So so small. So fragile. And yet, the true meaning of immortality…

The tiny bundle shifted minutely in her arms before settling back down with a tiny sigh. The rosette woman gazed lovely down at the precious gift in her arms.

Why couldn't some people see…why couldn't He have understood…the true meaning of life, of true power...protecting life with every fiber of your being…your loved ones with every breath…

Tiny hands started waving in the air before one latched onto a thick dark pink braid. Dark gray eyes darted back and forth then finally settled on her own loving emerald gaze. She gently pulled the pink knitted hat off to study the pink and white fuzz. A small smile quirked her lips.

Thank Kami…some old dogs can still learn new tricks…learn to forgive themselves and learn to let someone love them…

A whisper of sound was heard before strong warm arms enfolded both her and the tiny bundle. She felt more than heard the soft hum of welcome that vibrated from his broad chest.

"How are my two most precious people today?"

Loving warmth passed between the two of them just as a soft gurgle was heard.

"We girls are doing just fine today…what about our most precious Hokage?"

A deep chuckle and an eye crease.

"He is doing well. He even gave himself the day off to spend with his newly enlarged family. If you can believe that."

Shining green met a miss-matched dark grey and dark blue as soft laughter echoed around them.

"Seeing is believing…and here you are…"

"Yes…here we are…."