Wrestling Universe

Raw 1

Note: I do not own these characters and do not own the titles of the events or anything in this series. This is merely a writing exercise for myself and for any whom wish to read.

The seats in the circular arena were near full. The fans were eager, impatient, and excited. Calls, hoots, whistles, and chants echoed through the brisk cool air inside and two individuals began to walk down from the ramp to a table set just behind the ring in a small rectangular section created specifically or the announce team. The two were Michael Cole and Jim Ross, the latter receiving cheers from the masses that stood up from or clapped in their seats. They both sat down in their black chairs and set up the table for the show ahead. Monitors on, papers spread, and headphones ready. The show may now begin.

The high fretted guitar bend of the familiar theme titled, "Hitman," ended the chatter and scattered calls of the large crowds and drew out their cheers and their butts off the seats. The son of the bulldog stepped out from behind the black curtain and walked down from the stage to the ramp, his black outfit matched the color of the stage and ring decor, aside from the canvas which had been white. He entered under the top rope and inside awaited his opponent in the new powerhouse promotion of Wrestling Universe, the combination of both TNA and WWE. David Hart Smith hadn't needed to wait long until his opponent was called by the ring announcer just outside of the ring near the commentary table.

The Samoan Bulldozer aptly named Umaga was his first opponent on the new show. A drum beat and light cultural singing filled the dominantly silent arena, save a few the crowd members that had jeered the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga stepped in heavy strides with his intimidating and seemingly bloodthirsty face scowled and smiled, stared, and yelled at David Hart Smith as the man climbed the white steel steps to the turn-post of the ring. Umaga didn't seemed ready to smash the son of the Bulldog to pieces and he stepped into the man's face with a gnashing of his teeth and then a loud unintelligible yell.

A ring of the bell signaled to the two professional wrestlers that the match shall commence. Umaga set the first seconds of the match strong with a hard push to David Hart Smith, knocking the man down to his back. Umaga yelled, then reached his robust arm down and gripped what hair he could from his opponent to lift him up against the ropes. He slapped once to the chest. Twice. A final time he slapped his opponent and David Hart Smith fell from the second rope out to the mats around the ring. The referee, dressed in white, began a count to ten and at the number of eight, the son of the Bulldog was just able to miss the final two and enter the ring.

"Umaga is just dominating so far." Said Jim Ross.

"Scary how much power is in the Samoan Bulldozer, I wonder if Davey Boy Smith's son will be able to survive the viciousness that is Umaga." Michael Cole commented.

David Hart Smith avoided Umaga's hard right hand that came down like a wrecking ball ready to smash into his head. He jabbed at Umaga's left cheek quickly and then again. He hit downward at his chest and with a kick he was able to gain the upper hand if only briefly. Umaga reddened David Hart Smith's right upper chest with another hard swung slap. He was ready to end the match and held his opponent over his shoulders. As he was setting the man up for a slam, David Hart Smith continued his punches to the Samoan Bulldozer's face until he could free himself back onto his feet. In haste, Smith wrapped the sleeper hold around Umaga's neck to try and end it with a submission before his robust opponent could counter.

"Umaga is down and the win belongs to David Hart Smith!" Jim Ross called out, "what an upset! The son of Davey Boy Smith, I think, will reach great heights here in the Wrestling Universe on Raw."

"That he may, but let us discuss our main event, Jim. Former head of TNA is now a member of the roster here at Wrestling Universe and he's going up against of his rival company's biggest and best superstars and that is The Undertaker." Michael Cole added.

"Right Cole, it should be noted this is a qualification match for the Heavyweight Championship and the winner of this match faces the winner of the match before it at Rumble Mayhem for the championship. Should be a slobber-knocker, Michael Cole." Jim Ross replied.

"Right, but here and now as they walk down the ramp is Chyna and Beth Phoenix. They will tag against the unretired Trish Stratus and Melina." Michael Cole commented.

