Wrestling Universe


Note: I do not own these characters and do not own the titles of the events or anything in this series. This is merely a writing exercise for myself and for any whom wish to read.

The big event began with a colorful display of exploding fireworks. Reds and Blues, Whites and Greens, any color that could be fitted inside the bombshells were jammed inside for the grande opening. Shimmering sparkles fell down from the sky and the smoke faded upward into the sunny atmosphere. Following the fireworks, Beth Phoenix walked onto to the platform on the end of the large stage. It was like a ten foot high steel elevator that lowered her down to the stage below. Once on the steel mesh, she walked across to the ramp way and descended to ringside. She paid little attention to the astounding capacity crowd filling up the enormous open stadium.

Her match was the opener to the night and it entailed that the victor would win the Women's Championship Title. Her opponent was Santina Marella, the alleged twin sister of Santino. "Tonight," she said in an interview earlier, "I'm going to prove to the world that I'm the top female competitor and that Santina is really Santino." Beth entered the ring and sat on the edge of the ropes with her thighs holding her in place. After her short pose, she climbed down and watched as Santina made her entrance. Beth wasn't amused anymore with Santino or his alleged sister. She was ready to get this over with.

Santina wasn't sure of her footing. She gazed down over the railing of the platform as it lowered. Once she felt safe enough to get off, she quickly hurried to the ramp and then her normal bubbly personality shown through. She skipped and stepped quickly down to the ring with confidence. Once in the ring, she performed a little dance that had indeed disturbed some of the individuals in the audience, as well as amused. The bell rang, almost drowned out by the crowd reaction that filled the open air. It didn't matter if the audience heard, the wrestlers knew and the match began.

Santina hesitated an attack. She stepped left and right, ducked and scratched. Beth Phoenix just watched her opponent fooling around across the ring and sighed in annoyance. She pulled Santina into a headlock and then pushed her in front. She rang the neck of her opponent and raised Santina off her feet. Beth slammed her down on her back with the choke-bomb and then lowered to her knees for a pin. Santina raised a shoulder and broke out at the count of two. Santina rushed away on all fours until she was able to use the ropes to climb up and brush the black hair from her eyes. She calmed herself, taking in a deep breath before resuming the match.

She charged Beth Phoenix, kicking her to the thigh, punching at her forehead, and then hooking an arm under hers to tosser her onto her back. Beth rose up quickly and countered Santina's coming attack, a swinging neckbreaker, with an elbow to the jaw. She maneuvered Santina around, wrapped her legs around her outer thighs, then pulled back her arms so that Santina was facing the crowds. She was helpless in Beth's hold. It was a truly astounding moment that showed the girl's strength and will. Phoenix dropped Santina down with the Glam Slam. Beth pinned Santina again and finished off the match as the new Women's Championship Title holder.

Beth didn't feel like the match was complete, however. True to her promise earlier in the night. She extended her hands like sharp talons and grasped the black hair of Santina. She ripped the chinstrap off the head of her rival and the audience reacted through gasps, boos, cheers, and even a chant saying, "leave Santina alone," as it was finally revealed that Santino truly was his alleged twin sister. He He rain his fingers through his short hair and gasped in horror and embarrassment. He scurried out of the ring like a scared, scolded dog and ran out of the arena faster than a fleet footed bird. Beth held the championship title in one hand and the hair of her former rival in the other.

The ring was cleared and a new referee was switched with the one that had called the first match. It was time for the triple threat tag match for the World Tag Titles. Chris Jericho and Cristian were first to arrive. They both stepped out onto the platform to Jericho's theme song playing into the open arena. Christian hopped off when it was near landing and Jericho followed him after. They both posed at the stage in front of the enormous screen. Jericho kept a steady pace, walking with a serious expression etched in stone across his face. He was arrogant and egotistical. Why play to the crowd that betrayed him?

