Title: For the Love Earth

Rated: G

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"Serena wake up or you're going to be late!" Luna bellowed into Serena's ear. Serena needed to be in the dining room for breakfast in less than 15 minutes.

"Oh Luna! What time is it?" Serena questioned weakly. She was still pretty exhausted from all of the crying that she had done last night.

"Serena hurry up or you will be late for breakfast!"

"OH NO!" Serena yelped. She quickly got out of her bed. In a matter of minutes she rushed out of her door and ran all the way to the dining room hoping that she wasn't too late.

When she reached the dining room everyone was already there and were waiting for her to arrive, so they could eat their breakfast. "I am sorry for being late everyone." Serena apologized while she curtsied before them.

"That's alright dear. Come take a seat right here." Queen Elexia smiled. She had pulled out the chair between Darien and her mother to sit in.

"Thank you Queen Elexia." Serena smiled back weakly. She then sat in the seat Queen Elexia had pulled out for her while she tried to avoid Darien's icy cold glare towards her. She was still heartbroken after the events of last night. She still loved Darien very much even if he claimed he didn't like her anymore. She knew though that deep down inside that her love for him was real and would last forever even if he never felt the same way towards her again.

Once their breakfast was underway Queen Selenity noticed that Serena's eyes were very blood shot and her hair was a bit messy. Even the happy state of mind that she was always in was gone. She looked rather depressed, like she recently been hit with some awful news. But Queen Selenity couldn't think of anything that could have caused such a sudden change in her daughter's appearance and personality. "Serenity are you okay?" Queen Selenity asked her daughter. She had also noticed that she was not eating much of her food, but instead she just kept on fiddling with it a bit.

"Nothing is wrong, Mother. I am perfectly fine. I am just a bit tired from last night still." Serena lied. She didn't feel good about having to lie to her mother and after all the trouble that it had caused her recently, but she didn't want her mother knowing about what happened between the Earth prince and her. Not after there was finally peace between the two planets. She decided that she would tell her later after she had gotten over it a bit.

"Alright dear." Queen Selenity murmured to her as she went back to eating her breakfast. She knew that there was something bothering her daughter even if she wouldn't admit to it. She also understood that her daughter would tell her the real reason for her sudden change when she felt like the time was right.

Once breakfast was over with Serena went straight to her room. On her way there she was stopped by her friends. "Hi Serena is everything alright?" Amy asked her. She had also seen the sullen appearance of Serena at breakfast.

"Yah guys I am just umm... tired." Serena lied again to them. 'I don't want them knowing either what happened to me. Not now, not so soon.' Serena explained to herself. She just felt like being alone right then. Just so she could understand some events more clearly.

"Okay, well we are going to go on a boat ride with Prince Endymion's generals. We'll leave you alone now you can some more sleep." Mina smiled at her friend. They all knew that Serena had lied to them about only being tired. They all had a feeling that something more was bothering Serena, but they all also knew that she would tell them what that something was in due time.

"Okay, bye guys." Serena waved tirelessly to her friends as they went to meet up with the generals. She knew that both the generals and her guardians liked each other very much and that made her feel a bit better knowing that her four friends had found the perfect guys for themselves.

Once her friends were out of sight Serena walked into her room and towards her dresser. On her dresser she was the star locket that Darien had given to her after they had told each other their true feelings for one another. She took the star locket off of her dresser and opened it. At once she heard the locket's sweet melody. Hearing the melody made tears start to form in her eyes for it reminded her of Darien. She soon found herself on her bed sobbing uncontrollably while the star locket kept on playing.

In another part of the castle Darien's generals were asking him a couple of questions about Serena and him. "Darien we know that something is up between you two." Kunzite pointed out to him. He could tell by the way the two acted towards one another at breakfast and how said Serena looked too.

"Well I ended my relationship with Serenity." Darien admitted to them sadly.

"You what!?" all four generals yelled. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. Darien had ended his relationship with the most perfect girl for him.

"She lied to me!" Darien told them softly. He could tell what his generals were thinking by the queer looks that had adorned their faces at his sudden news.

"But Darien we know that you still love her, don't you?" Zoisite questioned his friend when he had seen the longing look in his eyes.