Chyna entered the ring, wearing a black and green colored pants and top as to coincide with the colors that Beth Phoenix also wore. The two stood at the center of the ring and awaited the arrival of both opponents. The theme song commonly used for Trish played and abruptly ended Beth's amazonian music. Trish had unretired briefly to test the waters in the new wrestling organization of Wrestling Universe. Melina had transfered from WWE, bought out by the owner of the new wrestling promotion. They lightly stepped and briskly made their wait to the ring. As Melina posed on the edge with her thighs spread in a split, Trish ascended the first turn-post she could get her feet up on and raised her arm to the crowd.

Chyna and Beth Phoenix, partnering for the first time, quickly took the advantage over the two females. Chyna's grip pulled Melina to the ring and she stomped once, twice, and as many times as she could before Melina rolled away to avoid more pain to her right knee. Beth, whom only battled Trish once in a tag match, eagerly pulled the blonde star down from her high cheered position on the turn-post and threw her to the canvas below. There they wrestling and punched away at one another, Beth on top and Trish trying hard to fight back, escape, or turn Beth over to take the advantage.

Beth felt the pain of two knees that hit hard against her abdomen and reluctantly released Trish and leaned against the turn-post. Trish hadn't wasted even a second before she was on top of the Glamazon and her fists were digging into her opponent's face. Beth took each hit, but had dodged several in the final first on face impacts. She pushed the woman away and followed up with a kick to her stomach. This allowed Beth to maneuver behind the ropes to let Chyna become the legal female in the tag match. Trish however became the legal on for her team after Chyna turned to her with intent to harm. Melina rolled to her feet from outside the ring and slowly ascended the steps to stand behind the ropes to allow Trish a partner to tag when in trouble.

With the female tag match official underway, Chyna lost the upperhand when Trish used the ropes to jump up and maneuver Chyna to the canvas with a hurricanrana that elicited a loud cheer from the crowds that surrounded them behind the barrier a few feet from the outer mats. Trish pinned Chyna, but to no avail. She tried again, but again had failed. She pulled the taller woman up and backed her into the corner where Melina stood in anticipation. She was tagged in and took over for Trish with kicks, punches, and a tight headlock around Chyna's neck that dragged her near the center of the white canvas ring.

As Chyna began to counter, wrapping an arm around Melina's waist and readying a backdrop, a muscular and somewhat manly figured woman ran down the stage and ramp. She wore a black top and pink skirt that would have looked more pleasant on any of the four girls in the ring, but not in this oddly appearing female. She yanked Beth Phoenix down from the side of the ring and pushed her away. It caught the attention of Chyna as she leaned back for the slam, but the distraction allowed Melina to roll back onto her feet and then roll up Chyna for the pin. The distraction of the so named Santina Marella was a success for the confused team of Trish Stratus and Melina.

"That was Santina Marella, Santino's strange twin sister. Hopefully she doesn't come over here." Jim Ross said.

"Ha, I hope not as well, but lets focus next on Sting who has a little something to say about his opponent tonight in the title qualification match." Michael Cole cued the large screen above the stage to switch from Santina dancing strangely outside of the ring to Sting backstage in his dressing room with a bat in hand and dressed in his common The Crow inspired attire.

"John Cena, you may have passed as a main event star on WWE, but that company is gone. You can't run to Vince McMahon and kiss his ass for star power any longer. When you face me, you better bring everything you have because unlike you, I give the crowd what they want and I know more than six moves." Sting stated before the screen returned to the ring.

"Harsh words from the legend Sting. I got to agree that John Cena needs to bring everything he has to this match or he may not get a chance at the Heaveyweight Championship belt." Jim Ross commented.

A white explosion of pyrotechnics banged outward from the stage. As it subsided, Chris Jericho walked out past the flickering sparks remaining on the steel stage. He kept a serious composure and walked down the ramp to the ring. Inside, he leaned against the ropes once, then waited for his opponent to arrive. His opponent was the son of Ted Dibiase and same named; Ted Dibiase Jr. He walked out in front with his father behind him as his manager, they stepped down the ramp with the old song used by the original Ted Dibiase. Chris Jericho watched on from the ring as the son parted from his father to slide onto the canvas and stand to his feet.

