Did you think that you could get away with it?

That you could get away with hurting me

Did you think that I would come back to you?

Did you think I was weak?

Did you think that I couldn't move on?

Honestly what did you think?

I'm dying to know!

I bet you didn't think I would become stronger!

I bet you didn't see me moving on with your half- brother!

And now the first time you see us together

You have the nerve to call me unfaithful!

To say that I Cheated on you with your brother

You have the guts to claim me as your woman, your bitch, your mate, your lover!

Well this is all I have to say to you

What a joke!

You always left to play with you clay pot

You always cheating on me with her

You always told her that I meant nothing to you

That I was just a shard detector, that I couldn't protect myself, that I was useless

But it's okay I'm over it and over you

I see you for what you are

I'm finally happy and it's not you

It must be killing you that it's with you half brother

I know he won't betray me or break my heart

I know he won't stop protecting me

I know he won't stop loving me!

He sees me for who I really am

He loves me for who I really am

I'm not some reincarnation to him

Any way I guess this is Goodbye


Okay I know most people don't like Kagome and Sesshoumaru.

But I do! They are like perfect for each other. But if you really hate the paring you can have Kagome with any one you want.

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