Chapter 1: Prologue and Story Information

Chapter edited: 06/07/15

One Time disclaimer for all Chapters: Harry Potter characters belong to J.K Rowling, and Digimon belongs to the creators in Japan.

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Story Name: Digital

Story Type: A Harry Potter / Digimon Tamers crossover story

Rated: T at present, may change if necessary

Pairings: Harry/Hermione (Primary), Harry/Renamon (Secondary)

Time Lines: Harry Potter book 4 (end) / Harry Potter book 5 / Digimon Tamers Season 3

During the summer break Harry illegally transforms into his animagus form. What happens when that form is not 'normal' but digital. Join Harry in his digital life as he makes new friends, new enemies and tries to fulfill a prophesy far older than the magical world itself.

Warnings: Along with the obvious warnings….I should warn you that certain parts will not be canon. Example: my version of Gennai is not like the cannon one, The Digital King the Digital Mother and Harry's Digimon forms are my own creations and not cannon. For those new to Digimon or Harry Potter...there may be a few spoilers.

Note: In this story Harry and the canon tamers (except for Suzie who is 6) are all 14-15 years old. (not 10 years as in canon)



Gennai, legendary immortal guide and prophet of the digital world, was waiting patiently for the five sovereign lords, the leaders of the digital lands, to arrive.

He had called them all together for one purpose; to impart open them some highly important information. Information which he knew would change the digital world as they knew it, for better or worse.

In fact, the information he was about to give, had the potential to change the way, everybody, digital or organic alike, would look at the digital world ever again.

Gennai would be the first to admit that he, had lived for a very long time. Ridiculously long even, far longer than most had any right to exist. He had therefore seen many different things in his time, some strange, others wonderful, some transcending even into the realms of the mystical. For him therefore to say that he, the immortal guide, protector and prophet of the digital world, a being as old as the digital world itself, was about to impart, what would most likely be his most important message yet, was saying something.

Silently, somewhat reluctantly, not really sure if he really wanted to do this, but knowing it was for the best, he sighed as he waited and wondered just how the old – more like ancient – sovereign lords would receive his news.

Would they accept it? Most likely not...well, he was sure at least two of them wouldn't.

Would they fight it? Did they even have a choice?

Well, he expected some resistance...he just didn't know how much.

Suddenly he heard the steady beat of massive wings coming from the quickly approaching Sovereign of the south, Zhuqiaomon.

Of all of the digimon lords, the massive fire bird, half phoenix, half sparrow was probably the one Gennai doubted the most, would accept what he was about to say. However, that was expected.

He was, after all, the Lord who was the most outspoken against change, the one who was, at best, paranoid towards the humans. At worse, borderline fanatic.

He had spent the last few decades constantly speaking out against the union of Humans and Digimon and as such Gennai had little hope that he could convince him to accept a new king now. It would probably only enrage him more.

Then, there were the other four sovereign lords, thought Gennai, as he spotted them approach from the other directions.

Azulongmon, the blue long bearded dragon and lord of the east, Baihumon, the Tiger and lord of the west, Ebonwumon, the two headed, half turtle, half tree guardian and lord of the north and of course their leader, a huge golden dragon with 6 red eyes; regent lord and Stewart of the Digital lands; Fanglongmon, current head and provisional ruler of the Digital world, at least until the king should return.

Besides Zhuqiaomon, Fanglongmon would no doubt be the one most affected by his message and the one most likely to resist with force. But that was also expected. He would after all loose his position of supreme ruler of the digital world. No one with power, liked losing that power. Especially not after having had it for the past thousands of years.

The rest of the Lords Gennai didn't really see any problems with. Sure, it would be a big change for them, just like it would be a change for everybody else, and it would take them some time to adapt to the old ways, but other than that… they weren't really in any danger of losing anything.

Brought out of his musings, as five massive thumps of the sovereign behemoths shook the ground, all five sovereigns landed before him. Facing him in a half circle they waited for the rest to arrive before Fanglongmon, in the middle of the circle, turned to look at him.

