Title: For the Love of Earth

Rated: G

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A few minutes later Serena was back on Earth, inhaling all of its sweet scents. "Isn't it wonderful here?" Serena questioned that all. They were all walking through the palace on their way to meet the royal family of Earth and their royal court. They were being escorted through the palace by two of the palace guards.

"Yes dear it is nice over here." Queen Selenity smiled. She had seen how much happier her daughter was when she was back on Earth. She was extremely pleased to see the cheerful state back on her daughter's face.

When they reached the main hall of the Earth palace they were met by the royal family and their court. "Hello Selenity" Queen Elexia beamed as she embraced Queen Selenity in a hug.

"Hello Elexia" Queen Selenity smiled as she returned the hug, "and hello to you too, Odymion." Queen Selenity greeted him with a hug after she broke off the hug between Queen Elexia and herself.

"Selenity who is this pretty girl?" Queen Elexia inquired. She had not failed to notice Serena who was standing right beside her mother as quiet as could be. Queen Elexia could tell that Serena was a sweet, kind-hearted girl just by looking at her.

"Oh! Elexia, Odymion I would like you to meet my daughter, Serenity."

"It is nice to meet you King Odymion, Queen Elexia." Serena said to them while she curtsied before them. She was disappointed when she didn't see Darien in the main hall to greet them.

"It is nice to meet you too, Serenity." Queen Elexia beamed at Serena.

"I would also like to introduce our royal court. This is Princess Amy of Mercury, Princess Lita of Jupiter, Princess Mina of Venus, Princess Raye of Mars, Luna our advisor, and Artemis our other advisor." they all curtsied (or bowed) in front of King Odymion and Queen Elexia when Queen Selenity had introduced them.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all." King Odymion announced. "Now I would like you to meet our royal court; this is Kunzite, Jadeite, Neflyte, and Zoisite.

"It is nice to meet you all." Queen Selenity smiled.

In the background Serena started to giggle when she had noticed the love struck looks on her friend's faces once King Odymion had introduced his royal court. The same expressions were on Darien's generals' faces when they had been introduced to Serena's guardians. She soon stopped her giggling when she heard her mother ask about her love, Darien.

"Elexia, don't you have a son?" Queen Selenity asked curiously. She knew they had a son and Queen Selenity had a hunch that their son was the reason why Serena was so happy to be back on Earth.

"Yes we do, but our son, Endymion, is away at the moment on business. But he will be here in time for the ball." Queen Elexia explained to all of them as to why her son wasn't there to greet them on their arrival to their palace.

"Ball? What ball?" Queen Selenity questioned. She didn't remember hearing about any ball for that night.

"Yes, we are holding a ball tonight for your arrival and our long awaited peace treaty." Queen Elexia told them.

"How lovely!" Queen Selenity exclaimed. 'How sweet of them to hold a ball for us and for our peace treaty.' Queen Selenity told herself.

"Now lets show you to your rooms." King Odymion proclaimed. He showed them towards their bedchambers. King Odymion and Queen Elexia showed Queen Selenity and Serena to their bedchambers and the generals showed Serena's guardians to their rooms.

Once Serena was situated in her room she heard a knock on her door. "Come in" Serena called in a sing-song voice.

"Hello Serena"

"Hi guys" Serena smiled as her friend's came into her room to talk. "So what do you guys want to talk about?" Serena asked them. She had already joined them on the floor of her room for their regular talks.

"Did you see King Odymion's court?" Mina blurted out all of a sudden. She couldn't contain her excitement any longer. "I think Kunzite was very dreamy." she sighed.

"I know, BUT Neflyte is the dreamy one." Lita told them. She had a very sappy look on her face as she remembered her brief, but pleasant conversation with him right before they had reached her room.

"No I think Jadeite is the handsome one!" Raye pointed out to them all. She had the same look on her face as Lita.

"I think Zoisite is pretty handsome too." Amy whispered. She was a bit shy when it came to admitting her feelings about a guy. Especially after she had just met him.

"WHAT!? Amy has a crush!" her friends cried. They weren't that used to hearing Amy admit her feelings about someone so quickly.

"Well..." Amy blushed. Her friends began to laugh at her hesitation to their comment towards her that seemed to be true.

