You're Beautiful

by moun-chan

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I guess I couldn't complain. I was a pretty woman, not the richest, not the smartest, but I had a job I liked -I was a bridal consultant- and I was engaged to the man I loved, Danny Imperiale. We were happy together. My mother was constantly telling me how much she wanted grandchildren, and I didn't think it would take much longer. We both would be very happy to have a child.

Then that one day, we were on our way to the mall, we took the subway. It was as full as usual, but there was one woman standing a few meters away, who caught my eye immediately. She didn't look as if she belonged here. A blonde, tall and slender person, clad in a very designer-looking coat over her equally beautiful black dress. She wore silver jewelery, that looked pretty expensive and made her blue eyes look crystal clear. Her hair was cut in a bob, parted on her left side, and on the right side it was tucked behind her ear. She had very faint skin and light red lips.

"God, she is beautiful..." I thought, and it was not jealousy that I felt.

I didn't realize I was staring until she turned her head. She had been looking to the side, out of the window, but now she was looking at me. Not knowing what to do, I was pretty surprised as she suddenly smiled at me.

"She looks like an angel." And she did. It was a genuine smile, affecting her whole face. Her eyes sparkled, and I felt pretty warm when I returned that sweet gesture.

The man standing beside her now talked to her. I hadn't noticed him before – he was tall, had a full head of dark hair and was handsome, wearing an expensive looking suit. From the way they behaved, I supposed they belonged together, and my heart felt strangely heavy thinking of that.

The subway stopped, and I realized this was the station we had to get out. I poked Danny, and we walked towards the next door, in direction of the gorgeous stranger. In fact I had to walk past her, and as I did, we looked at each other again. She was a bit taller than I, and from this close her eyes looked marvelous. I wish I'd had more time to look at them.

Passing by, I kept my head turned, holding our eye-contact as long as possible. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, and I never wanted this moment to end. My felt as heavy as a stone when I finally had to turn around and exit. The doors closed behind me, and I caught a last glance at the angel-like blonde before the train left and I had to do the same.

"Fran? Are you alright?"

"Yes," I said, nodding, and it was probably the biggest lie of my entire life. I was miserable, feeling like I would cry any second. She was gone, and we would most likely never meet again. Never. Never would I know her name, the sound of her voice, the feeling of her touch. The longing I felt was immense. All I wanted to do was run after her, but it was impossible. Suddenly I realized what had happened to me – love at first sight. I was in love with that woman.

That night I denied Danny's wishes for intimacy with the excuse of having an headache. It was not a fake excuse, though. My head did feel rather dizzy, and I lay awake long. Hearing him breathe loudly beside me, I felt uncomfortable all of a sudden.

I got up, quietly walked into the kitchen and sat down there in my nightgown. A little bit of light fell in through the window from the streetlights, else it was dark. Burying my face in my hands, I wondered how the hell this had happened to me. I'd never been a sad person, let alone easily depressed, and yet here I was, crying in the kitchen at 2 in the morning, all because of a woman who'd smiled at me in the subway. A woman I'd never be with, I'd probably not even see again, no matter how much I wanted to.

So.. was I gay? Bisexual? I had to admit I didn't know, and I didn't care. All I knew was that I felt an attraction to that woman too huge to put into words. Looking back into the bedroom and seeing Danny lie there, I asked myself- do I really want to spend my life with him?

But yet .. I couldn't give all this up for just a dream that would never come true.

It was time to face the truth – I would never be with her.

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