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Soifon was a mess as she entered the office, slamming the door behind her. A few papers slipped off the desk in light of the force she applied. She took a seat, looking at the remaining paperwork slightly disheveled atop her desk. Useless papers were the furthest priority on Soifon's list as a lone tear dripped onto the top sheet. ... Thankfully, Marechiyo wasn't present to observe her oncoming tears, otherwise, all hell undoubtedly would have broken loose. It was already stressful enough knowing what Ichigo thought of her, without that overgrown buffoon adding his two grams of sugar to the mix.

Her heart totally ached whilst her mind continuously reverted to the meeting she held with her beloved soccer star the previous night. The way he demeaned her, and the way he subsequently accused her of being a liar in a time where she could never be more genuine, essentially dampened her waning spirit.

Suddenly focusing her attention on the window, the raven-haired woman peeked outside to witness dozens of people in the streets, all dressed in sporting gear. They probably were going to attend the soccer match that would crown a new world champion in a couple of hours. She herself never discovered amusement in such trivial events, but, this year was different. He would be one of the participants - that's why he was here in Japan. Not to see her ... but for a damn game!

More tears flooded from her eyes behind the realization that she simply didn't matter to him.

She was outraged.

Why, oh why did he have to return? Couldn't he decipher the damage he inflicted on her soul in the midst of his reappearance?

She was better suited believing that he had been nothing more than a malodorous, malcontent coward that didn't possess the testicular fortitude necessary to confront his personal issues. Everything from his seemingly inadvertent suicide attempt, to leaving her pregnant with his seed - although he hadn't the merest inkling of her conception - aided her conviction.

But if only she had opted to stay the course...

Alas, she made the choice that she should delve deeper, which meant seeking him out.

Not once in her hasty decision did she bother to weigh the pain she'd endure, and perhaps that was her sole miscalculation. ... Soifon wouldn't offer the classic mea culpa for anything that occurred last night to anyone, though - including herself. After all, she'd already come to the conclusion that she desired to win his heart ... therefore, she would need to be as honest with him as humanly plausible. ... There was just no alternative route around it - she would have to withstand the strife.

The only question residing in her brain now was what to do next. While figuring that out would normally be rather easy for a person of Soifon's nature, time presented a huge challenge. There was close to thirty-two hours, as Ichigo's soccer team would be scheduled to leave tomorrow afternoon at five. Comprehending that, she mulled over several possibilities of how she could approach the young soccer star once again.

She recognized that she would have to be perfect.

There would be no second chances.

It was now or never...


The duo of Tia and Ichigo emerged from the bathroom following the "interruption" by the latter's eccentric and, by all accounts, insane father. ... While the former wasn't particularly embarrassed about being discovered - as she held no qualms pertaining to her body - she hadn't been necessarily thrilled about her first meeting with his family being under such unseemly circumstances. Conversely, knowing and understanding the person beside her, she acknowledged that her master was angry as well as abased beyond belief.

'Angry' was an understatement. Irate or livid were far better descriptions.

"What the hell was the old man thinking? I know he ain't that fuckin' stupid as to not know the meaning of 'do not disturb'. ... Damn him!"

Nevertheless, there they each stood, witnessing Isshin, Yuzu and Karin sitting comfortably on the couch situated along the furthest wall from the room entrance. Ichigo's father was, of course, grinning oddly whilst his two sisters quietly waited for him.

"Um... h-how the hell did you get here? Weren't you in Hawaii, old man?" Ichigo asked Isshin.

"About that... ...I partially lied," the old goat cackled dumbly.

Ichigo raised his eyebrow. "What do you mean 'partially lied'?"

"As you know, me and the girls went there for a vacation. But, it just so happens that we got back here the day before you returned to set up the new house."

That made sense, seeing as how the original Kurosaki clinic had a huge 'for sale' sign on the front lawn.

"However, what you don't know is that the vacation was all expenses paid," the man broke out into a full-on explosion of laughter. Karin shook her head and wondered why in the world her father couldn't be normal, while Yuzu simply smiled at her dad's antics. Meanwhile, Tia just retained a straight face.

The soccer star, on the other hand, glared at his father in disbelief. "And just how did that happen?"

"That's on a need-to-know basis."

"... Whatever. You're just blowing hot air, you old goat."

Isshin didn't allow his son's comment to bother him, and quickly flashed a grand smile in his direction. "I see you've somehow managed to land a hot babe, my son. You mind sharing how that went about?"

Instantly mortified, Ichigo shouted, "Fuck you, old man!"

"Then do you mind if I ask her again?" the father winked, running toward Tia. Unfortunately, before he could reach her, Karin captured him hastily and pulled him down by his ear, twisting it as she pulled the man away.

"You just never learn, do you, old man?" his young daughter sighed when released him from her grip. Isshin speedily groaned, rubbing away the tiny ounce of pain it caused.

Ichigo mentally thanked his little sister for her quick and decisive thinking. His father was pretty damn relentless when he wanted to be - and a royal pain in the ass. If she hadn't been present, there was no telling how long Isshin would've pressed him until he'd had enough.

... Thank goodness for his sister, indeed...


After about an hour of reminiscing and laughing with his family, Ichigo told them that he needed to finish getting ready for the game. In understanding, they nodded and exchanged hugs with him prior to departing from his hotel room.

As soon as they left, he huskily grinned. It was quite apparent to anyone with two eyes that despite what he relayed to them, the fact of the matter was that he needed to finish his session with Tia. He was horny as all hell, and he feared that if he didn't release the tension inside of him, he would be a mess on the field.

"C'mere...," he beckoned her. Ms. Harribel obliged her master's request amid a nod, and descended to the floor before him. She offered him a look of content as she hastily pulled his shorts down to reveal his semi-rigid member. Then, without missing a beat, Tia took his length into her mouth, sucking as fast as possible.


"Ooh... shit...," he groaned, running his fingers through her hair. And thus, the couple completed what they started...

Hours later, Ichigo arrived at the stadium with a large smile. He anxiously awaited what was to come in this game. Him, against his native country, for all the marbles ... It couldn't be any sweeter.

It was too damn good to be true.

The young star then smirked at a few jeering fans in his path prior to walking down the long hallway, out onto the field. There, he noticed the arena was practically empty, with most of his teammates already stretching and doing a few drills. He quickly joined them, waiting for the game to start.





Author's Notes: I apologize for the short chapter - but as it is a filler, I didn't want to bore you guys. I should be finished with this between two-five chapters from now, and I'll try my hardest to produce everything in a timely manner.

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