A/N: Wow its been 4 years sience I published this fic. I believe its time to finally finish this story. Yes its been a long time coming and I apologize to those who have still stuck with this story despite the hiatus. So its about time I did this. The final chapter. .


The riders were called up to the pipe one by one to display thier awesome talents. Allana was determined to show off the trick but also she was dreading if her wounds would reopen during it. However Allana was a daredevil just like her sister.

"Good luck.." Zoe said as she stepped up and went about her routine. As usual she rocked the crowd with her awesome tricks. Next was Mac followed by the others. They all reciever decent scores.

Allegra sighed. "I really could do better." Viggo shrugged. "We were all nervous possibly. But you cant get perfect scores all the time."

"I know but everyone got silves and gold. My sister is up next so maybe shell break this record as well. I mean sience the competition has began she has broken all Macs records." Allegra said. "I wonder if she could outscore Nate.."

Speaking of Nate he finished his high scoring gold metal run. He grinned and looked at Allana. "So you think you can beat my score? Good luck kiddo." He said joining Elise in the stands as Skye did cheering her on as Allana smirked. "I do not need luck to beat you Nate." She said with her board in hand she approached the superpipe with her fans cheering her name.

"This is the moment of truth.." Mac said. "Let us see if she can kick Nates butt of the mountain." Kaori cheered Allana on as well.

Taking a deep breath Allana began her routine. At first it was simple tricks but over time she began to get more daredevilish and mixed more things up a bit including front flips and spins. Allegra looked like she was going to worry everytime her sister moved in a spectacular way given she was still technically injured and ignoring the doctors orders.

Zoe noticed Allegras uneasy. "Al trust me you sister knows what shes doing. This is what we trained for."Allegra didnt reply. Kaori noticed Allanas stace changed and knew what it ment. "She is..gonna do trick she taught herself?"

"I think so.." Mac said.

Allana closed her eyes and focused. Reopening them she began the first phaze of Daredevil. So far everything was going smoothly..until she felt that shooting pain in her side. Gritting her teeth she ignored it and continued onward by tossing her board up and doing the combo moves she had practiced with Zoe..tho evidently the pain became too much and she suddely wiped out. The crowd gasped as Allegra ran over to try and get her help.

Allana noticed her sister run over."No sis please. Let me continue."

"You cannot. That wound is going to cause you to head back to the hospital.."

Allegra began but noticed her sister was back on her feet. The officials came over and were going to call the skimedics but seeing Allana back on her feet.

"Do you really feel like you can go on?" One official asked Allana who simply nodded and resumed her trick. Even Atomica was speechless and did not know what to say.

Allegra watched with worry however she looked away once the midair part came. When she looks again Allana had landed it. The crowd went wild as Allana smiled. "Never doubt me sis."

"You are a big risktaker you know that?" Allegra said as the score was totalled and Nate had lost. Allana had scored the Platnum despite a few point deductions for the wipeout. The whole team congradulated her.

"I am so proud of ya.." Skye said

Nate looked at Allana. "You showed real determination and courage out there. Even I thought you would give up. You deserve that medal."

"Thanks Nate. Now who wants to celebrate?" Allana said as the whole gang nodded.

Allana had made a name for herself and would probably continue to do so for the remainder of the circut. With her friends and sister by her side of course.


And ok so the ending may have seemed lame but again it has been over 4 years sience I began this. I just got my writing muse back.