While out sick this week, I caught up on General Hospital for the first time in years and couldn't believe all the changes. So I got creative and did some fanfiction for fun. I hope you like it and I don't know where it's going at all but it was interesting. I tried to answer the question, what do you do when your child wakes up years older than they were when they went to bed. Do you go along with it? Do you faint? How would a logical yet slightly high-strung character like Alexis react?

Alexis walked in the living room and right into her daughter, Kristina. Her eyes widened as she realized that something mysterious had struck during the night while everyone in the house had been asleep. The night before, Alexis had tucked in a six-year-old girl exhausted after a day spent in the park flying her kite with her older half-sister Sam.

But what stood in front of her, wasn't a child but a teenager.

Kristina's long ebony locks had been cut off and styled during the night and she now wore them like soft curls reaching her shoulders. Make up adorned her usually freshly scrubbed face, from mascara outlining her long lashes to a soft shade of red painting her lips. Ears, double pierced and was that a belly ring flashing on the bare midriff of Kristina's tank top? What happened to her daughter? Who did this to her and where did she get these new clothes?

Alexis nearly passed out at the sight in front of her and when she felt the familiar sensation of breathlessness slip through her body, she sat down quickly and began taking long, well-practiced deep breaths that she had learned in Yoga. Kristina or at least what she believed to be her daughter paid no mind to her. She plopped on the couch and put the earphones on her iPod and began moving to the beat of some silent song.

Where's a paper bag when you need it, Alexis thought frantically.

Saving that, where was her best frenemy Diane when she needed her? Oh that's right, Diane had gone off with her boy toy Max on a Las Vegas junket. Business not pleasure, Diane had told Alexis, but she'd winked her eye.

With a few deep breaths, her vision sharpened once again and her daughter reappeared in front of her. She had to think of something to say to her.

Just breathe.

She pasted a forced smile on her face.

"Kristina…honey," she said, "You look so…."

Kristina hadn't heard her mother, so wrapped up in her music. Alexis moved closer, slowly still not sure that this actually was her daughter. Perhaps, this was yet another trick pulled on her by Helena Cassadine to drive her insane. But how could she pull something like this off?

Suddenly Kristina jumped off the couch and started dancing. Slow dancing, gyrating enough so that it made her mother blush. And she spun around finally in mid-beat and smacked right into her shocked mother.

Balancing herself to keep from falling, Kristina flipped her hair back and looked up.


Alexis backed away .

"Is there anything wrong, Mom," Kristina said, "Because you're acting kinda strange."

Alexis smiled slowly.

"There's nothing wrong with Mommy, sweetheart," she said, "You just…I didn't know you were so... talented."

Kristina looked skeptical.

"I didn't make the cheer leading squad," she said, "At least not the A squad."

"That's too bad honey," a perplexed Alexis said, "but you could do something else, like run for student council."

Kristina stuck a finger down her throat and made a retching sound.

"Oh Mother please," she said, "Student government's for dweebs."

That silenced Alexis on several fronts. First, because Alexis had been president of her high school class in Switzerland so essentially in a roundabout way her own daughter had said she wasn't cool. The other being that she couldn't grasp the fact that her daughter who had just barely started elementary school not too long ago had in this reality, begun junior high.

"Have you had any breakfast yet," Alexis asked, still sitting on the couch trying deep breathing exercises.

Kristina shrugged.

"I got to blow," she said, "Lulu promised to pick me up."

Lulu? Oh, Luke's daughter. God, she never thought that the two girls who had a decade between them would be carpooling together. But then a memory grabbed her of a day not too long, okay maybe a couple of years ago when she had been in the hospital visiting Luke's daughter when she was dying of some sort of disease and needed some sort of transplant from a family member to save her life. Alexis remembered that it was her own nephew Nikolas who had been Laura's son that she had with Stavros Cassedine who had been hidden away from her. But Lulu had been a little girl back then. Had that much time really passed?

"But aren't you going to say goodbye," Alexis stood up.

Kristina tossed her back and gave her mother a wave before leaving the house. Alex sank back on the couch, her head spinning over the scene that had just played out. Who had taken her daughter away in the middle of the night and replaced her with an impostor. She almost reached for her phone to call Commissioner Matt Scorpio of the Port Charles Police Department to file a missing person's report but then thought, the lovely girl standing in front of her did look like her daughter would…if she were a teenager..which she now…Alexis was beginning to think she were crazy. Then a horrible thought hit her and she jumped off the couch to go check on her younger daughter Molly. She opened the bedroom door slowly, half expecting to see Molly getting dressed to go to Elementary school but instead, she breathed a sigh of relief and put her hand on her chest when she saw that Molly who had been a toddler when put to bed last night would wake up one. Still rattled, Alex walked past the liquor cabinet and shook her head before walking into the kitchen to boil herself some tea. While she waited for the kettle to boil, she reached for the phone.

Kristina climbed into Lulu's jeep and they left the house. As they sped down towards Port Charles Jr. High, Kristina searched through her purse for a cigarette and began to light up. Lulu turned around and wagged her finger.