"Serena to bad Endymion wasn't here to greet us, but you can knock him died at the ball tonight. We will help you get ready." Mina told Serena. She had the perfect dress for Serena to wear in mind. She also had her hair, make-up, and jewelry all planed out in her mind.

"Sounds good to me!" Serena said happily. She knew when Mina set her mind to helping someone get ready for an important event she always went way out and made the person look fantastic.

On the other side of the palace Darien had just returned from Jupiter. He was now talking to his parents in the royal throne room. "Did you find her Darien?" Kind Odymion questioned. He had noticed his son's sad expression when he had entered the throne room. He already knew why Darien had gone to Jupiter earlier that day.

"No father I didn't. No one I asked on Jupiter has ever heard of Serena." Darien told his parents. "But that doesn't mean I won't stop looking for her. I am going to find her no matter how long it takes me!" Darien added sternly when he had seen that his mother was about to tell him that there were other nice girls he could meet. He didn't want to meet any other nice girls all he wanted was Serena.

"Well...okay dear, but for now why don't you go and get ready for the ball. It is about to start soon." Queen Elexia mentioned to Darien. She had noticed the determined look on his face when she was about to comment about the other nice, pretty girls who lived on Earth.

"Yes Mother" Darien uttered. He then headed out of the throne room and towards his room to get ready for the ball.

On the way to his room Darien bumped into his generals. "Oh hello Darien. We really need to tell you something!" Kunzite told him urgently. There was something very important that Darien had to know about the Moon princess.

"Kunzite it will have to wait until later. I am in a hurry!" Darien blurted out as he continued walking towards his room. He didn't have time to hear anything his generals ad to say all he could think about at the moment was Serena.

"But Darien it's about Princess Serenity!" Zoisite yelled after him.

"Sorry guys it will just have to wait till later." Darien called back to them as he turned the corner and entered his room. He was getting rather annoyed with all of the talk about Princess Serenity and her beauty. Also about her wonderful personality, but to him no one could every match up to his dear, Serena.

"Well he will find out sooner or later that Princess Serenity is also known to us as Serena." Neflyte commented to the other generals. They then headed towards the ball room where the guests were just beginning to arrive.

In Serena's room the girls and her were adding the final touches on their dresses for the ball. Mina was wearing a light yellow dress which went down to her ankles. Her dress would shimmer anytime she moved. She put sparkles in her hair so her hair would shimmer the way her dress did.

Lita was wearing a dark green dress that also went down to her ankles. Her dress had a light green belt that fastened around her waist. The sleeves of the dress were made of a see-through material and the color of her sleeves matched the color of her belt. In her hair she wore green hair jewels to accent her pony tail.

Raye was wearing a dark red dress that fell a little bit above her ankles. The dress came with a light red shawl to wrap around her shoulders. In her hair she wore two light red hair clips to hold back her hair that was flowing down her back.

Amy was wearing an icicle blue dress that fell down past her feet. Her dress shimmered a dark blue color whenever light hit it. In her hair she wore a head band that matched the color of her dress.

But Serena was the most stunning of them all. She was wearing a white dress with a golden belt fastened around her waist. Her sleeves went all the way to her wrists and were see-through. A bow was attached to the back of her dress that trailed all the way down and almost touch the floor. In her hair she wore a small, sliver crown.

"You look wonderful Serena! I think I out done myself this time." Mina beamed while she looked her friend over.

"You did Mina. Thank you so much. You guys look really good too." Serena smiled as she too looked her friend's over. She knew that her friend's had made an extra effort to look nice for Darien's generals.

"Well lets head to the ball now." Lita declared excitedly. She couldn't wait to see Neflyte again.

"I agree!" Serena cried. They all left her room and began walking to the ball room. They all had merry expectations of what the evening held for them.

In the ballroom both of the royal families and the rest of their guests were already there waiting for the arrival of Princess Serenity and her guardians. But all the Prince of Earth could think about was Serena. 'Where in the universe could you be Serena?' Darien wondered sadly. He had no idea where Serena could be. His thoughts were soon interrupted thought by the ballroom announcer's voice.

"Presenting Princess Raye of Mars, Princess Lita of Jupiter, Princess Amy of Mercury, and Princess Mina of Venus."

