Chapter 19

There goes the neighborhood


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Previously on Digital:

Starting to walk away, Harry with Hermione at this side, they took their first few steps when Harry's advanced digital senses suddenly began to literally scream out in terrified warning to him.

Reacting completely on instinct, not taking even a second to decide what to do, Harry grabbed Hermione, who screamed out in alarm, and began to sprint and blur as if there was no tomorrow. Just before he sensed, whatever it was that had been flying right at him, hit the ground, he threw himself and Hermione headfirst into the sand and flattened their bodies right on to the ground, the sand effectively muffling Hermione's scream of fear as her face met the hot evening sand of the nearest dune.

A split second later a loud boom of massive proportions erupted all around them, temporarily deafening them. Sand flew all around them as the ground started to shake and both screamed as they were blown away from each other, like little rag dolls, into different directions, by the shockwave of the explosion.

Harry, shaking his head, was the first to recover from the explosion and slowly, dizzily, he tried to get up, just barely managing it. All around them small fires where burning the few cacti in the area.

A few feet away from him Hermione lay moaning in pain from her fall, but still alive.

Slowly Harry moved towards her, but stopped as he noticed a large, massive shadow covering them.

"Oh...shit!" he said and slowly began to look up.

And now the continuation:

Many thoughts come to the minds of those who are suddenly faced against overwhelming odds, especially while in the heat of battle.

Usually - in fact nearly always - they are not always good!

Inexperienced soldiers; the first timers, also known as the rookies...or the greenhorns; might lose hope and panic… firing blindly at anything that moves, while thinking things like…"We're all gonna die!" or; "I don't wanna die yet"… or maybe just a simple: "Waaaahhhh!"

They might be forgiven for the most part…if they survive that is...then sent back out to try again!

Veterans, on the other hand, those unlucky fools who encounter the same situation twice or more; tend to curse a lot, ask themselves: "Why didn't I simply stay in bed today,' or think things like: "Oh my, the shit really hits the fan today Johnny…time to run!"... then attempt an orderly – or as the case may be, un-orderly - retreat, preferably tactical, using the rookies as a barrier between them and the enemy, to buy them some more time.

Then there are the others… those with insane heroic - and usually utmost stupid- tendencies, those who simply don't care anymore – or maybe they just don't know better - ...the hero's and the glory hounds (when doing heroics) or the dopes (those who tried but failed) who give the enemy the middle finger, then rush out all guns blazing...only to end up in the hospitals..or morgues, hours or days later.

No matter who you are, what you are, or what you have done, all three have two things in common: a high death rate and…for those lucky few to survive: a little –or big - guardian angel who comes to save the day at the last second.

For Harry and Hermione it was the later of the two.

Harry, at the direct moment he looked up

Slowly, in a classic 'the good guy meets the bad guy and he knows that he is in a: ' really outclassed right about now' moment, Harry looked up and cursed, his eyes widening greatly.


'Not good…help…not good at all….fuck!'

"Er…em… Hi?" He said, in an asking sort of tone, frozen in place, putting on his best ' I am so screwed' grin.

Then in a moment of sheer out-of-character stupidity he asked: "Em…Can I help you?" before edging away slightly, closer to Hermione's body.

Towering above him, in all his majestic fiery beauty - for that's what all sovereigns were to the lower digimon… gods!…deities! - was the largest bloody phoenix he had ever seen. It must have been about a hundred meters large, but Harry couldn't be sure. He really didn't care either way.

It made the Hungarian Horntail he had faced during the tri-wizard tournament look like a common field mouse and Fawkes, Dumbledores phoenix, look like a mocking bird in comparison.

Indeed, 'mocking' was the right word to use right now as this gigantic firebird studied him, like a hawk would look at it's next meal, or like the cat which got the canary. Harry couldn't be sure but it looked like the phoenix digimon was indeed mocking him…judging him, sizing him up, finding him lacking in all areas and if possible even…laughing at him?

'Oh… Oh!…this was not good. Not good at all.'

Harry had no illusions that he could not possibly hope to win against this thing. Only the higher level digimon were THIS large and this digimon looked like it was at least an Ultimate….if not a Mega level.

Swallowing deeply and knowing that he was in deep shit and facing something FAR too powerful for him to handle (if the fire blast was anything to go by) Harry, for the first time ever in the digital world decided to…'play nice'. Hoping it might somehow please the monster bird before him and maybe increase is chances of survival – though already knowing it wouldn't – he gave it a formal bow of respect.

Unfortunately, all Harry got in return was an amused mocking laugh. A laugh, which made a cold shiver, run down his digital back.

"Ku! ku! ku!" it said, amused, prompting Harry take another step back and away.

"What have I found here! I think I found a little human and her pet digimon. Sad that, how far you have fallen…choosing to obey a human of all beings….and so far away from home too. What oh what are we gonna do!"

Harry, thinking it best not to answer that, stepped closer to Hermione instead, ready to grab her and run at a seconds notice. Harry had no doubt that if this digimon was anything like the others they had met, and he had no reason to believe otherwise, then he would have to...faster than he'd ever run before...or he'd die.

"I am greatly disappointed in you….to think that a digimon could have fallen so low as to willingly co-exist with humans!"

"For such a betrayal there can only be one outcome. For choosing to be a slave to the humans I the great Zhuqiaomon, Sovereign of the south….

"Oh… bugger!" said EGO, finally realizing just whom they were actually dealing with.

"EGO?" asked Harry nervously. He didn't really know what to do right now, every possible outcome he could think of at that moment, ended badly.