Jerciho locked shoulders with Ted Dibiase Jr. The two pulled off from one another after a stale mate and locked into a grapple once more. The son of Ted Dibiase gained the upper hand in the grapple lock with a knee to the abdomen and following it up with a hip toss onto the canvas. With one arm still grasped, he brought it between his knees and dropped down on it. Ted Dibiase Jr. pulled and continued to apply stress to Jericho's arm with the armbar locked in until he decided himself to roll out and continue the advantage in the match.

Jericho shook the pain aside from his arm and grappled with the younger Dibiase once again. This time Jericho was the one with a headlock around Ted's neck. Ted Dibiase Jr. pushed Chris Jericho across the ring into the ropes. He bent down as Jericho returned only to find a boot coming into his eyesight. The tip smacked hard into his chin and he stumbled backward from the counter attack. Jericho took no chances with his opponent and used his forearm to chop across his chest before whipping him across the ring. Ted smacked into Chris Jericho's tough boots once again and found himself quickly flat on the ring canvas.

Jericho set up his opponent for his signature move: The Walls of Jericho. Ted Dibiase slid into the ring to distract Jericho from locking the move into his son completely. Dibiase Jr. free from Jericho's grip, rolled away and sat against the ring post for a brief breather his father had allowed him. Jericho turned, Ted charged and the two met with one elbow to the jaw and another with a hard right hook to the abdomen. Ted Dibiase Jr. connected his left elbow hard enough to side swipe Jericho through the ropes and outside of the ring.

The former member of Legacy took to the high ground, remaining in the ring as Jericho gathered himself below. Ted Dibiase smacked the bare skin of Jericho's head and pushed him into the ring for his son to continue the attack. The younger Dibiase dropped to pin Jericho, but the count was stopped at two. He looked to the ref in disapproval and then back at Jericho to mount an assault. Punch, punch, punching away Ted Dibiase Jr. knocked Jericho up to his feet and into the turn-post. He grabbed the shoulder and arm of his opponent, using the irish whip to send him to the turn-post across from them, but Jericho had countered it and it was Ted who went charging into the buckles. His back slammed hard against the buckled pads and he tried to counter by charging back and Jericho's forearm met him at the center of the ring. He quickly maneuvered his opponent for his signature finisher and was able in mere seconds to get the man's hands smacking like a gasping fish on land against the canvas. Jericho had won his match.

"What a comeback by Chris Jericho. I don't agree with this man's actions, but he can damn sure wrestle. I consider this payback for all the horrible things Ted Dibiase Junior did when he was in Legacy with Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes." Said Jim Ross.

"You couldn't be more wrong Jim Ross, I think he's at the top of his peak and Legacy helped him in that. I don't agree with his past, but with his father beside him, Dibiase has a bright future here in the new Wrestling Universe. Jericho on the other hand continues to show his dominance in the ring as he had in WCW, ECW, WWE, and now here today." Michael Cole replied.

Backstage, as viewed from the screen on stage, Cena walked down the hallway toward the staircase that lead to the stage. He gave a glance at Jeff Jarrett as the former owner of TNA crossed his path. The two exchanged a quick glare before moving on. The screen switched to a video of Cena and his self-sung rap song played in the arena. Cena walked onto stage with his fists up and then saluted the crowd before he walked downward to the ring. The reaction had been mixed, but mostly leaned against the favor of Cena. He entered the ring and tried to pose his arms up again for the crowd, but he soon realized he wasn't going get the manufactured reactions that WWE had forced the fans to give him.

With nothing but the cheers of the attending crowds, Sting walked down to the ring. His eyes were fixed on John Cena until he entered the ring. John Cena had to prove himself in this organization now. No longer could he rely on being buddies with the owner to get himself to the top despite his lower quality compared to the other wrestlers. If he had talent, this is the time to prove it. Sting locked shoulders with John Cena and Cena wrapped the legend's neck with his arm. Cena let his opponent go toward the ropes and swung his forearm across Sting's chest as he was propelled back by the black ropes.

"Cena is taking the upper hand so far. This is a match up for the ages!" Jim announced.

"Sting versus John Cena. Something I never thought I'd see." Cole added.

Cena held Sting in another headlock to punch away at the man's painted face with hard right fists. After the tenth punch, Cena's makeup smudged knuckles went for one more, only to find himself backing into the turn post behind them. Sting threw his foot like a charging rhino into Cena's abdomen. He pulled Cena down to his knees. The legendary wrestler wrapped his fingers around the back of Cena's head and lunged for the ring in a one-handed bulldog. Cena's face bounced off the canvas heard throughout the arena.