"Greetings Gennai it has been many moons since you last called us for a full meeting. I trust you have some news of importance and value for us?" Fanglongmon asked gently, his loud deep rumbling voice booming over the whole area, completely defying the gentleness intended by him.

Gennai, used to the loudness of said sovereigns gentle voice, bowed his head slightly in respect to the provisional digital monarch, then replied solemnly, "Yes, Fanglongmon, indeed I do. Unfortunately I somehow doubt you will consider it to be of value to you. Quite the opposite in fact. I fear you will not like what I have to say at all."

Fanglongmon frowned, adopting a facial expression which was mimicked by the others. That did not sound good, he thought. Never the less, he tried to stay optimistic. After all, how bad could it be?

"I'm sure it can't be any worse than the current crisis with the D-Reaper," he said, trying to keep the gentleness in his voice but failing. Mentally he braced himself for more bad news. Baihumon, to his left was still showing of some of his more recent wounds from his last battle with the menace.

"Please do tell us what it is so that we may go back to containing that thing before it has a chance to get any larger that it already is," said Azulongmon from his right. Like Baihumon, he too was sporting a few recent injuries from a recent battle against the ferocious entity.

Gennai nodded. "A few weeks ago I received a direct message from my link to the digital world and through the digital mother herself. It informed me of an ancient prophecy which I fear will effect you the most Fanglongmon".

Hearing this, the five sovereigns gave Gennai their full attention. A message from the essence of the digital world, known lovingly as the digital mother, was to be taken seriously at all times.

Seeing that they were now giving him their full attention Gennai continued to speak.

"The Digital mother spoke of a human, born of a hidden world, with powers different of that of the human world we know of.

This human, or as I was told; magic user, calls himself a wizard and will very soon become one of us…yes that's right he will become a digimon…," said Gennai, not at all surprised at seeing the disbelieving, not to mention infuriated look on Zhuqiaomon face, a look which spoke volumes of what he thought of that idea,"

It was, after all, expected of the paranoid fanatic lord.

Doing his best to ignore the grumbling and mumbling around him, Gennai continued to speak… "Mother estimates it will happen anytime within the next few months and the next few years and she also told me that this human is no other than the legendary heir to the throne…"

"WHAT!," roared Fanglongmon, making the whole area rumble and shake, any near by digimon flee, and the other sovereigns jump.

It would be an understatement to say he was not happy. In fact, one would be justified in saying that he was furious with what he had just heard.

'Just another reaction I was expecting,' Gennai again thought sullenly, bracing himself for the worst.

"Preposterous…I won't accept it, I don't believe it. Gennai, I have heard you say many insane things in your respectable existence, and I have always been very lenient with you so far, much more lenient than I should have been, but this has to be the craziest of them all."

"How can a human of all beings possibly become the ruler of all digimon," Fanglongmon uttered angrily.

"I agree with Fanglongmon," Zhuqiaomon spoke up, instantly agreeing with the golden dragon, not happy either with the current news. It would undermine everything he had worked towards to keep humans and digimon apart for the past few decades. It would not do, at all, to have an upstart of a human of all beings, claim the highest position of the digital world, even if he were to indeed, by some miracle, become one of them.

"Never the less, it will happen whether you like it or not," Gennai responded, somewhat forcefully, ignoring the threatening growl he received for his remark.

"Let me remind you I have never been wrong before, and if the mother herself says that this human will come, then that is what will happen. As such I highly advise you to prepare yourselves accordingly for his arrival and welcome him as the royal ruler he is…or will be."

"NEVER! you hear me…NEVER!…I have been the ruler of this world for the past few millennia and I will not cease to be it now, not to some young upstart and least of all to a human, a human who may or may not be what you say he is," said Fanglongmon angrily, digital spit flying from his mouth as he spoke. The rage and anger all too evident on his face said it all.