"Of all the digimon to just had to be one of 'them'!... Harry!….That digimon, for lack of a better word to describe it,…if it's true what it says….and I seriously don't have a reason not to believe it, since he has already told us - not that is makes much of a difference- is a bloody SOVERIEGN! That blasted fire bird above us is stronger than even a fucking Mega! And I'm not talking about just any old Mega but those Armored Mega," EGO said, now seriously worried and nearly frantic.

"Oh!..." was all Harry said in return, eyes widening "…NO!" he added as he to finally realised in just how much deep shit they were currently in. There was no hope in hell for him to fightnthat thing...not yet at least. He's never even scratch it!

Meanwhile, said digital sovereign was still talking: "I truly can not understand what the other sovereigns and Gennai see in you weak humans that makes them believe your worth even listening to… but no matter… as of this moment your journeys end here… I will not stand by while…"

"Harry…," EGO said, realizing what was about to happen.


"RUN!…Get out of here! Don't even bother fighting him, he's much too strong. Just run! If you want to even have the smallest half assed chance of a chance to live past the next few minutes then: RUN YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF!… NOW!" EGO screamed, as loud as he could, almost rattling Harrys brain.

Harry didn't have to be told twice. Without even thinking about it, completely trusting EGO's wisdom, knowing that every wasted second could very well be his last, Harry picked up Hermione's currently unconscious body….tucked his many tails between his legs and ran as if the Reaper himself were after him. He simply Ran!

"You humans think your…HEY!...GET BACK HERE….," Zhuqiaomon said realizing that his prey was literally making itself scarce.


The moment whose words came out of Zhuqiaomon's mouth a huge fireball emerged and shot out of his mouth at a high velocity blasting out after Harry who was now moving faster than he had ever thought possible for him to move.

Sensing heat of the ball of fiery death coming closer every second, Harry instincts were screaming at him, telling him: 'If you get hit by that…. then your goose is cooked… and that goose is you!'

Seeing that he had no other choice, Harry did the only thing he could; he dodged to the side, narrowly missing the ball of fire and the massive explosion, but not the resulting shockwave that followed the blast from where he had once been.

Blasted right of his feet and high into the air, Harry could do nothing but cry out in wildly in alarm as he became an unwilling passenger to the laws of physics; blown clear across several dunes, before descending into a free-fall, unwillingly dropping Hermione's unconscious body as he fell, to crash, with a pained groan, de-digivolving back into his rookie form, into the soft desert sand below.

Quickly scrambling back to his feet, ignoring as best as he could, the massive pain and dip of his strength, not to mention the momentary flicker of his body due to the fall, Harry hardly spared a moment to spit out some sand which had entered his mouth from the fall, before he was racing towards Hermiones body, nearly tripping in his haste to reach her.

Looking at Hermione he cursed, cringing heavily, as he saw her in extremely bad shape.

She was unconscious; her left arm was bent, completely facing the wrong direction. Her left side was burnt, though thankfully not badly. However, she did have a vast amount of painful looking cuts all over her body and her clothes were ripped in multiple places and practically missing in others. In short she looked like hell had run over her.

Harry would probably have been in the same condition had he not been the full digimon he was and not just a digital reconstruct which Hermione was. Once again he thanked his lucky digital stars that digimon did not get injured, break or lose body parts…they 'only' lost life force power. Speaking of which, he was currently quite low. One more hit, direct or not and he would be in big, big trouble...if he survived it at all.

Not having much time, knowing that the blasted bird was very near… Harry quickly found and grabbed Hermiones digivice and fished her cards out of her pocket, spilling quite a few of them on the ground in his haste.

Not caring about the mess, Harry quickly found a Health Booster and one of her best Speed Booster cards and hastily swiped them through the digivice. Just in time too, as a few seconds later the enormous bird which was Zhuqiaomon emerged over the tip of the sand dune. Harry never knew just how lucky he had been at that moment. He never knew that he was only able to do the swiping himself due to the fact that Hermiones Digivice was an upgraded model which had been altered to accept both; the tamers and his/her digimons data signature when using the digivice. Ealier modles would only have allowed the tamer to use the card system, not the digimon. In this regard Harry was a very lucky digimon indeed.


This time Harry was ready for it. His rookie form being vastly more agile than his champion form added with the effects of the speed booster, gave him just enough of an edge to get away. Quickly picking up Hermione from where she had fallen, feeling much better now that he had regained a sizable portion of his health and was now four times his previous speed, he blurred and sped away, hardly noticing the second blast which followed the attack. Never the less he did see the large crater which now occupied the place he had been seconds before and for the second time that day, he gulped painfully at the sight. Slightly enraged that he had missed, but over all amused by the effort, Zhuqiaomon redoubled his attacks.

What followed next would become the most dangerous game of cat and mouse, straight from hell Harry would ever remember.

For the next hour Harry was kept busy, constantly in motion, blurring and dodging attack after attack and swipe after swipe as they came in split second intervals from the rather vicious sovereign digimon, who delighted himself with playing with him like a cat would with a mouse. Never enough to finish him off, yet dangerous enough that a wrong move would well be his last.

As it was Zhuqiaomon seemed to be enjoying the chase and game of cat and mouse so much that he even let him get away then and again just to that he could continue the game again mere seconds later, giving Harry increasingly more difficult tasks to survive; from shockwaves that tore apart the landscape and flattened everything in sight, to huge balls of fire and even a few lightening bolts, barley missing him each time. Zhuqiaomon literally rained hell down from the skies, plastering the desert floor with craters where Harry had been just mere seconds before.

Try as he might Harry could never get far away before Zhuqiaomon was upon him once again.

