Chapter 2

Bye, Bye Past and Welcome My Future

The next day during potions Sirius made his potion explode in Professor Slughorn's face just for laughs. He was given a detention that night to help Miss. Casey, the Liberian, organize books.

Then the boys met up with Amelia for lunch. "Hey Melia what's up?" Sirius asked her. "Nothing to interesting, heard you blew up a potion." She replied. "Yup unfortunately part of it landed on me." Remus all laughed at that and finished eating.

After lunch Peter found Amelia waiting for Sirius in the library. "Hey Amelia, can you come with me I want to show you something." He said.

Of course Amelia said yes after a bit of persuading. She was the nicest to Peter; she thought that Peter was brave for some reason and that Gryffindor was the perfect place for him. She had also made sure he was never excluded but even knowing all of this Peter still led her to the dungeons. When they got there the 3 boys on the train were waiting.

"What's going on Peter?" Amelia asked shaky. Peter didn't say anything he just pushed her forward. She immediately pulled out her wand but Malfoy was fast and she flew backwards into the wall.

Malfoy whispered, "Timemorfus Transportus." Along with Crabbe and Goyle, because it was a very powerful spell for a group of 5th years.

Amelia felt small little pricks on her legs and arms like being pinched. She looked down at her hands she was slowly dissolving. She was able to see through her own hand. A whirl pool full of purple clouds and lighting bolts appeared and before they sucked her in she looked to Peter with confusion.

Peter watched her fly up into the whirl pool and it slowly disappeared at least now he knew the reason why he was in Gryffindor, he was unafraid to betray his friends.

Harry was walking the halls thinking about the dementors, the escaped murder Sirius Black and his new D.A.D.A teacher. Why does everything bad happen to me? Why did the dementors attack me on the train? Why does Sirius Black want to kill me?

These all seemed like reasonable questions to Harry and when he asked them no one willing to answer or they just didn't know. He even thought going to the Headmaster might help but he wasn't sure yet.

Just then a gust of wind blew around Harry making his hair go in all direction even the people in the pictures fell over. Then a spiral of purple clouds appeared above him and the last thing he heard was "AAAAAHHHHH!"

He could feel something on top of him; he looked up and saw a girl with the same looks as him but brown eyes. Harry coughed to get her attention and she took a brief look at him before hopping up to give him a hand. "Oh, Sorry James" she said as Harry took her hand and stood on his own two feet.

Harry couldn't keep his eyes off of her as she wiped dust of her pants. "Who are you?" he asked. She looked up her lips pinched; she had finally noticed the difference, green eyes hidden behind the glasses.

"Who are you?" She asked nervous but firm, she has to show bravery. Harry just stood there not knowing what to say at first but reluctantly answered, "I asked you first."

She huffed and glared at him, "Annie Huffman and you?" She thought lying would be best she didn't no what to think of this guy.

Harry followed her by lying back, "Harvey Wilker." They eyed each other suspiciously for a while before Snape came up on duty making sure no one was still wondering around.

Snape only looked at Harry once before removing points from his house. "Mister Potter just because you inflammably beat the Dark Lord doesn't mean you are free to break the rules…well who is this?" Snape asked not getting the best look at Amelia.

"You come here." Snape ordered as Amelia glared at Harry for lying.

Snape's eyes were wide as he recognized her, "Amelia Potter we were wondering what happened to you, unfortunately you decided to grace us with your presence." He said unkindly. It was now Harry's turn to glare at her for lying. Snape led them to the Headmaster with them both having the same question 'another Potter?'