Sting was ready to prove to Cena that he had a long way to go before he could reach the high ranks like himself. Sting lightly rolled John Cena onto his back with a kick. One leg stepped between his opponent's and then wrapped the free leg over his. Sting turned around, kneeling down to apply pressure to Cena's back in the Scorpion Deathlock. A submission move he hoped Cena could not fathom how to back out of without tapping the canvas. Sting loved over his shoulder as he applied the hold to see the referee asking Cena if he would give up, but one hand held above the canvas as if readying his answer, whilst his head continuously shook against the question.

Sting dropped the Scorpion Deathlock. In an unfathomable display of generosity, the legend let his opponent go before he could tap. Cena, in pain, had curled up against his hurt legs. He rolled away from Sting's right foot before it could smack into his side. Sting backed off to let his opponent out of the ring. Cena pulled himself up to recuperate from the Scorpion Deathlock and just as he looked up for what seemed to be the briefest of moments, he found Sting coming down at him with a diving crossbody attack. The two toppled like an crumbling building into the outer mats. Sting used the black metal barricade to pull himself up and then grasped a fist full of Cena's self-promoting shirt and rolled the man back in the ring.

"Sting is really dominating now. It seemed like Cena could have gained the win early on, but as we know in wrestling that it is unpredictable. It would be a great upset if Cena was to win now against the legend, Sting." Jim Ross commented.

"Cena is going to have to pull out more than a punch, kick, or bear hug to win this one now Jim. He may be at a loss for talent, something I would have never been able to say under our former employer." Cole revealed.

"Amen, Michael Cole." Nodded Jim.

In the ring, the two wrestlers exchanged left and right fists with one another. Cena started to slowly gain favor of the match as he pounded left and right to the older man's head. His knuckles broke skin in his last hard jab to the forehead. The blood only trickled down in a single line at first, but after several more hard hits and an elbow to the injury, Sting felt his world dim into a red haze. He tried to block Cena's coming fists with his elbow and succeeded in falling through to the outside of the ring between the top and middle rope.

One. Two. Three. The referee counted the legend as he sat on his knees outside of the ring. He wiped the blood from his face, removing some of his makeup as well. His reddened eyes gazed up at Cena coming to continue the attack from in front. Cena gripped Sting's hair, then pulled the man to the steel steps to smack his head against it. The plan hadn't passed as John had planned with Sting seeing the steps before they could see it even closer. He elbowed Cena enough times to push the man away and he rolled into the ring to escape any countering attack from his opponent.

Cena entered the ring after Sting and fell for the pin, his feet holding onto the bottom rope for support. The match was given to John Cena. The white rapper rushed out of the ring to celebrate his victory despite the jeers and Sting chants echoing from the mouths of the arena crowds. Cena sent them the gift of his middle finger and quickly escaped to the back before Sting had the ability to recover where John Cena had left him in the corner of the ring.

"Oh my! This is not what I was expecting coming into this match." Jim Ross added, "Cena has won against Sting with a low tactic of using the ropes behind the ref's back."

"Cena has won and that's all that matters to him. It will be surprising how this plays out next week if at all." Michael Cole commented.

"Up next is the final qualification match to see which two individuals square off against one another at the Rumble Mayhem event for the Heavyweight Championship title. Jeff Jarrett verses the dark phenomenon known as The Undertaker." Jim Ross announced.

"Next week, we might very well see a conflict between either of these two guys and the first qualifying contender; John Cena." Cole added.

First to walk the stage was Jeff Jarrett. Former owner of TNA until it had been bought by the Wrestling Universe organization. He stepped into the ring with the weight of a powerful individual, but could he hold up to the power of the Undertaker? He thought so, but the moment was about to come as the lights darkened to a deep blue hue and the church gongs filled the arena with hair standing chills. The Undertaker soon emerged from the fog and Jarrett watched his slow intimidating descent toward the ring with both fear and confidence in his eyes.