Oh Harry knew what was happening...he knew perfectly well that Zhuqiaomon was only playing with him. Which only demorilised him even more.… Its Just…. whenever Harry thought he had his opponent figured out, Zhuqiaomon would change his attack pattern then change it again a mere minute later, constantly testing Harry in new ways like a scientist would test a rat.

There was nothing Harry could do. If he stopped he would be Hermione with him. Try as he might, his attacks, when he did fire them at the bird - which wasn't often- didn't even scratch Zhuqiaomon…and he did try...for the first five minutes of the battle before he gave up and concentrated fully on dodging instead.

Sometimes, seeing himself unable to dodge an attack safely, he would even be forced to counter an incoming attack by sending an attack of his own to intercept it.

As if that was not enough, to add misery to even more misery; he was constantly worried about Hermione, who he carried around with him wherever he went, for fear that she would be targeted instead of himself and thus getting even more hurt than she already was. Or worse!

And so it went on and on. Zhuqiaomon would constantly send an attack at Harry, Harry would in turn constantly dodge or intercept each attack with an attack of his own, never giving up hope that the Sovereign really was only playing with them and testing him and would sooner or later leave him and Hermione alone. He knew there was close to no chance of that happening…but a mon could yet hope...right?

Once in a while Zhuqiaomon would even allow Harry to use another card to recharge his dwindling powers and then they would start all over again.

Finally after several more minutes, bringing the total time of the battle – if you could this one-sided fight a battle - to just under two hours – a long time for a single one on one battle - Harry, his moral nearly nonexistant for his part, was growing dangerously fatigued and was growing increasingly desperate by the second. He was now on his last speed booster card – having had to renew his card given powers multiple times - and had already used up everything else that had been in Hermiones pack and was finally beginning to give up hope. He knew had Zhuqiaomon wanted to he could have deleted him a long time ago. As it was he was just barely holding on, ready to drop at any minute…and that time came soon enough.

Ten minutes later, making the totql battle time just over two hours of none stop dodging, Zhuqiaomon was only getting warmed up, yet Harry, however, was a true picture of misery.

Anyone could tell you he had just been through a long grueling session of the digital special hell version of bootcamp 101.

Panting, Gasping and puffing, just barely dragging himself –and Hermione who was still being carried by him- across the scorched desert ground…Harry finally collapsed.

Zhuqiaomon seeing that his fun was over, let himself settled on to the ground and looked at his defeated lab rat with barely concealed amusement but never the less with a slo a fair bit of respect.

Were Harry's eyes playing tricks on him or was there a flicker of recognition in the digimons eyes?

"Well...I gotta hand it to you brat…you were good. I'm actually impressed and that's saying something coming froom me. You would have done well as a deva. Too bad you chose to side with her. I mean look at her…look at yourself now! She is so weak, she never moved once…and your at the end of your ropes...utterly defeated."

"Is she really worth fighting for? Are humans really worth fighting for?"

Harry didn't respond. He was gasping far to heavily to do that.

Look…I'll be nice…I'll give you a chance…Hell I'll even give you a place as a Deva…all you have to do is forsake her and that slave bond of yours.

Just abandon her…kill her!…Kill her and take your place as one of the personal servants of the Sovereign lords, one and the thirteenth Deva Generals…it's your choice..."

"Kill her and take your place at my side…. or die!"

Harry took one look at Hermione and knew his answer.

Turning to face Zhuqiaomon he said three single words: GO…gasp!…FUCK!...pant! YOURSELF! Gasp! Before letting himself fall back to the ground, Hermione tucked up in his arms.

Zhuqiaomon simply shrugged, not perturbed in the least by his answer.

If that is your final answer? Very well… as you wish. You could have been great, powerful…maybe even a sovereign in your own right one day….alas… it is not to be…"

"Prepare to be deleted!"

Moving away a bit, pretty sure that his target was in no condition to run – at least not far - so not to be hit himself by his own attack Zhuqiaomon prepared for one last attack. Then he opened his mouth.


Harry, just after his answer.

'Well…here it comes…that ugly sound of death,' Harry thought, his eyes closed.

'Maybe it won't be too bad after all,' he added with a sigh.

'It seems so,' said EGO who had been silent the whole time.

'I only hope I made the right choice,' Harry added.

'Oh you did…never doubt that Harry,' EGO answered confidently.

'At least you die with honour,' EGO added.

Waiting for Zhuqiaomon to make his last move Harry began to hum a tune:

"I was small, he was big,'

'I was the rookie while he could take the hit,'

'I thought I was on the side of 'good,' he thought 'he' was the same,'

We disagreed… Oh! what shame!

Bang Bang!

He shot me down!

Bang Bang!

I hit the ground!

Bang Bang!

That awful sound!

Bang Bang!"


"The sovereign, he shot me down!"

Far away in the human word.

Had you ever told Sirius Black, lord of the most ancient and noble house of black that he would ever be in his current situation: selling out/betraying his world to the muggles, like a common rat, he would have laughed at your face and asked you what you had been smoking last night, to make you spew out such crap.

Well!… Ok! Maybe not like a rat…but it did make him feel dirty none the less…somewhat.

He was literally going to tell a muggle government agency – an agency charged with controlling and if necessary eliminating magical people – about the wizarding worlds greatest secrets – at least those he knew of. HE, Sirius Black, was going to tell the muggles where his kind lived, how to bypass their wards…and who the most important people were…amongst other things.

In short…what he said next had the power to destroy his kind! Not a pretty thought to say the least.

He would either go down into history as its savior...the man who led them into a new… and hopefully brighter future, filled with co-operation and harmony with the muggles….or…he could very well become the man who brought about their doom...the evil betrayer…to be cursed by all for all eternity. Sirius seriously hoped it was the former of the two, not the later.