Gennai winced at the sovereign's rant and flinched as a blob of spit narrowly missed him.

"You would dare speak against the word of the mother?" he asked solemnly, sadly. Fanglongmon's reaction couldn't have been much worse.

Taken aback by Gennai's accusation, Fanglongmon reared back as if struck. "How dare you, of course not, her word is law," he growled out, insulted that his faith in the digital mother would ever be questioned.

"Then why do you not accept what you have been told," Gennai asked quietly, using his best manipulative and disappointed grandfatherly voice. It was almost as if he, the grandfather, was scolding his young grandchild for taking a cookie from the cookie jar without permission.

"I don't accept it because it is not true. It just can't be. I refuse to believe it. A human can not be the legendary immortal ruler, the immortal God of the digital world. Even to think of such a thing would be heresy of the highest degree." Fanglongmon answered bitterly.

"Then I guess you won't care if I told you, that the mother herself told me, that he is indeed immortal, "said Gennai, raising his right eyebrow as he spoke. Even now he has already survived several brushes with death and come out the victor."

Stupefied silence followed Gennai's last remark, only to be broken once more by Fanglongmon.

"I have heard enough, speak to me about this no more for I shall have none of it," said Fanglongmon and with a final roar of anger, which could be heard from kilometers, he rose into the air and flew away.

With a sniff of clear disgust Zhuqiaomon soon followed.

"As you wish...'regent,' " said Gennai, stressing the word 'regent', shaking his head sadly at the stubbornness of the outgoing ruler.

The remaining sovereigns stayed silent as they digested what they had heard.

"What would you advise us to do?" asked Azulongmon after a while, ever the practical member of the Sovereigns. Of all of the sovereigns he seemed to be most willing to accept this heir. Baihumon and Ebonwumon simply listened but seemed to be willing to accept it as well.

Gennai smiled. All was not lost.

"I suggest that you keep an eye or a few open for this human and aid him when the time is right. It may take months before he comes, maybe even years, but when he comes he will most likely need our help.

I fear he may be our only hope against the D-Reaper and if that is the case then it is our duty to aid him in anyway we can.

"It is said that only the king has enough power to defeat any evil…let us hope this is correct. For I fear, without the kings legendary strength and ability to defeat all foes...we might not survive that which is to come," said Azulongmon, deciding to speak for the first time.

The other two remaining sovereigns and prophet nodded solemnly. They still remembered the power of the last king. A being so powerful, it made even them look like inexperienced rookies.

They may be seen, even worshipped as gods in the digital realm...but they knew, even they were nothing when compared to the true king of said realm.

"We will do as you ask, I personally know only too well how dangerous the D- Reaper is, and quite frankly, if this…human…can indeed defeat it, whether he becomes the new king or not, then he is most welcome… at least in my opinion," said Baihumon sagely.

"What should we do about Fanglongmon and Zhuqiaomon," asked Ebonwumon, who had until that moment chosen - in his usual wisdom - to remain silent.

"Nothing…they must choose their own paths, as must we. If and when the time comes that they openly challenge the king, then we can decide whether to do something about them…or not.

Until then prepare and wait. His arrival will mark the end of the current ways, and the reintroduction of the old ways, a necessary evil, which will come when it comes."

"Something tells me when the time comes Fanglongmon and Zhuqiaomon will be the least of our worries," said Gennai, just before he nodded at them, gave a bow of respect, then began to walk away.

The three remaining sovereigns frowned at his last few words, but then nodded. Soon they too left to go back to their respective kingdoms.

With a sad look on his face Gennai sighed again for what seemed the umpteenth time that day.

"Indeed…he will come whether you like it or not my friends… as will 'he'

What will be, will be…only time will tell…

…What will be, will be."

A/N: This is my first attempt on a Harry Potter / Digimon Crossover.

I thought it might be a nice idea to try to write one as the Idea of Harry as a digimon intrigues me, it is.