"Don't you smell up my car," she said, "And what would your mother think if she knew you smoked, with her having had lung cancer?"

Kristina shrugged.

"She looked like she didn't even recognize me this morning," she said, "I wonder if it's the belly ring."

Lulu's jaw dropped.

"You went out and got it," she said.

Kristina nodded happily.

"It's like so cool," she said, "All the hot guys will like me."

Lulu turned on a side street.

"Any one in particular?"

Kristina's face flushed a bit.

"Maybe," she said, smiling.

"Does 'maybe' have a name," Lulu asked.

"Maybe," Kristina said, her smile turning into a mischievous look.

Lulu sighed.

"You're keeping it to yourself for now," she said, "That's cool."

Kristina reached in her purse for her lip gloss.

"My mom sure wouldn't be happy if she found out," she said, "She'd ground me or even worse send me to stay with my father."

"Sonny," Lulu said, "What's so bad about that? If you don't mind being surrounded by body guards."

"His crazy ex-wife keeps coming around and all his girlfriends," Kristina said, "I wonder how Mikey and Morgan survived it."

"Well, Mikey's recovering from his experimental brain surgery at General Hospital," Lulu said.

"Yeah I know," Kristina said, "I was going to go visit him after school but Bridezella's always there."

"You mean Claudia," Lulu said, laughing, "fitting nickname for her. I wonder how she snagged your father anyway."

Kristina felt like she should know and didn't. Like she missed something.

Alex dialed up Diane and caught her at the casino, playing a game of blackjack.

"What the hell are you doing calling me at this hour," Diane grumbled," I'm on a winning streak and Max is almost done with his business meeting so he's going to join me."

"It's Kristina," Alexis said, "She got older."

"What do you mean," Diane said, "Have you been hitting the scotch again…"

"No, no," Alexis said, "I know it sounds crazy but last night I put to bed a little girl and woke up this morning to find a teenager in my living room."

Diane paused.

"Oh that," she said.

"What do you mean, 'oh that'," Alexis demanded, "This is very serious."

"No it's not," Diane said, "It's just accelerated aging syndrome."

Alexis nearly dropped the phone.


"It's not a medical condition," Diane said, "It's just that happens from time to time. I mean look at Michael, just one year ago, he was just starting puberty. Now, he's out of it and is a full-blooded rebellious teenager."

"Really," Alexis said, "So you think this is a genetic trait that might run in Sonny's family. That it's his fault?"

Diane sighed. Alexis could be so thick sometimes.

"No, it happens to other kids," Diane explained, "There are growth spurts and there are growth spurts."

"But I don't look old enough to have a daughter Kristina's age," Alexis said.

"Of course you don't," Diane soothed, "but these things just happen and as a parent, you're going to have to adjust."

Alexis ran her hand through her hair.

"But that means I'll have to get her a brand new wardrobe, redecorate her room…"

Alexis," Diane said patiently, "Go in her bedroom, look in her closets, and you'll find that your daughter isn't the only thing that's changed overnight."

"Oh my God," Alexis said, "I don't know whether to be repulsed by what you just said, or grateful that I won't have to max out another credit card."

Diane laughed.

"Oh I'd start hiding those credit cards if I were you," she said, "and locking up the liquor cabinet."

Alexis paused.

"I have a child-safety lock on it," she said, "Where am I going to find one that keeps out teenagers?"

Diane sighed, eager to get back to the blackjack dealer.

"You're going to have to figure out away," she said, "especially if Kristina's mind works anywhere like mine when I was her age."

"Damn, I'm going to have to do what I don't want to do and that's talk to her father about what's happened to our daughter."

"That would almost be worth coming back to PC to witness," Diane said, "but the dealer's calling. Got to go."

Alexis stared at her phone. Then the doorbell rang and though she didn't know it, her trouble had just began.

Kristina arrived at school and waited until Lulu had left, then she began walking in the opposite direction towards the seedier side of Port Charles. She walked past the pawn shops, smoke shops and watering holes until she found the one she wanted. She flipped her hair back and walked inside.

Coleman looked up from where he tended bar and started heading towards her.

"Honey, I told you that you can't come waltzing in here," he said, "Do you want me to lose my license?"

"Of course not," she said, looking around, "Besides, don't you bar owners work out some deal with the local cops to look the other way?"

Coleman smiled.

"Now that's nothing for you to be talking about," he said, "and besides, you can buy off a cop or two but that Mac Scorpio's as square as they come."

"Yeah, I noticed," Kristina said, stopping by the pool table, running her hands over the pool cues.

Coleman noticed her interest.

"Do you like to play," she said.

"My sister Sam taught me," she said, "but I was a little kid then."

He laughed.

"Time does sure fly, doesn't it," he said, "It seems like just yesterday, you were knee high."

"I felt like I was a little kid forever," she said, rolling her eyes, "just one endless rewind of a Nickelodeon version of Groundhog Day."

Suddenly, the door opened and he walked in. Kristina forgot all about her growing pains or the pool table for a moment.