He did not want people saying: …By Sirius what have you done? Or, By Sirius, by the betrayer you fool!… whenever people spoke abut him in the future.

Sirius had no illusions…he knew, if he did not help them.…well…they would probably get the information out of him anyway sooner or later. At least this way he could do some damage control. At least, in the end the Death Eaters, the Dark Lord…and Dumbledore would not get their wishes. That had to be worth a lot…right? He really hoped so.

'Well paddy old boy, this is turning back now," he said as he cleared the final check point – once again several heavily armed agents of the M.I.B - before he would step on to a funny looking transport from where he would then be….'Beamed' his location?

"Are you sure, this thing is safe?" he asked eyeing the strange muggle contraption as if it could strike out at him at any second and drag him into the underworld…where he probably belonged.

The muggle beside him laughed. "Ya!…Don't worry. You won't feel a thing…I promise. I mean… your body will only be killed, torn apart into billions of small particles, smaller than the ye can see, then reassembled a few hundred miles away and finally brought back to life again…so ya... it's no big deal…and it is relatively painless too." He said with a vicious grin.

"WHAT!" Sirius screamed, stared at him with wide eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, open with a horrified expression. " No big deal! Are you sure it's not too late to change my mind," he said in a high-pitched voice, sweating profusely.

"Nope!" said the muggle, grinning heavily, before he gave Sirius another push towards the transporter.

"Please!" Sirius begged pitifully.

The muggle shook his head.

A few minutes later Sirius was speeding along, at the speed of light, in several billion trillion particles, all over the eastern hemisphere, on a one stop trip to the M.I.B Headquarter building at the other side of the globe.

Back with Harry


'Well, It was a pleasure,' said Harry, already feeling the heat of the attack coming closer.

"No…the pleasure was all….


**BOOM!** Suddenly the heat was gone…but they weren't hit.

'What the hell?' thought Harry as the heat suddenly disappeared.

"…mine?" EGO finished in a questioning tone, trailing off.

Not that I'm complaining. On the contrary, but what just happened?" Harry asked out loud, opening his eyes.

Looking around he realizes that there were suddenly two other digimon standing in front of him...

…Protectively. Very Protectively!

EGO gasped.


"It's the… I can't believe it"…EGO whispered quietly in an awed voice.

EGO… whats wrong…do you know them? Harry asked. He couldn't believe what had happened. One second he was waiting for death…the next…

"It's two of the legendary guardians…Dianamon… and Merukimon," EGO trailed off.

"Guardians?" Harry asked bewildered, wondering what EGO meant.

"The royal bodyguards of the digital king," EGO answered in awe. It was clear from listening to him speak that EGO held them, whoever they were in great respect.

What?… or rather who? Who could possibly make EGO of all things act this way, Harry wondered. For him to act as if…

For the first time in the last hour Harry started to hope…maybe…just maybe they still had a chance.

"It seems we just came in the last second of extra time, Meruki," said the female of the new arrivals. She was glaring, one eye focused towards at Zhuqiaomon, while the other eye was focusing on Harry. She was Dianamon, one of the Olympus twelve, royal bodyguards and a God Man Digimon type Mega. Dianamon was a blue and white coloured digimon with moon shaped blades attacked to her legs symbolizing the moon and had two horns coming from her head. Finally, she held a long two bladed staff in her hand.

(A/N: That will have to do…for a better picture look up the Olympus Twelve…describing them effectively is a darn difficult thing to do)

"That we did Diana…great save by the way! The ball was nearly in the net," said the second new arrival, who looked something like a blue and green coloured werewolf which held a massive bone like sword in his right hand. He seemed to be barley held together with stitches, yet they didn't seem to hinder him at all.

Everybody close by (and conscious) sweat dropped.

"I have already notified the others, they will be here soon….You there…" Merukimon said looking at Harry. "Your in Kitsunemon right?" he asked Harry.

Harry, too shocked to do anything else simply nodded.

"Is she ok?" he asked, motioning towards Hermione who was now on the ground beside Harry.

Harry looked at Hermione and cringed. During the whole battle with Zhuqiaomon he had been unable to spare her much thought, as he had been too afraid of being hit…now however.

'Damn…she's barely alive.' "No…she needs help badly," Harry answered worriedly.

Merukimon hearing his answer nodded and sighed. "Here this will help slightly..but not for long,"Merukimon said, sending a beam of bright light into Hermione, healing a few of her minor wounds and replenishing a bit of her energy. Then he looked back at Zhuqiaomon.

"Perhaps today is a good day to die after all," he mumbled wearily before turning to face Diana who was busy holding a rather heated conversation with Zhuqiaomon.

Moments earlier with Dianamon and Zhuqiaomon

"I don't care what Fanglong wants…I am ordering you Zhuqiaomon to stand down…they are not to be touched. Do you hear me? She asked furiously, holding her double bladed moon staff out in a threatening manner.

"Oh I hear you alright…and I find myself unable and unwilling to believe what I'm hearing…why would you protect the humans? …We have to fight them before they destroy us," he raged.

"Perhaps…but not this one…and definitely not her digimon."

"I order you to stand down…this is your final warning! Resist and be deleted! Dianamon warned.

Zhuqiaomon scowled.

"You think you have the power to defeat me, a sovereign?" he growled menacingly.

Perhaps... perhaps not…you do want to test me?" Dianamon asked giving him the evil eye treatment.

What are you doing here anyway?…Aren't you supposed to be sealed away…stopping that…OH…NO!...Gennai you fool…you didn't" Zhuqiaomon said a look of complete and utter horror on his face. "Gennai what have you done!"