"I do, BUT it doesn't defeat the purpose that she lied to me. I can't love anyone who could do such a thing to me. As far as I am concerned everything that Serena had every told me was a complete lie." Darien remarked to his four friends. His eyes were beginning to weld up with tears as he began to think about how much he had hurt Serena.

"But Darien you l..." Jadeite started. He could see what his friend was going through and her felt sorry for him.

"Guys I have to go." Darien cut in as he turned around and walked away from them.

"This isn't good." Neflyte muttered to them. They then left to meet up with Serena's guardians. They were going to go on a boat ride with them. They had all also decided not to tell them anything about what happened between Darien and Serena only if Serena tells them first.

On his way to the stables to ride his horse, Stallion, Darien heard a familiar melody coming from the room right beside him. He moved closer to the door and soon realized the melody as the one from his star locket which he had given to Serena. He also heard the soft cries coming from within. No doubt being produced by Serena. He was just about to go inside her room, comfort her, tell her how much he loved her, and how sorry he was for hurting her. But he stopped himself from doing so right when his hand was about to turn the knob of her door. He then turned around and walked towards the stables as he kept on reminding himself what Serena had done to him.

For the next few days all Serena did was cry. She didn't each that much anymore and whenever she came face to face with Darien he would always have an emotionless look on her face towards her.

"Serena what's wrong?" Raye asked her, snapping Serena out of her daze. Her friends had been noticing her depressing state the passed few days and they wanted to help her get over it. They were all worried about her because of the way she has been acting the past few days.

"Huh!? Oh nothing is wrong with me." Serena smiled. She still wasn't ready to tell her friends what had happened to her that night at the ball.

"Serena we know that something is bothering you, so you might as well tell us." Lita mentioned to her. She could tell that Serena was lying to them again about the cause of her sudden change.

"You guys nothing is wrong!" Serena shot back.

"Serena yes there is something wrong with you. Just look at yourself you don't eat much anymore, the happiness is gone from you, and your face is incredibly pale." Amy informed her.

"Does it have something to do with Darien?" Raye asked her as she remembered how Darien and her hadn't really spent any time together at all every since they got to Earth.

"I don't want to talk about it." Serena choked out as she walked away from them towards her room. Just thinking about what happened to her that night began to choke her up inside. She soon began to feel a bit dizzy and light-headed. They before she knew it her world went black.

"Serena!" Lita cried as Mina, Raye, Amy, and herself ran to her. She was now lying on the floor motionless.

"She's passed out." Amy told them all after she had checked for her pulse.

"Hurry get her to her room!" Raye announced. They all picked her up and began to carry her to her room.

"Hey what's going on out here?" Kunzite questioned as the generals came out of their rooms to see what all of the commotion was about. "Yoah! What happened to Serenity?" he asked once he had realized her stiff form being carried by her guardians.

"Kunzite, hurry up and get the doctor! NOW!" Mina cried to him.

"Okay I am on it." Kunzite declared. He then rushed off towards the hospital wing to get the doctor.

"Here let me carry Serenity." Jadeite told them all. He gently took Serena from them and rushed her to her room with the rest of them following him.

The next thing Serena was aware of was the low murmur of voices surrounding her. "Where am I?" Serena croaked as she slowly opened her eyes. She noticed that her guardians and the generals were all in her room.

"Serenity your finally awake!" Mina declared. She immediately rushed over to her friend's bedside and gave her a hug.

"How are you feeling, Serenity?" Zoisite asked her as the rest of them crowded around her bed too. They were all worried about her after she had fainted all of a sudden in the hallway.

"I feel okay, but what happened to me?" Serena inquired. She was quite unsure why she was in her bed and why everyone was in her room wondering how she felt.

"Serenity you fainted!" Amy stated. "The doctor said it was because you haven't been eating or sleeping much lately. So it has caused you to get weak." Amy explained more thoroughly to her.

"Serenity what is the cause of this sudden change in you? I bet Prince Endymion has something to do with it." Raye announced furiously with fire blazing in her eyes. She didn't like it when anyone hurt her dear friend. Especially if it affected her health.

"Well Endymion ended our relationship." Serena finally told them all. She figured it was about time they all knew what happened between them. She knew that she couldn't keep it a secret any longer not after her friends knew that they was more to her sudden change of personality.