They entered the ring and as they did, the next tag contenders stepped onto the platform atop the stage. The Hardy Boys were next. They were enthusiastic in their movements and quickly. Jeff swooped down to the ring with strides and quick steps, his face painted black, white, and green. He rose up on the lower-left turn post to pose for the fans in the large stadium. His brother slid in and prepped himself against the ropes, picking a corner to stand for their match. Once inside, they kept their eyes on Christian and Jericho. Trust was one thing that would certainly be absent in this match. The Hardy's could not trust the Harts, and especially not Jericho and Christian.

Accompanied by Bret and Jimmy Hart, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kid made their entrance to the stage. They posed with a display of pink and red fireworks behind them. They approached the ring, speaking to one another about a game plan and who would start the match if either were going to. Despite it being a triple threat tag match, two opponents started the match and then anyone was up for a tag from then on. Bret and Jimmy stayed ringside as Tyson and David entered the ring and readied themselves for the grueling match ahead. It was determined that David Hart Smith and Jeff Hardy would begin the match for the titles.

David and Jeff started with a grapple lock that quickly turned into a hurricanrana. David Hart Smith pulled himself together and eagerly rose up to his feet so not to let Hardy start off with a leg up on the competition. They locked up again and this time, David Hart Smith wrapped an arm around Jeff's abdomen and around his neck. He pulled him up with a northern lights suplex onto the canvas. He hadn't bridged it with a pin, but instead rolled up to his feet and stomped once at Jeff Hardy's face. He then pulled up his long haired opponent to continue the match face to face.

Hardy escaped another suplex with an irish whip to the ropes. He leapt over David Hart Smith and then lay down to let his opponent run over him to the ropes. He jumped to his feet, swung his body into the air, then crashed David to the canvas with a spinning wheel-kick. He rushed to the nearest turn-post, but unbeknownst to him, Christian slapped him to make himself legal in the match. Jericho and Christian pushed Hardy to the floor outside of the ring and took control of the situation. Christian hurried to swoop his opponent's legs into a submission hold. A common leg lock.

After the hold broke, he was quick in reaching his feet. Christian was fleet-footed and a risk taker. He jumped up to the nearest empty turn-post and leapt back in a moonsault onto his opponent. The pin that followed after the attack failed after the count of two. Christian wasn't too pleased with the results. He had even argued with the referee, but this only bought David Hart Smith enough time to tag in Matt Hardy. Matt charged and collapsed Christian with a shoulder block. Each hit was heavy and quick, each kick was hard and forceful. He soon managed to clothesline the man that had interrupted his brother's maneuver over the top rope.

Jeff took it upon himself to kick Christian and roll him back into the ring. His vengeance was complete. Upon his return to the ring, Christian was dragged up by Matt and whipped to horizontally across the ring. When he returned, he ducked under the forearm smash that came at him at a high angle. He used the ropes to propel him quickly toward his opponent and dropped him with a facebuster. Christian quickly pinned Matt Hardy, but it wasn't meant to be. He was again frustrated but wouldn't be making the same mistakes anytime soon. Christian eagerly tagged in his partner Chris Jericho.

Matt charged him, but Jericho was fresh in the match. He swung his arm across Hardy's chest and knocked him in his place. He turned to elbow Jeff Hardy and then he ran up the ropes to swing back in a lionsault to crash onto David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd. Christian interfered to help his partner clean the mess in the ring. Christian was forced back by the referee when Jericho and Matt was all that remained after the cleaning. Jericho took the opportunity to wrap Matt Hardy in the Walls of Jericho. It was locked in tight at the center of the ring and Jericho's smug grin emerged across his once stone still face.

Jeff tried to interfere, but the ref refused to allow it. However, when busy keeping Jeff and David back, Tyson Kidd managed to sneak in and dropkick Jericho over his opponent. Matt pinned, but Tyson pulled him away as well. That is when the referee finally turned and scolded the Hart Foundation member. Tyson flew up his hands and returned to his corner where David Hard Smith waited. Both men lay in the center of the ring exhausted and beaten. They began to crawl for their respective partners. Jericho made the tag first, but Matt swiftly hopped up to tag in his brother. Both men were quick on their feet and met with a loud smack in the ring.