"He did what needed to be done, to stop you from doing a huge mistake," Dianamon said answering his question in a regretful voice."

"What do you mean with that?...WHAT! What could possibly have warranted releasing HIM!" asked Zhuqiaomon, who was now freaking out and rightfully so.

"You don't know?…You mean to tell me you have no idea that the digimon you have been attacking in the heir to the digital throne."

Zhuqiaomon was shocked speechless.

"You think….they…that they…that's a joke…right?...please say it's a joke!"

Dianamon shock her head.

Zhuqiaomon gaped at her then began to chuckle, then laugh, causing Dianamon to frown.

"Its official…Gennai was finally gone senile…his age has finally caught up with him," Zhuqiaomon mumbled to himself absently, unwilling to believe the alternative, causing Dianamon to groan and shake her head sadly.

It was at that moment that Merkurimon turned to speak to Dianamon.

"Diana….Kitmons tamer needs help if she is to survive…we can't help her ourselves. We have to get them the Gennai quickly! Time is of the essence. She needs help from the human world," Merkurimon said, a sad look on his wolf-like face.

Diana hearing her partner speak, twirled one of her eyes to look at Hermione and nodded. "Agreed…you take them, you're the fastest of all of us… get them to Gennai quickly…," she said steeling herself for an upcoming battle against Merkurimon…a battle which she had slim to no chance of winning on her own.

"NO!" said Merkurimon, shaking his head.

"What why not?" Diana asked, giving her current partner a questioning look. "We don't have time to waste."

Merkurimon sighed.

"You take them….your more important…more needed than I…."

"What?...Mer…Are you out of your scrambling fuzzy mind? Your much faster than I, surely..." Dianna asked shocked.

"No! You go…while it's true that I'm the fastest of all of us I also have the best chance to avoid his attacks and the best chance to break through his defenses ultimately giving you more time to escape… If anyone of us can win it's me…go…I'll…I'll catch up with you later…somehow… GO! Take him…them… and go…before it's too late! Get them out of here!" Merkurimon said, closed his eyes briefly as a sign of defeat. He knew there was an extremely high chance that he would NOT meet up with them later.

Throughout all of this Zhuqiaomon was hardly paying them any mind, only mumbling to himself, deliberating with himself what to do next. The release of 'IT' had really disturbed him.

Dianna stared at Merkurimon, thought about arguing, but then nodded. "No matter what happens…you will be remembered and honored for this, my friend," she said, then with a sigh she dashed over to Harry and Hermione. Picking them up and if they didn't weigh a thing (which for her they didn't) she gave one last sad look at Merkurimon, nodded, then sped away as fast as she could, a few tears falling from her eyes as she ran like the wind towards the village in the desert.

Merkurimon gave one last sign then turned to face a deranged Sovereign for a fight he knew he had no real chance of wining, hoping to buy Diannamon as much time as possible. Sometimes it really sucked being a guardian of the digital throne.

Zhuqiaomon, realizing that his former prey was gaining ground away from him, quickly snapped out of his self pitying deliberations and made a step to chase them only to be stopped by Merkurimon who stepped into his way.

"Sorry me lord…I can't let you do that!" he said raising his sword into a ready position.

Zhuqiaomon gave one look at him and nodded…"I'm sorry too…"

Merkurimon nodded them said: "Third set, final game…It's The Royal guard Merkurimon vrs Zhuqiaomon, sovereign of…what were you Sovereign of again?

Zhuqiaomon growled.

"Anyway… moving on!... It's Matchpoint and it's Merkurimon with the first strike…," Merkurimon continued, ignoring the growl. That said, he steeled himself for the task ahead and charged faster than the eye could blink.

Meanwhile far far away in a Galaxy…erm…I mean in the troubled magical school called Hogwarts.

The time of year for a new school year had come once again. The great hall was packed with freshly sorted students who were all enjoying the opening feast. Everybody…or at least nearly everybody…was sitting down, eating what they liked the most. Everybody that is, but several well-known people like: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Albus Dumbledore.

When asked, about the two missing students, those who knew Harry and Hermione best didn't know where they were. Nobody had seen them on the train. In fact nobody seemed to have seen or heard from them them since the end of the last term.

Not that many cared. The newspapers were constantly abusing their power, issuing new stories, wildly proclaiming Harry and now Hermione and Sirius Black as traitors to the magical world. A story which the majority of the, all so easy to convince, wizarding world believed.

Much to many peoples surprise however, Dumbledore the so called leader of the light and greatest wizard since Merlin, had also not escaped unscathed by the magical worlds newspaper smear campaigns and was being shown in an ever increasingly bad light.

Sitting in his usual seat at the Sytherin table, Draco Malfoy could be seen smirking and laughing as he spoke to the rest of his laughing and generally good spirited house mates. The same could however not be said however about the other three tables, least of all the Gryffindor table.

The Gyrffindors were best described as: a demoralized group of lost unwanted puppies who had just been kicked far too many time.

The other houses, while slightly better off than the Gyriffies, also had gloomy expressions on their faces. Little did anybody really know just how bad things were about to get.

Suddenly Draco, an evil smile on his face, got up from his seat and started to walkover to the Gryffindor table, his usual bodyguards right beside him.

Several conversations between students near by stopped to watch as the self-proclaimed Prince of Slytherin swaggering across the hall as if he owned the place. Which wasn't too far from the truth due to the current situation.

The Gryffindors, sensing trouble, immediately became more alert and quite a few hid their wands under their tables, pointing right towards the approaching Slytherins, ready to curse him at a seconds notice should he act in any way rashly. An act, which nobody would have dared to do in the past, but with Dumbledore's departure, it was now becoming a necessity, especially in the corridors or on the train.