"What!?" Serena's guardians yelled. They were shocked by what they had just heard, but the generals weren't really affected by her news for they already knew all about it.

"Oh Serenity I am so sorry." Lita told her remorsefully. She gave her friend a hug as Serena began to cry. She couldn't help herself it still hurt her to think about how Darien didn't love her anymore just because of a mistake she made.

"Serenity I know Endymion still loves you." Jadeite told her once she had quieted down a bit.

"Well he sure has a funny way of showing it." Raye blurted out angrily. She knew that if someone loved someone they didn't try to hurt them or break their heart for no good reason.

"Guys I would kind of like to get some sleep now." Serena hinted to them all. She didn't like talking about Darien and hers current relationship.

"Sure Serenity we will leave you and let you get some more rest not." they all chimed as they left her room.

Once they were all gone Serena fell into a restless sleep. Outside her room Serena's guardians and they generals ran into Darien. "Hello everyone, what were you doing in Serenity's room?" Darien asked them he was a bit curious to why they all had visited her all at the same time.

"What's it to you?!" Raye shouted at him with fire blazing in her eyes for what he had done to her.

"Raye calm down!" Jadeite whispered to her. He didn't want Raye blowing up at him even though he deserved it. They was an easier way to him to set Darien straight and get him to make up with Serena.


"Raye please!" Jadeite interrupted her as he looked her into the eyes. She soon found herself nodding her head in agreement to keep quiet. Kunzite then lightly kissed her on the lips when he saw her nod her head in agreement and pulled her closer to himself. "Endymion, Serenity's sick. She hasn't been eating properly for the past few days." Jadeite explained to him.

"Or sleeping properly either!" Lita blurted out all of a sudden.

"Lita shh..." Neflyte whispered to her a bit harshly. He too pulled Lita closer to himself so she would quite down.

"Oh!" Darien stated calmly. He was desperately trying to hid his concern for her. It wasn't that easy when he knew that he had caused her to get sick.

"Endymion, why don't you go and see her?" Neflyte asked him. He was hoping that Darien would come to his senses and make-up with Serena.

"No I don't think so." Darien shot back coldly. He knew what his friend's were trying to get him to do and his pride wouldn't let him buckle.

"Geez Endymion! Can't you see what you doing to her?" Raye yelled at him. She was unable to control her angry anymore towards Darien's actions to Serena.


"Sorry Jadeite, but it's true. Serenity hasn't been eating or sleeping much because you broke her hurt. She loves you Endymion with all of her heart." Raye told him. She was also trying to knock some sense into him without having to physical hurt him.

"I know." Darien admitted to them all sadly.

"Well then why are you hurting her? Mina questioned. She didn't get why someone would hurt the one they loved for no certain reason.

"She lied to me!" Darien yelled at them all. He was getting frustrated with all of their questions.

"Gosh Endymion she had to for her own safety. Did you even let her explain why she had to lie to you before you shattered her heart into a million pieces? I bet not you just way to stubborn to believe any other way except your way!" Lita pointed out to him. She couldn't believe that Darien didn't let Serena explain why she had to lie to him when they had first meet.

"You guys just don't understand!" Darien shot back. He then walked passed them and headed to his room. In his room Darien kept on debating whither he did do the right thing to Serena. 'She had to lie to me because our planets weren't at peace yet. I bet that's why she lied to me. And I bet she was going to tell me the truth soon, but I let my stubbornness and pride get in the way.' Darien told himself. That's when he finally made up his mind and rushed out of his room towards Serena's room.

When Darien entered Serena's room se was still fast asleep. Instead of waking her up Darien sat down beside her on her bed and watched her sleeping face. Serena soon began to stir thought and the next thing she knew she was looking into the eyes of the one she loved so dearly. "D..d..darien." Serena stammered. She never expected to see him in her room not after what happened between them.

"Serena I need to tell you something."

"Darien if you're here to just break my heart again you can forget about it because I want you to leave right now!" Serena declared while she pointed to her door. She couldn't take anymore heartache.

"I am not leaving, Serena!" Darien told her as he grabbed her hands. "Not until I tell you that I love you." Darien whispered to her. He was looking into her eyes now with so much love and compassion shining in them.