Hardy dropkicked Christian and then Christian had used an enziguri to knock back his opponent. They were at a stalemate. Jeff decided to take a risk. He ascended the turn-post nearest to his brother. Jumped off at a high angle and then used his finisher, the Swanton Bomb, to topple over Christian. He pinned him quickly, but Jericho and both Hart Foundation members moved in to stop it. They were all too late. The referee successfully reached the full three count and the victors and new World Tag Champions were Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Boys.

Edge ran out to help Christian and Jericho. He speared Tyson Kidd, but suddenly both teams fought back against the three heels. Edge then pulled Jericho and Christian out to exit the arena after being assaulted by the Hardy's and Harts in the ring, joining forces out of respect to attack the heels. The three backed away as the celebration continued in the ring. Bret and Jimmy Hart joined in a display of good sportsmanship. Both men had their arms held by their former opponents and the crowds cheered on the celebration. They soon cleared the ring for the next match.

"What a spectacular match." Jim Ross said, "the new world tag title holders deserved their victory."

"Matt and Jeff Hardy certainly pulled out all the stops with this match. I must congratulate Christian and Jericho for their teamwork as well, though I don't agree with some of their actions in the ring," replied Don West.

Nathan Black spoke up, "I will not forget the valiant effort of Smith and Kidd." He continued, "up next, however, is a match we've been waiting for since things exploded during the twenty-man battle royal at Rumble Mayhem."

Michael Cole interrupted excitedly, "Ric Flair versus Shawn Michaels in a Submission match." He said, "Shawn gave Ric the benefit of having a submission match to show that even with the odds stacked against him, he was the show-stopper and will be able to defeat Ric Flair."

The first to enter was Shawn Michaels. He was energetic as he stepped off of the platform. Striking his classic pose at the end of the stage with a row of fireworks sparking off behind him. After they ceased, he jumped up to his feet and started down the long steel aisle to the ring. After he entered the ring, Ric Flair made his entrance to the ring. Decked in his trademark robe, sparkling, swaying, and stylin'. He stepped down with pride to the ring, his eyes avoiding Shawn as he turned to climb the steps into the ring. He set his robe aside after his entry into the ring and the bell signaled them to begin.

Shawn wiped his hand over his pony-tail and he shook his hands. He seemed a bit uneasy with the match and decided to let Ric start off. Ric jabbed Shawn quickly, then backed off. He then locked up arms with Shawn and kneed him down. He shoved his rival's face into the canvas, kicked at him, and then backed off again. Flair wrapped an arm around Shawn's head, grasping his ponytail and dragging him up to his feet. Flair backed his opponent into the corner to show him how to exactly the slaps are done. Smack! Smack! He slapped and chopped the front and back of his hand against HBK's quickly reddening chest.

A punch ended the assault. He dragged Shawn away from the corner by his right arm and wrapped the arm around his opponent's waist, using the other to hoist him up from the thigh. He dropped Shawn's ass on his knee and pushed him away. Flair let out a loud and proud "woo!" The crowds in favor of Flair returned the call. Shawn recovered from the atomic drop and then used his own slaps to back Ric into a different corner. Instead of ending with a punch, he whipped Flair across the ring, but Ric countered and it was Shawn running his back into the turnbuckles.

Flair charged! Arm out, adrenaline pumping. Shawn kicked him hard in the chest and then took the chance to climb up onto the turn post and leap off onto Flair with an elbow drop. Flair bounced backward onto the canvas. Shawn performed the first submission hold. He wrapped his arms around Flair's head and locked him into a sleeper-hold. Flair slowly rose up under both of their weight, but Shawn held it tightly in place. Flair wasn't going anywhere. Soon the effects of the hold began to affect Flair, he limped in his step and hunched over. Shawn then let him go and let him fall.

