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Chapter 1

The battle was over. Or at least part of it was. Chang Wufei made his way slowly from the field of flowers where he had laid his now dead wife down to rest. He had never understood her need for battle. When they had gotten married she had tried her hardest to make him start practicing to and it had only gotten worse when he had beaten her in a fight. Him; a scholar; beating the great Nataku in a fight?! It was probably a blow to her pride.

He had never wanted to marry her. But it was tradition; it was expected of them. Just as it was expected of them to have a child. However; Meiran had not wanted a child now; wanting to focus on her fighting. But nature had taken over and ten months after their marriage their son had been born. They were total opposites and yet they had created something so perfect together. It didn't make any sense. Wufei picked up his speed slightly.

At nearly four months old Chang Hisashi was a happy, strong and healthy baby boy. His beautiful and rare emerald green eyes always sparkled with happiness and childish curiosity. Wufei found it amazing that his son could always be so happy when all his parents did was fight; and when his mother barely paid any attention to him. Most of his attention came from his father and Wufei found that he could never be angry in the presence of his son. He was the odd one out of the clan. A scholar among fighters and the fact that something so small and fragile needed him was something entirely new to him.

Wufei broke into a full out run as he saw smoke begin to fill the horizon. Their home was in that direction…his son was there. Running through the colony and all of its frantic citizens Wufei allowed his panic to rise. He had just lost his wife; whether they had gotten along or not didn't matter; he couldn't loose his son too.

A cry ripped from his throat as he came to a stop before the burning wreckage of what had once been his home. A strong hand on his arm kept him from running into the house and the young man turned to find who held him back.

Master O looked down at the young teen and frowned slightly gesturing to a part of the burning building.

"There is no point in going in there now Wufei. Look; your sons nursery has collapsed. Are you going to waste your wife's sacrifice and go in there to die for nothing?"

Wufei's head whipped over to where his sons room had been and an anguished cry fled his lips at the sight of the wreckage. Master O released the teens arm and allowed him to sink down to the ground. Master O had seen the devotion that the young man had showed in relation to his son and knew that to loose him was a much harder blow than the loss of his wife had been.

"You can go back to your studies now Wufei; no one will bother you."

Wufei looked to his burning home with dead eyes. "No; I will live for justice from now on. And I will make the one who took my wife and son from me pay."

Master O stared down at the young man. "You will pilot the Shenlong?"

Wufei shook his head as he stood and stared at his destroyed home. "No it is the Nataku. My wife fought to protect that machine and her spirit lives on in it."

Master O nodded; knowing he wouldn't be able to change the others mind.

"Very well."

Wufei would fight and get his revenge. Revenge for his wife who would never fight again and for the son who would never be able to live the life he should have had.


Lily Potter stared out at the dreary sky with dull eyes. Just over four months ago she had given birth to a little boy. …A still born little boy. It had broken her; she had wanted this child so badly and yet he had been taken from her. Her husband and his friends tried to cheer her up but nothing had worked.


Lily turned to look behind her and nodded to the man standing there. Her old Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. He looked sad; almost regretful really as he bent to hand something to her. "I know that you have just recently lost a child of your own but this one here needs a decent family that will care for him. Would you be willing to do this?"

Lily looked into the bundle the headmaster was showing her and her eyes widened as she looked into alert emerald green eyes the same color as her own. She nodded quickly and happily took the baby from the headmaster; taking off to find her husband.

Albus watched her go and smirked as he disappeared with a pop. A child that powerful belonged in a civilized home; not with barbarians.

And so Chang Hisashi disappeared; his father believing him dead and Harry Potter took his place.

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