This did however earn them quite a few scowls from some of more 'well behaved' students of their years, but nobody said or did anything about it.

"What do you want Malfoy!" came the voice of Draco's counterpart and largest rival… the self proclaimed 'Prince of Gryffindor,' Ronald Bilius Weasley, the youngest male child of a family of seven.

Ronald...or Ron as he liked to be called, had been Harry's best friend during the last year. A title, which he held – or so he thought - with the know-it-all witch – as he called her- Hermione Granger. Little did Ron know Harry had only been friends with him because it had suited him and because it was the lesser of two evils.

Ronald had been the first person to be nice to him on his very first ride to Hogwarts. That was something Harry was fairly sure Ron had only been because Dumbledore had asked him to. No doubt promising him something fairly valuable or favorable in return, most likely the prefect badge or the head boy position in their final year, if not several thousand galleons, right from Harry's own bank account.

That was one reason. The other and far more important reason why Harry was friends with Ron (and stayed friends with him) was because he was great friends with Ron's brothers, Fred and George and it would have been very troublesome, to say the least, to have been unfriendly with Ron and not with the twins. That had made it an unfortunate necessity for him to be friends with Ron.

Finally it also would not have helped him much to have been in Ron's bad graces simply due to the simple fact that he had spent quite a lot of time at his house…an unfortunate vital necessity at the time, as any time away from his relatives had been worth the hassle of being together with the overly selfish, quickly angered and immature boy.

In truth Harry thought of Ron as a lazy, bullying bigoted brat on the same level as Malfoy. In fact, Harry once thought that the only difference between the two was that one was poor the other was not and that one was a Slytherin, the other Gyrffindor.

Now with Harry nowhere in sight and no Hermione to constantly tell him that he was doing everything wrong...again, Ron thought he could finally step out of the Boy-Who-Lived shadow and finally rule Gyffindor by himself.

Draco, after hearing Ron speak, put on his best smile and walked over to his adversary.

"What? Can a fellow student now say hello to his fellow classmates…Ronald?" asked Draco in his best silky – am better than you- voice.

"NO!…Now bugger off!" Ron replied, raising his wand and pointing it at the Slytherin, an act immediately seen by the resident potions master of the school who indecently was also the Slytherin head of house.

Severus Snape…was a man so bigoted in his own right, that he constantly turned a blind eye to any wrongdoings from his own house. He even awarded them for their misdeeds - if they did them sneaky enough he would give them twenty points...if they were cunning he would give them fifteen...if they were caught, he'd get them out of trouble and give them a few tips of how to do it better nect time. It was therefore to nobodies great surprise when the next words out of his mouth were: "Weasley…I see you have your wand pointed at a fellow student again…out of class and in a threatening manner I might add…that will be thirty points from Gryffindor and a detention with me tomorrow. Now put it away." He said glaring at Ron, a statement, which earned Ron many glares and groans from with housemates.

Ron face quickly grew red, hardly keeping his temper but he complied but gave the man an evil look once he had turned away…or so he thought.

"That will be another twenty points for offensive behavior and a weeks worth of detention with me instead. Don't test my patience Weasley. This is your final warning. You will see things will be very different from now on. I would advise you to be on your best behavior or else you may not be able to move right for the following week. You have been warned…Oh and Draco..."

"Yes sir?" asked Draco who was doing little to hide his glee as Rons misfortune.

"Thirty points to Slytherin for bringing to my attention the bad behavior of a fellow class mate…well done! back with you to your table," he added.

"Yes sir! Thank you sir!" said Draco. Mission accomplished! With those last few worlds Severus Snape walked away humming a little tune.

Draco took one more second to glance at a very red and angry Ron before he complied, called out: "See ya later Weasel," and made his way back to his own house table.

All were wondering what Snape had meant by his last message. What did he mean by 'You'd better be on your best behavior or else you may not be able to move right for the following week.' That did not sound nice. Corporal punishment was not allowed…or was it? Now with Dumbledore gone…or so the newspapers said….

Needless to say many Gyffindors were now extremely nervous. None of them could realize just how bad it was about to get.

It didn't' take much longer before Minerva Mc Gonagal stepped forward and called the hall to silence which everybody complied to.

"As you all may well know Dumbledore was fired and hunted of the grounds in the past few weeks. A new headmaster has replaced him, and it is therefore with great honour and utmost pleasure than I welcome the new Headmaster to say a few words. Please rise to welcome the new Headmaster, Professor Percy Ignatius Weasley." She said in a surprisingly joyful tone, which surprised most of the students, especially when her joyfulness was replicated willingly by all of the other members of the teaching staff.

Not once had one of the professor a sad or annoyed face. Instead, all of the teachers and a good few of the Slytherins started to clap as Percy entered the hall.

This greatly worried most of the students. This just did not seem right. Most of the staff had been nearly fanatic towards the old Headmaster.

Percy Weasley, brother to Ron and Ginny Weasley, strolled into the hall and smiled at the professors before turning around to face the rest of the hall. Neither sibling returned his joyful feelings. Ever since he had deserted and practically disowned his family in favor of the ministry, they had been on bad terms with him.

"Thank you Minerva…" he said with a wink, before holding up an official looking piece of parchment.

"I hold in my hand here an official decree relieving Albus Dumbledore of his post as Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I whole-heartedly accept the positon."

"I feel privileged and greatly honoured, that our illustrious Minister of Magic, the Right Honourable Cornelius Fudge, has shown such confidence in me, to entrust in me this illustrious position and it gives me great pleasure, to welcome all of you to another fabulous year to Hogwarts school of Wizards and Wizardry."