He had a better idea for a finishing submission hold. He moved over to his former friend's legs and wrapped them up snugly in a figure-four leg lock. Pain shot up through Ric's body and he let out a yell and grunt. He banged his knees into the white canvas below whilst trying to wiggle out of the hold. Shawn was adamant that he was going to win with Flair's own signature move. He held Flair in the hold, but he couldn't stop his rival from turning over. Flair switched the tables on HBK and now the the maneuver betrayed him. Shawn couldn't withstand it, yelling, reaching, shaking his head to the referee. He raised a hand over the canvas as if showing he was about to tap, but he hesitated.

Flair applied more pressure and force in the hold. He then tried to sit up and change the maneuver into a sharpshooter. Succeeding in doing so, it was too much for Shawn to handle. HBK finally let the arena down as he tapped out to Ric Flair. With victory under his belt, he refused to let go of Shawn Michaels. He wanted to injure him. Punish him. Break him. Shawn cried out and tapped continuously, but his attempts to break out of the hold went unheeded and unheard. The referee was powerless to stop Flair. It was only when Triple H ran out to help Michaels did Flair finally let it go. Flair taunted and celebrated as he escaped the arena.

After the ring cleared and a row of black metallic box-shaped rigs were hooked to each pole to wrap around the ring, a fiery explosion rose up from the stage. He stepped through the smoke and debris of cackling fire. Unlike the previous superstars, he had entered from behind the screen instead of the high platform. It was the only way to ensure the pyrotechnic display did not go horridly wrong. He stepped down to the ring, adjusting a black elbow pad before stepping up onto the rim of the ring. He hooked a leg over the top rope and climbed into the ring.

Upon entry, Kane raised his arms up and as the fingered, covered in black leather gloves, had clenched and prepared to lower down, the lights blackened. His face was covered by the very mask he had began his career in. The fire that had scratched and scraped his face when Undertaker attacked in their previous encounter, had been painful and scarred. It was not permanent, but he knew it would not help his already disfigured features if he was to allow Undertaker's bare fists and the fire during the match to meet the fresh burn marks across his face. He stood at the center, ready for anything.

A deep bell tolled. The sound waves of the ambience flowing from the tolls and the thunder crept into the hearts of the crowds and held them like a lead weight, whereas it had pulled Kane's heart into his throat. He could feel his dark heart beating just under his tonsils. A single bolt struck. The blue fog rolled through the large open stadium and within its dense core stood a black shadow. The platform lowered and the fog cascaded down the sides as if it was emanating from the shadow itself. Another bolt of lightning struck the stage and it revealed - in its brief flash of light - the Undertaker.

He walked through the thick atmosphere of fog and thunder around him. Kane watched and backed himself to the edge of the ring, far from the steps where his Brother would enter. Undertaker stepped slowly up to the corner turn-post and raised the lights around them. Within the dark sky, the bright lights of the stadium seemed to finally reveal the true face of Kane's brother. Undertaker glared. Kane waited. He stepped into the ring and removed his trench coat and hat with intimidating eyes piercing through his brother's soul. Undertaker was ready to do what he had promised. Take Kane to hell with him once and for all.

Undertaker stood in place. He was like a muscular stone statue, cold and seemingly motionless. But this man was no work of art, but the reaper of souls and the bringer of darkness. Kane knew his more than anyone. He held his ground. His soul was on the line. Suddenly, rows of fire encircled the ring from below the ropes. The rig had slits at the center in the shape of a long line that the fire had come out from. It was hot and it was high, towering over the two men in the ring. Undertaker didn't budge when the fire rose up and his eyes did not sway when the fire lowered to a lower height, just above the bottom rope.

Kane charged. He struck his brother with a hard right punch, but Undertaker matched him with a big boot to the face that almost knocked Kane over the ropes and onto the row of fire outside of the ring. He struck Undertaker with an uppercut and whipped him to the ropes. Undertaker leapt like a flying boulder soaring through the air. He crashed down onto Kane with a leaping clothesline. Kane toppled onto the canvas with a deafening thud. Undertaker rolled up onto his feet and then he used the ropes once again to leap high into the air with a high jumping leg drop.