Undertaker stopped at the steel steps and held out his arms. As if by an alternate force, they flicked back on and almost brighter than before. The Undertaker passed one leg over the middle rope, held his hat, and then ducked under to officially enter the same ring with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett refused to allow the Undertaker any more time to his entrance and charged with his forearm ready to clothesline the tall opponent. Undertaker raised his big black boot and the smaller man crashed like a train hitting a mounting. Jarrett fell back hard and nearly shook the ring with the force of his body dropping down from the kick.

Untertaker tossed off his trench coat and, hat on head, picked up Jeff Jarrett by the throat to raise him up eye to eye. Jarrett spit in the eyes of the Undertaker. Low and dirty, it revealed itself as a working tactic to get out of the harsh grasp of the black gloved hands of Undertaker. Jarrett followed up the dirty maneuver with a kick to Undertaker's hip and knees. He smacked his boots with his opponent's body again and again and again. Undertaker finally had fallen after the ninth hit to his abdomen. Jarrett began to take the assault to his opponent's exposed head.

Jarrett's boot connected with Undertaker's beaten face. The man shocked the arena with his hands grasping the second boot nearly inches from his face. Undertaker tightly held his fingers around the boot Jeff Jarrett and slowly rose to his feet, his eyes fixed angrily on his opponent. As Undertaker removed on hand to ready a hard punch, Jarrett swung his body around and kicked Undertaker in the face with an enzuigiri kick. Undertaker toppled over the ropes and landed on the rim of the ring, just barely held tight to the middle rope to keep himself from further crumbling down.

Jarrett kicked his taller opponent and pulled him to his knees. Jarrett lifted up with a dropkick. His feet smacked the right check of Undertaker quickly to knock him backward. Only Jarrett had jumped back up from that and he backed away to assess what he'd do next. He decided it would be a sleeper hold and he walked around to Undertaker's head to position his opponent for it. With Jarrett's arms holding tight around the neck of The Undertaker, he felt the man beneath him begin to fade from consciousness. The Undertaker rested on his hip and his hands lightly felt at the canvas, trying hard to do something to break the hold.

Jarrett was proud of himself at how easily he had taken down the Undertaker. He released the sleeper hold after his opponent pulled at his hair and Undertaker lay flat on the white ring canvas as Jarrett stood over him. He dropped down for the pin, but as he did, the man known as the phenom raised up and met Jarrett with his white glaring eyes. Jarretty backed away against the ref and stumbled onto the ropes. Undertaker, without his eyes moving from Jarrett's own eyes, stood up and fastened his fingers around the smaller man's neck. He raised Jarrett up and then slammed him down like a hurricane dropping a house flat into the Earth.

"Undertaker!" A high pitched voice called out from outside of the ring. "Undertaker!"

Undertaker looked over the ropes to find a familiar face. Paul Bearer called out his name angrily and held the golden urn up with his hands. Undertaker turned around to continue the assault on Jarrett, only to find his opponent smack him with an hard second enzuigiri. Taker fell to his stomach and Jarrett quickly took advantage. He managed to pin the Undertaker with a full three count. Paul watched on and smiled a wicked grin that stretched across his entire face as the third count was called. He ascended the steps to enter the ring once Jarrett left and he called for a microphone so that he may speak with the man he had formerly managed.

"You've betrayed me Undertaker!" He yelled, one hand holding the microphone and another with the urn against his side. He yelled even louder with a squeeling call, "oh, yes! Undertaker, I will exact my revenge on you for what you did to me those years ago when I joined at your side against your brother. You will see the man who will defeat you next week Undertaker!"

Feeling content with his warning uttered to the befallen man, Paul Bearer dropped the microphone and turned to exit the ring. Undertaker sat up and his eyes stared at Paul until their eyes met. Paul's face quickly melted into a horrored expression. Undertaker rose up from the canvas and stalked forth to attack. Paul had barely escaped his grasp and rushed himself up the ramp to leave the arena. He would soon teach Undertaker a lesson, but tonight he had to save himself from destruction. To close the show, Undertaker knelt down and glared out to the stage where Paul stood like a coward and berated the claimed dead man. Undertaker's haunting theme echoed the arena and the lights dimmed to blue as the show then faded to black.