Chapter 12

Black's Back

Peter, what was going on he couldn't be here. He was dead. Sirius had killed him. As she ran down to where Harry was reading she started questioning everything.

Sirius killed Peter? Why? Sirius and James were close, Sirius wouldn't have betrayed James. Sirius would only kill if someone had messed with his friends or him, I know it. Had Peter mess with James or Lily?
"Harry come look at this." She said pulling out the map to show him what she had seen. Harry's eyes grew wide. "Let's go." He said running away with the map.

Amelia and Harry made there way down the corridors following the name of the supposedly dead Marauder. They heard a noise that sounded like mouse or rat. Amelia gasped. "Wormtail," she whispered.

"Lomous," Harry whispered making the light shine from his wand. The hall was silent as they both made there way to where Peter now was. "Harry? Where is he?" Amelia asked a little freaked out.

"I don't know he should be right here." Harry said. That's when a noise was heard from the corner. Harry looked at the map and saw it was Snape turning the corner. "Its Snape run," Harry muttered to Amelia. Harry made the light on his wand turn out and as he did Amelia saw a rat scurry across the floor. Peter. Amelia ran after the rat that was going in the same direction Snape was coming from.

Harry made the map go back to a blank sheet of parchment. "Amelia," he said a little too loudly for his own good. But she was already gone and some how had made it past Snape. "Potter, what are you doing out here at this time? And what's that you're holding?"

"I was going to go to the library for a paper I need to help Amelia with," he said quickly.

"At this hour, Potter, I highly doubt that." Snape snarled. Snape grabbed Harry by his shirt and dragged him to Lupin's room.

"Lupin, I found this out in the hallway accompanied by this piece of dark magic," Snape said bursting into the room with Harry in tow. "Severus, nice to see you as always, what is this dark magic you're talking about?" Remus asked.

"This," Snape snarled throwing the map on the table and letting go of Harry's shirt. Snape tried to make it open but instead it insulted him. Making Remus laugh, "This is no dark magic just merely a parchment that's meant to insult people, it's a child's toy."

"Then can you explain why Mr. Potter was out of bed with something that belongs to the Marauders." Snape said slightly too loud.

Before Remus could answer Amelia came into the room, she had lost Peter but had over heard Snape and Harry in the hallway and also what had been said a few seconds ago. "Oh there you are Harry I thought we were going to go to library before Moony's room to get some books." She said.

Harry smiled at her, perfect timing, he thought.

"What is going on?" Snape asked a little surprised to see Amelia here.

Remus caught on, "Well as she just said, they are doing a research paper for me for extra credit and need my help, that's why they were out."

Snape grew angry and stomped out of the room slamming the door as he did. Harry grinned and high-five Amelia, "Perfect timing, Melli." She smirked, "Well I'm just amazing like that."

"Well you both happen to forget that I'm here, and you're in trouble," Remus said. "What were you thinking? Black is around he has already broke in once who's to say he want do it again."

"But Remus the map showed-," Amelia began but he cut her off. "Another thing, that map is nothing but trouble, that's why I plan to keep it." He said getting angry. "Moony," Amelia tried to start again. He didn't listen, "What was so important that made you need to wonder around the castle. Your parents gave there life's to protect, very poor way to repay them…gambling with your life like that, Harry."

Amelia was shocked Remus had gone that low, "Remus you better shut up. The reason we were out was because Peter Pettigrew's name was on the map. You know what Remus, James would have been very ashamed of you for what you just said, remember that." With that she grabbed Harry's arm and yanked him out of the room and they went back to the Common Room and straight to bed.

Hermione came back the next day and Harry and Amelia filled her and Ron in on what happened last night. Hermione had agreed that it was very strange and since then her and Amelia had been researching about what happened the night peter supposedly died.

Ron and Hermione had started fighting a lot now and Harry and Amelia started hanging out less because Ron would talk with Harry and Hermione Amelia. So this made it difficult to talk to one another since Hermione and Ron refused to be in the same room together.

The only time they did really talk was when Remus had their extra lesson with them. Teaching them how to ward off dementours, Harry was so close at making his become an animal but Amelia just couldn't seem to grasp it yet.

Hagrid's bird Buckbeack had lost the case against the Malfoy's and was scheduled to be killed in tomorrow.

Hermione had also started getting over loaded with homework. She would spend most of the day and night doing all of it.

Scabbers and Crookshanks had fought all the time now Scabbers had almost been killed 4 or 5 times now. Then Scabbers had suddenly just disappeared and Ron blamed it on the cat.

It was only a few months till summer now. And Amelia laid in bed looking out the window to the starry night. She couldn't help but think of how she would be going home and leaving Harry in only a few months. Harry was like her new brother and she didn't want to leave him.

Amelia thoughts were cut short as a scream came from outside the room. She ran out and down to the Common Room followed by all the other girls. She found Ron breathing very hard with his brothers and Harry by him.

"Sirius Black. He had a knife pointed at me; he was going to kill me." Ron said, he looked like he had seen a ghost.

"What is going on?" McGonagall asked coming into the room in her sleep gown. "Sirius Black tried to kill me." Ron yelled.

"No one can come in here Ronald, the passwords have changed everyday." She said very strict. She looked over to the knight in the picture who now took the fat lady's post. "Did anyone happen to come into the Common Room the evening, Sir?" she asked.

The knight looked at her, "Why yes, a hairy smelly man did."

"Why did you let him in?" Fred Weasley yelled angry about his brother.

"He had the passwords the whole weeks in fact written on a piece of paper." The knight said like it wasn't a big deal.

McGonagall looked angry, "Now what idiot decided to write down the passwords and then loose them?" Neville put his head down and walked forward, "I did."

The rest of the night, most kids stayed out in the Common Room awake talking. "Harry what's wrong?" Amelia asked as Ron had gone to talk to his brothers and Hermione went to go ask if Ron was ok.

"I put Ron in danger, Black was after me and he almost killed Ron." Harry said still staring into the fireplace.

"Harry, don't say that-", Amelia tried to tell him that it wasn't his fault.

"Save it Amelia." Harry said harshly and he walked back up the stairs to his bed.

Amelia watched him go and turned to start at the fire, "What happened to everyone? The war is tearing everyone apart."

Another chapter I enjoyed writing. I love writing drama so if you don't like dramatic stuff then this propably won't be your cup og tea. :)