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It was the start of the next SSX racing circuit. Unlike the first and tricky tourneys that came before it, this 3rd season would have the SSX riders competing on 3 huge peaks on one central mountain. Also there would be a wide variety of events ranging from a simple trick point contest to insane Big Air and Superpipes. The fans and riders alike were eagerly anticipating the start of this years tourney.

This year would see many of the returning veterans from the past. It was a slightly different roster from the Tricky competition. Most of the veterans had left the circuit to pursure other venues. They would be missed but in their places 4 young rookies had just been accepted into the circuit….

The usual suspects were immediately recognized. They were: Zoe Payne, Mac Frasier, Kaori Nishidake, Moby Jones, Psymon Starks, and Elise Riggs. As they were called the crowd went insane.

"And we have a treat for all you racing fanatics….just announced into the circuit we have 4 new Rookies who gave the judges a incredible display of talent…" DJ Atomica said. "Give it up for Viggo Rollig, Nate Logen,, the youngest ever rider Griff Simmons, And my favorite the Uber talented Allegra Sauvegess!" Each gave the crowd a wave and smiled. Allegra however left early and headed to the lodge as everyone reunited and got to know each other. There was something on her mind. Something more important then meeting her competitors. She needed to be alone….

Zoe noticed that Allegra had left the opening festivities early. "Anyone know where Sauvegess ran off too?" She asked Moby. Moby shrugged. "I ave no clue luv." Zoe nodded. Griff and Nate were talking about the possible types of events the mountain would hold. Elise was busy trying to impress her usual cadre of fans. Viggo wondered where Allegra had gone also. "I don't know Zoe but perhaps we should find her…" Zoe agreed and they set off in search of Allegra.

Allegra was sitting at a table alone…deep in thought about what was on her mind. (Ok what the hell…I came here to compete so…why am I thinking about some random wacked out memory) She closed her eyes and tried to think about other aspects of her life. The one thing she never wanted to remember was nagging her. (This makes no sence. I want to not remember that now…every time I think about it it just makes me seriously angry…) Allegra frowned. What was it?….

Zoe and Viggo searched the entire Mountain for Allegra. "She didn't turn up anywhere….Wait…perhaps the lodge?" Viggo suggested. "Like no duh gumshoe…." Zoe said a bit sarcastically. They entered and saw Allegra looking kinda peeved. "Hey Al! Whats up!' Viggo shouted. Allagra looked up. "Oh hey Viggo and …..Zoe Payne was it? What do you possibly want?" "Well we wanted to make sure you were ok. You left the party kinda quickly." Zoe asked in a concerned tone.

"Its nothing really…just needed a breath of fresh air." Allegra attempted a smile. Zoe nodded. "Yeah sometimes its good to just smell the mountain air and get away." Viggo agreed. "We are so going to have a killer circuit.."

Allegra couldn't agree more. "I bet….I cant wait to tear it up." Zoe then ordered up some hot chocolate for the 3. "its on me guys…" Viggo and Allegra drank their cocoa and began having a friendly chat. Allegra still was a bit uneasy. Zoe noticed her expression. "Whats eating you Al?"

Allegra sighed. "Just something stupid that happened to me 5 years ago. It was between me and someone I once considered my family…." Zoe nodded. "You don't really have to talk about it…" Viggo silently listened . "if you don't want to tell its ok…" Allegra understood. "Maybe later…." With that they headed out and rejoined the others. (Allana…..You shouldn't have made me feel so confused like this…) Allegra thought. "Stupid Allana…!" Zoe heared her mutter. "Allana…whos that?" Allegra stated at Zoe. "Well if you must know….shes my younger sister…or at least was before the incident 5 years ago…"

Zoe let the matter drop. Viggos jaw dropped. "You actually have a sibling…wow that is so cool…Eh.." Allergra walked on ahead paying him no mind…. Zoe then gave him a look that clearly was warning him not to ask anymore.

They eventually rejoined the other riders as they got settled in the lodge…..The compitition would be underway soon and the riders would make sure they were more then ready to conquer the mountain…

Meanwhile DJ Atomica was looking over a young riders profile. "So they just added you to the competition Miss…." The girl stood at a bit over 5.5 and had long black hair with green eyes and red streaks in her hair and was wearing a black tee with a dragon decal and jean shorts. Her sneakers were white and black. She stood in the doorway leaning against the door of Atomicas office with her board strapped securily. She looked around 17."Call me Allana…just Allana." The girl said coily. "Allana then…welcolm to the circuit.." They shook hands and Allana headed towards the lodge. She had come to the circuit in search of someone once important to her…(Allegra…) Allana thought.

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