"What!?" Serena shouted. "But I thought..." Serena began, but she was stopped immediately but Darien who had leaned forward and began to kiss her.

"Darien why did you..." Serena breathed once she had broken away from their kiss. She didn't quite understand what he was doing at the moment.

"Serena I am sorry for hurting you!" Darien interrupted her. He had to tell her how sorry he was right then and there. "I was just to stubborn to let you tell me the real reason why you had to lie to me when you first meet. I love you Serena! Do you still love me?" Darien inquired, by now his face was only inches away from Serena's. He could see her tremble from his sudden actions.

"Darien I...I don't know." Serena choked out while she lightly pushed him away from her and sat up in her up. "I mean whose to say that you won't hurt me again? I don't think I could suffer another heartache and maybe next time if you do break my heart again you might not even make-up with me and then what will happen? I might make myself sick again or even worse! I just don't know if I truly love you now or not Darien I just need some time to think. So please leave." Serena told him somewhat sternly.

"Alright Serena, I will." Darien replied sadly. He felt crushed. He knew that he had caused Serena great pain, but he never thought that it would feel like the way he was feeling right then and there. He felt ashamed of himself for what he had done and now what he had messed up. Because of his stubbornness and pride he might lose the one her truly loves.

Serena watched as Darien sadly walked to her door to leave. That's when it hit her. She was hurting Darien just the way he hurt her even though she still loved him deeply she was hurting him badly. ' I can't believe what I am doing. I am hurting him just they way he hurt me! I am acting just as stubborn as he was. We love each other very much and now I am the one destroying our love just so I won't get hurt again! Things like this happen all the time in relationships and the reason the relationship ends is because the people in the relationship don't talk things over to try to compromise and make-up. That is just what I am doing! I can't let him leave!' Serena told herself. "Darien stop!" Serena cried as she gently got out of her bed. She still felt a bit weak and began to sway a bit unsteadily on her feet. She was soon steadied by a pair of arms. She looked up and saw that they arms belonged to the one she loved, Darien. "Darien please don't leave. I didn't mean what I said. I was just letting my pride take over me and I was acting way to stubborn. I do love you Darien with all of my heart." Serena proclaimed while she leaned closer to him.

"I love you too, Serena. That's why we are perfect for each other." Darien said to her as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to himself.

"Why is that?"

"Because we can both be stubborn sometimes and let our pride take over us, but we will still love each other through and through" Darien whispered to her. He then bent down and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips.

After they had broke from their kiss Darien picked Serena up and placed her back onto her bed. "Now Serena you are going to stay in this bed until you are completely healthy again. You got it? You are still pretty weak!" Darien told her. He didn't want Serena's condition to worsen by her doing some strenuous stuff so soon.

"Yes Darien I will stay in bed until I am completely healthy again." Serena said in agreement.

"That's my sweet angel." Darien smiled after he had given her a light peck on the lips for obeying to stay in bed until she was all better. "and I am going to stay by your side until you are all better." he added.

"Good" Serena smiled. She then got comfortable in her bed and dozed of into a peaceful dream.

Darien did stayed by Serena's side until she had gained all of her strength back. He had made sure that Serena slept a lot and eat all of her food at mealtimes. It wasn't really any trouble for her anyway since Darien and her had made-up.

"Hello Mother, everyone." Serena greeted as Darien and her entered the dining room hand in hand. It was the first day since she had fainted that she was finally allowed to get out of bed.

"Hello dear, Endymion." Queen Selenity gleamed as she watched her daughter and the prince of earth walk hand in hand to the garden's of earth. She knew that everything was now alright with her daughter and the bond between the Earth and the Moon would be a very strong.

"It seems like everything is perfect between our children." Queen Elexia not joyfully. She also knew that the Earth and Moon's bond would become very strong. She too watched as Serena and her son walked towards the garden's enjoying each other's presence.

"Oh Darien everything is wonderful!" Serena cooed. She had cuddled closed to Darien on the bench that they were sitting on that faced a beautiful rose bush, where roses of all colors grew in.

"I know my sweet, I know." Darien responded with his lips inching closer to hers. He was soon giving Serena a soft and gently kiss on this lips while the sun began to set in the background.

"Finally!" eight voices cried out behind one of the rose bushes in the gardens.

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