Darien watched the four princesses walk down the stairs towards them. He also saw the funny expressions on his generals faces when they had arrived. He had a feeling that these girls and his generals had feelings for each other. He also had a feeling that they were destined to be together.

"And now presenting Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom." Darien heard. He slowly lifted his head up to see the princess who everyone claimed to be such a rare beauty. But her beauty could never compare to Serena's. He watched as the fair princess glided down the staircase with the feeling that he had seen her before. That's when he realized that Princess Serenity was also his love, Serena. "Serena!" Darien choked out, never taking his eyes off of her. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was his one and only walking right towards him looking more radiant than ever.

"That's what we were trying to tell you Darien. Princess Serenity is actually Serena." Kunzite whispered to him. He saw that Darien had finally noticed that Moon Princess was also the girl he loves.

Darien wasn't paying attention to what Kunzite was saying though. The only thing that he could think about was that Serena was right there in front of him.

"Hello Mother, your majesties." Serena beamed. She had stopped before the table where they were seated and curtsied.

"Hello dear." Queen Selenity smiled up at her daughter as she took a seat beside Darien. They then began to eat their dinners. During their meal Serena glanced over at Dinner and noticed that he was staring at her with a weird glint in his eyes. One that she had never seen before. She then just gave him a sweet smile and went back to eating her dinner.

Once everyone was done eating people began to dance. Serena watched in amusement when Darien's generals asked her guardians to dance. They of course accepted their invitations to dance cheerfully. They were soon dancing before her with love struck looks on their faces. Her gaze on her dear friend's was soon interrupted by a voice that she had grown to love. "May I have this dance fair princess?"

"Certainly" Serena looked up and smiled. She then got up out of her chair and took Darien's awaiting hand. When she had taken his hand he led her onto the dance floor as a soft waltz began to play. They began to dance in each other's arms in tune with the music.

Darien was overjoyed to have Serena in his arms again, but somewhere in his mind a nagging voce was telling him that Serena had deceived him when they had first meet and once they had gotten to know each other better. Darien soon realized that he could never love someone who would lie to him just like Serena had. He then became quite angry with her for lying to him after he had helped her when she first landed on Earth. 'How could she just lie to me? After all that I have told her and done with her because of the love I felt for her!' Darien thought angrily to himself. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt Serena move closer to him. That's when he pulled away from her and looked her straight in the eyes. "Serena we need to talk." Darien told her sternly. He knew that he had to tell her right now that she had betrayed his trust by lying to him.

"Alright" Serena quivered. The sternness in his voice sent a surge of worry and concern through her whole body.

Darien then took her hand and led her to the gardens. When they got there he set her on a bench . Next he began to ask her questions while he paced back and forth in front of her. "Why Serena?"

"Why what?" Serena asked. They way he was acting was beginning to confuse her. She thought he would have been happy to see her. She didn't expect him to act this way.

"Why did you lie to me?" Darien asked her coldly. He had stopped pacing by this time and was now looking straight into her eyes.

"Lie to you?! About what?" Serena questioned. She had no clue to what Darien was talking about.

"About your true identity and I don't know what else. For all I know every word that you had every said to me before could have been a lie!" Darien yelled at her. He was becoming very furious with her not knowing what he was talking about and that she had lied to him.

"But Darien I had to lie to you! If I had told you my true iden..."

"You know what Serena I even went to Jupiter to look for you. Just so I could have held you in my arms again and tell you that I loved you! BUT your love for me was just a lie!" Darien interrupted her not even listening to what she had to say.

"Darien I do love you!" Serena cried as she flung herself into his arms. She couldn't believe this was happening. She thought Darien would have understood why she had to lie to him, but she was wrong.

"Serena stop! I don't want to hear anymore of you lies as far as I'm concerned we are through!" Darien whispered harshly to her. He pulled her away from him and walked away for her, back towards the ballroom. He never once looked back at her either as he walked away.

"Darien!" Serena shouted after him. She began to break down in tears as she watched Darien walk away from her with no hesitation at all. Once Darien was out of sight she got up and ran to her room. She made sure no one could see her and see what a mess she looked like. Once she had reached her room she threw herself on her bed and began to cry harder than before. She fell into a restless sleep after she had cried for what seemed like hours.

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