When his legs dropped onto Kane, the fire rose up in response. It surrounded the ring with a heated wall of red and orange that cackled and licked at the open air. It lowered when the ring calmed again. Undertaker pulled his brother up and hoisted him up for a scoop slam. The fire rose up once again, but only reaching the top rope. Kane sat up. He turned and gripped Undertaker's throat. Using his own brother's throat as a means to pull himself up, he then dropped him down with a chokeslam. With Undertaker down, he finally performed the pose that had been interrupted by his brother's entry. The fire rose up higher than before. It glowed brighter and hotter.

Kane was satisfied with the response. He returned attention to his brother who had sat straight up. Kane threw his boot into Undertaker's face to force him on his back. He pinned. This wasn't a pinfall match. Undertaker punched his away out of the pin. He pulled Undertaker up and lifted him up with one arm wrapped around Undertaker's waist. He leapt and landed in a sitting position, slamming Undertaker hard into the canvas beside him. Kane pinned. Nothing. Undertaker raised an arm to break the pin. For the second time, Kane pulled his brother up and then irish whipped him vertically across the ring.

Instead of hitting a big boot that would have surely sparked the wall of flames to rise up around the ring, Kane was forced into a running DDT. The flames rose up even higher than they would have for Kane. The mind-games were getting to his brother. Kane tried to shake it off. Not letting his brother get to him, but he was soon being pulled into a chokeslam. He held Undertaker in a tight grip as well. The two tried to over power one another. Undertaker pulled Kane close to the fire behind him whilst Kane tried to push Undertaker to the corner where the fire rose up from their movement.

It ended with a kick. Undertaker wrapped Kane upside down against his chest and then dropped him down to the canvas with his signature Tombstone Piledriver. With Kane out for the time being, he dragged him over to the side of the ring. A small line of fire crawled tentatively into Kane's palm. It then grew bolder and raced up his arm and neared his face when Undertaker then kicked his entire body out of the ring. The fire was quickly extinguished and Kane was rushed to the back. As he came to his senses and grunted and hissed in pain. The fire had reached side of his face and nearly burnt the straps that held the mask around his head. Undertaker lowered down to one knee in victory as the fire rose up around him, showing him as a dark figure through the ring of fire.

"Kane has been set ablaze twice in one week already." Michael Cole said.

"Things are not looking good for him," replied Don West.

"Kane must be feeling the heat now that Undertaker has blasted straight for him in a whirlpool of deadly vengeance." Jim Ross commented.

"Yeah, just don't pun. I don't like puns." Nathan brushed it off, "anyway! We have next the match between John Cena and The Rock. John wants to be The Rock, and The Rock just wants to do what he does best, but we'll see which one is the best in this dream match up come true."

A loud deep rumbling sound echoed the arena. John Cena heard it become louder and louder as he was lowered to the stage. It was the audience booing him. He had taken the helm of a hell since starting in the new organization, but he felt justified in his own right. He defeated enough top competitors to have a contender spot for the big titles, let alone a match with self pro-claimed "Great One." He still pumped his boots and saluted the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. He chucked the hat from his head into the crowd. It came back at him at full speed. He dodged it quickly.

The Rock came out next. Feeling the electrifying response from the crowds around the ring, he was eager to join them. Once off the platform, he posed for them at the stage with a display of pyro setting off behind him. He jogged to the ring and then climbed up to the top of the turn-post where he just stood, soaking in the overwhelming cheer and embrace of the crowds. He turned his head toward Cena and he could almost see an aura of jealousy clouding around his opponent. The Rock had been bothered by Cena to wrestle him, but Rock knew it was more about Cena wanting the spotlight and fame that Rock had and not about wrestling what-so-ever. He wanted to be the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

John Cena stampeded toward The Rock like a jealous hyena trying to snatch a well earned kill from a larger-than-life king lion. He stabbed The Rock in the back with his forearm. The Rock arched his back in the sudden impact and fell to the ring. He turned and elbowed his attacker. Cena wasn't deterred and continued his abrasive assault. Lefts and rights, elbows and forearms, he pounded away at The Rock. The referee tried to call him off, but only when Rock kneed Cena against his abdomen did he back away. Cena wiped his hand across his face to gesture that Rock couldn't "see him," but the quick blurred vision hid Rock's attack from Cena.

