was done she carefully got back in bed, was handed the tray of food, and began to eat her breakfast.

Darien sat in a chair beside Serena's bed as he watched her eat. When she was done eating the two of them dove into a conversation about anything that came to mind.

"You know Darien you don't have to stay with me all the time. It's okay with me if you an to go somewhere else." Serena stated all of a sudden.

"No that's okay. I really enjoy talking to you and I enjoy being around you too."

"Really!?" Serena questioned, dumbfounded by what she had just heard him say.

"Really" Darien chuckled.

"Well I like talking and being around you too." Serena declared.

From that day on Darien and Serena spent each day with each other. Darien would go to her room every morning and would leave her room at night. Before they knew it their feelings for each other grew stronger and stronger by each passing day. One day after Darien had noticed that Serena was looking much better so he decided to surprise her with something special.

"Good morning Serena." Darien greeted Serena when he had entered her room.

"Good morning Darien." Serena smiled when she looked up at her dear friend.

"Serena get ready we are going to go somewhere today." Darien announced merrily.

"What!?" Serena exclaimed bewildered by what she had just heard come out of Darien's mouth. "Where are we going to go? Am I even well enough?" Serena asked him frantically.

"Just get ready and you will find out where we are going and yes you are well enough to go. Also you will find some clothes in the dresser that should fit you." Darien chuckled as he began to head towards the door. "I will be waiting outside of your room for you."

"Okay" Serena chirped as she slowly got out of bed.

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