"And thus we come to the usual start of term notices: First of all our caretaker has asked me to tell you that magic is forbidden in the corridors unless cast by a prefect or an 'elite' student of the school. Unauthorized students who disobey this rule will be severely punished by a member of the staff or prefect to be carried out at their discretion by using the as of now normal methods.

The forbidden forest is as the name implies forbidden and therefore off limits to all students who are not being escorted by a professor…anybody who disobeys this rule will be severely punished…corporally.

"What?" came the voice from several students but they were ignored, though Percy did speak a little louder.

"Try out for this years quidditch cup will be held in one months time, instead of the usual two weeks…this is to let you get used to the new rules and the alteration to the teams which will take place this year. All of you interested in taking part should contact your quidditch captain before that date."

Percy paused after saying those words, letting the murmurs cry down before he continued once more.

"As most of you may have noticed this year there will be a lot of differences," he paused.

"A lot of you may no doubt not be happy with these differences but in these troublesome times it has become a necessity to implement them.

A lot of students started to murmur once more as Percy continued to speak. Percy completely ignored them.

All this time the professors were nodding and seemed very happy with what had been said.

The students looked at each others worriedly and looked towards the professors, as if asking them whether what their new Headmaster had said was true or not. Seeing the happy faces of their professors, they look away in defeat. It really was happening

At that very moment a loud pop was heard and a man in a black cloak was suddenly standing in the middle of the hall.

He was completely covered by a black cloak and was carrying a rather ornamental looking staff.

All noises in the hall stopped as the man appeared. Even Percy stopped speaking.

Many students gasped and a few even pointed out that apperation wouldn't have been possible in Hogwarts. Evidently for this man it was.

Everybody watched as the man walked up to the staff platform and took a seat in Percys chair.

Everybody, but the teachers, were surprised at this. Usually only the headmaster sat in that chair. But Percy didn't seem to mind. If anything he seemed to be nervous of the new arrival.

Percy continued his start of term speech and was just about to finish it when the man stood up.

Swallowing Percy finished with a last few words:

"And now a very special guest would like to add a few words…I give you the most honorable overseer Tomas Marvolo Riddle….

A few squeaks were heard in the hall, most of them from the Slytehrin and Gyffindor tables who recognised the name.

"…Also known as Lord Voldemort….Or…"

The whole hall- namely those in Gyffindor, Hufflepuff and some in Ravenclaw screamed and tried to run. A few brave souls tried to point their wands at the Lord Lord…but found they didn't have their wands anymore. Somehow they were all missing.

Then everybody's voices all disappeared and –except for the Sytherins- suddenly found themselves tied up and completely unable to move. All of this was due to a widespread nonverbal, silencing and restraining spell cast by Voldemort himself.

Seeing that he was now able to continue to speak Percy continued:…"Or…as he is to be addressed from now on: His Royal Highness, King Voldemort the first."

"Any student or indeed professor from this moment onwards who does not call or answer him as 'your royal Highness' or 'Your Majesty,' - Slytherins included -… will be crucioed…you have been warned."

The whole hall gulped, Sytherins and some of the professors included. One of the professors, namely Minerva laughed, causing a few more stares from the students.

None of them could believe what was happening.

Many students, finally realizing what was happening started to cry.

Seeing that his part was done Percy said a few last words: "As I was saying I will now hand you over to his royal highness King Voldemort the first"

With that Percy vacated the podium he bowed to Voldemort, then stood back allowing Voldemort to take his place at the podium.

"Thank you ssssso much…. Percy!: he said sounding much like a snake when he said any words starting and ending with an 'S' that that a few students shivered in fear.

Voldemort smiled.

Everybody in the hall was watching with baited breath as Voldemort prepared to speak again.…even the Sytherins were nervous. The Gyffindors were nearly panicking.

"The following are new rules which will be implemented immediately:"

"Asssss from thissss moment…all muggle bornssss are henceforth forbidden to learn magic and will act purely as slavessss for the higher, rightful, memberssss of our magical sssociety."

"Half bloodsss are not allowed to participate in higher activitiesss…. but are otherwise allowed to continue with their studiessss.

'Punishmentsss will henceforth be corporal….higher punishments will warrant the crucio," Voldemort really enjoyed the look of fear on all of the student's faces as he said those words. "…To be given out by professors or prefects as they see fit."

"As from this day onwards Gyffindorssss house is herewith disbanded. All current Gyffindorsss will be resorted at the end of the feast into either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw only.

Voldemort paused for a few seconds to make a sip of water before continuing.

"Now…to the fun part!" he said looking towardsss the staff. Then he laughed.

"I see a few facesss here which are obviously wrong and completely out of place…so without further due…I herewith announce a few much needed changes in thisss yearsss teaching staff."

"First of all I herewith disband the Board of Governersss and the cursed course of Defense against the dark artsss. It will from now on be replaced by four different courses: The Dark Artsss, Advanced Dark Artsss…and for those skilled enough…Necromancy and Demonic Artssss"

A lot of students fainted at these words.

Voldemort took another sip of water as he waited for them to be revived. Then he continued.

"The Dart Artsss and the advanced Dark artsss coursesss will be thought by Bellatrix Lestrange."

At the moment he said the name Bellatrix Lestrange, McGonagall's body started to melt and transform into that of Voldemorts second in command; Bellatrix Lestrange formerly Black.

Had the students been able to they would have screamed. Indeed many Sytherins did scream. Either way the horror on all the former Gyffindor faces was nearly orgasmic to the dark lord.

"Moving on…the course of History and Charmsss will now be taught by Miss Alecto Carrow and her husband Amycus Carrow respectively.

