Chapter 5

Three Months Along

Roy sighed as he looked at the mountainous stack of paperwork.

"Sir that's what happens when you get off work a day when you're not supposed to." Riza said as she handed him another stack.

"But I had to go!" Pouting slightly Roy turned away from the stack.

"No you didn't you said "I have to see I have too!" that's what you said when I told you that you should go to work." Roy turned back around she did make a very convincing argument.

"But I wanted to now what gender our child would be and then you said we weren't going to find out I don't like calling our kid it or our kid all the time!"

"Then think of a name, sir."

"Fine I will and stop calling me sir!"

"Fine, colonel" She added a smirk and walked off.

"Hmmm names for a child hmm if we have a boy we could always name him after master Hawkeye, my father, or Riza's grandfather. But what about a girl I could probably ask Hughes for help….but no. If we have a girl we could name her Rae or Katharine."

"ROY MUSTANG! Stop spacing out and get back to work."

"Fine, but hey this time you didn't call me colonel or si-." He was cut off by a bullet flying right past his head. Time to start the paper work.

*The time is now 6:30 Time to get off work*

Roy smashed his head into the desk.


"Once again that's what you get for skipping work yesterday."

*because I'm lazy they are home now XD*

"Roy stop acting so childish you're setting a bad example."

"Well…..I'm just preparing you for what our child will act like."

"No you're not your just upset because you want to know the gender of the babies."


"I told you earlier that it was twins I guess you we're just spacing out." Roy stared off into space. (A/n I'm breaking the forth wall YAY!)

"STOP DOING THAT ROY!" Riza tackles Roy to the floor.

"What the heck?!"

"Sorry Roy but you weren't listening to me and I had to put a stop to that."

"Trust me I will be listening cause if I don't the next thing you know you're going to have triplets."

*End of Chapter* (a/n because I can't think of anything else)

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