As with what happened to Mc Gonnagal, Professor Filius started to melt and turn into Amycus Carrow. Alecto simply canceled her invisibility spell and appeared in her seat.

The same would happen to all of the remaining professors as Voldemort called their names.

"Walden Macnair will take over the Care of Magical Creatures class."

"Nott Sr will teach a new course which is available only to advances Sytherins called: Torture and interrogation...I'm sure those of you who take this course will enjoy it. Any students found out of bounds will be used as test subjects in those classes.

Once again Voldemort – and a good few of the professors- enjoyed the looks of horror on the student's faces…especially on the troublemaker's faces.

Voldemort continued: "Peter Pettigrew will from now on be our new caretaker as the old one...Filch has been rather forcefully removed from this plain of existence."

Most of the students winced.

"Severus Snape will of course continue his work with us as there is no need to dismiss my former Spy."

Many students looked at Snape furiously. Severus nodded as Voldemort said those words. He had a smirk all over his face and took a moment to wave his hand.

"Ancient runes will be taught by Professor Selwyn, Artimancy will be taught by Profoessor Gibbon, Astronomy will be taken over by Fenrir Greyback..who I may add has always shown great interest in the moon so it would be advisable to skip the class if it happens to take place on one of the days of the full moon."

"And finally …Divination will now be taught by Professor Goyle Sr.

At this point the students were all in in complete shock and many were starting to become hysteric…

"Oh yes…before I forget…Our new nurse will be Narcissa Malfoy."

"That is all!" and with those last few words Voldemort started to leave the podium..

As he moved loud shouts and cheers of: 'Voldemort! Voldemort! Voldemort!….all hail the King!' could be heard coming from parts of the room.

Voldemort smirked and gave a bow, then a second later he apperated out leaving a truly shocked and in most cases completely demoralized hall behind.

Seeing that their lord was gone Percy retook his place at the podium. Then he started to speak.

"Now…seeing that his majesty has left the hall…to show you just how serious we are… I want all muggleborns to line up in front of the staff table and to undress…right now.

Percy conjured a bench. It had shackles on it and lying beside it was a large whip.

Every student in the hall gasped in absolute horror and panic. And quite a few started to puke.

"Come on...the longer you wait the more you get…" Percy added and with that the horror of the night of roars, screams and shrieks of pain began.

That evening:

That evening at the other side of the castle in the dungeons of the school, a dark mysterious figure could be seen travelling through the schools corridors.

Selena, wife to Voldemort, was quietly making her way, using the shadows wherever she could, to where she knew the prisoners were being kept.

Walking to the cells, she silently walked up to a few guards who nodded as they saw who it was, then just as she passes them she kills them with two quick silent Avada Kadavas.

As they drop to the floor she takes their wands from their now dead hands and pockets them.

That done she undresses the two men and shoves their bodies into a near by empty cell.

That done she continued on to the next room.

The warden, only had enough time to turn around before he had a knife in his throat and a second later he too was undressed and wand-less, lying on the ground.

Know she had little over half an hour left to make her move and Selena quickly inserted the key into the lock and turned the key.

Wand at the ready she stepped forward and had to dodge a punch that came at her from one of the prisoners inside.

A few petrifying spells later and she was facing a few of the now frozen former Hogwarts professors – at least those not killed by Voldemort or his other minions.

"I'm sure your all wondering what I'm doing here…well believe it or not I'm here to free you… We don't have much time for questions...and quite seriously I do not care what you think right now. If I have to I will use the imperius curse on each and every one of you to make you follow me... So you can have it the easy way…or the hard way.

Will you listen to me and follow me -in which case I'll get you out of here - or... will you continue to be stubborn in which case I'll imperio you and you'll leave this cell anyway. Your choice. Blink three times slowly for yes…don't blink at all for no"

Everybody blinked. After all what had they to lose.

"I am going to trust you now and remove the spells…the moment you attack me the deal is off...OK?"

Another round of blinks followed.


With that she removed the spells and the professors soon were able to move again.

"Why?...Why are you doing this?" Minerva McGonagall - the real Minerva - asked once she could speak again.

Selena sighed. "Because all is not as it seems...that's all I will say for now," she said as she began to lead them out of the dungeons and to a small room from where they could floo out of Hogwarts.

"What do you get out of this?" Filius Flitwick asked

"Why are we not dead yet," another asked.

"The reason why none of you are dead yet is because I asked Tom…I mean Voldemort not to kill you. He has a -fortunate for you - tendency to listen to me. As for what I get out of this…let's just say you all owe me big time for this…and I will cash in this debt at a later stage…you can be sure of it," she whispered glancing around another corner to find it clear as she had predicted.

"Your taking a very big risk here…, not that we aren't thankful, but aren't you afraid that you could get caught?" Minerva asked.

"No…and for one simple reason…before you leave here today I am going to cast a special spell on each and every one of you…putting you to sleep and removing all of your memories of this night until we meet again once I say a certain password…which won't be for quite a while. Once I say the password all of you will remember everything. So even if you were asked under the strongest truth potions in existence you wouldn't know a thing."

"I see…well thank you for everything," said Filius as they reached the room with the floo.

"Oh yes...before I forget it…Here are a few wands I managed to retrieve

from the guards…they will no doubt come in useful," she said handing them three wands. Once everybody was ready she said her mind spells tying them to her and her password.

Once again the professors thanked her, then one by one, they left though the floo.

Taking a deep breath Selena quickly left the room. Once again staying to the shadows she kept away to the room she and Voldemort shared and only then did she fully relax.

Now only time would tell if her risk would pay of. Only time would tell. And with that she got ready for bed.

Not once did she notice a man in the shadows watching her every move before slipping away again into te darkness from wench he came.

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