In effect, it was Cena that could not see The Rock. Rock struck him down with a heavy tornado punch. He then planted Cena into the white canvas with a signature Rock Bottom. The maneuver wasn't enough to wipe out Cena's chances at victory just yet, but it helped Rock take the momentum from his opponent. He pulled Cena up and hoisted him over his shoulders. The fans cheered, believing that Rock would be imitating Cena's finisher, but he instead dropped back and brought his opponent down with a Samoan drop. He then signaled to the audience around the open stadium that his own signature was about to come. The People's Elbow.

He pushed in Cena's shoulder as he removed the elbow pad from his. Rock ran to the left, then raced to the right. Upon return to the fallen body of John Cena, he jerked his elbow up and then smacked it down into his opponent's face. It connected and the loud smack echoed into the air. The crowds loved it. The Rock pinned John Cena and rose back up to his feet after the quick victory. The lion had shown that kills belong to those whom deserve it. The Rock earned his status and so should Cena. He had no grudge against him, but he wasn't going to stand by whilst Cena insulted his name. The Rock was back and he was as strong as he had ever been. Soon, he thought, the People's Champ will return.

Once the arena was set for the next match, Cody Rhodes made his entrance. He descended from the ramp and climbed into the ring. Accompanied by his new tag partner, Brian Christopher, he seemed to strut with confidence. He knew the benefit of the triple threat match was that Triple H did not even need to be pinned. If Cody could single out his brother, he'd manage to get an easy victory and become the brand's top champion. He handed his tag title belt to his partner and awaited the arrival of his two opponents. He knew Goldust would be next, as the original challenger for the title, and Triple H would make his dramatic entry last.

Goldust was indeed the next individual in line to arrive. Gold glitter shot out from the stage, riding the air around the open arena. He stepped off the high platform and then stepped the distance from the stage to the ring. His brother watched him carefully, like a hawk observing a field mouse. He climbed into the ring and slowly removed his golden robe and wig. He seemed uncertain of his surroundings, gazing around the crowded arena, noting the enormity of the event. He hunched into one of the corners and soon Triple H made his arrival to the Universal Championship Title Match.

The champion opted to use the stage, instead of the platform for his entry. He stood near a jet of dense fog that danced with various colors that circled the arena. He let out a light mist of water before walking down to ringside, sledgehammer in hand. Goldust and his brother hoped the weapon would not make it into the ring. They were relieved to see that Triple H had used the deadly weapon to scare off Brian Christopher. He didn't want Cody to gain any advantages in the match. He was confident with his chances of winning and with that, he entered the ring.

Triple H started the match with each of his opponents getting a well earned knock out punch. Rhodes bounced up first and charged, but once again he was knocked into the canvas and then Goldust too was taken down. It seemed that Triple H was on fire until both brothers took out the champion with a double drop-kick. With Triple H temporarily disposed of, they took their frustrations with one another out in the match. Rhodes punched away at Goldust, but he found his brother quickly gaining the upperhand with a throat thrust and irish whip. He bent down to toss his brother over, but Rhodes stopped himself at the ropes and let Triple H use a strong knee lift that knocked Goldust up and onto his back.

Rhodes charged. It was a risk, but one he had to take. He had taken down Triple H before, even if it was with the help of two other partners. He was sure of himself that majority of it was politics. He was young and strong, Triple H was old and the husband of the Boss's daughter. The scales would show their true weight now. He jabbed Triple H in the back with a forearm and then drop-kicked him back. Triple H did not like that very much at all. He turned and gripped what hair Cody Rhodes had and then smacked his knuckles square into his opponent's face. Rhodes dropped like a dead bird that had just been shot out of the sky.

It was Goldust's turn to try his luck with The Game. It was clear to them that he indeed had some strength. Goldust wrapped the hair of his opponent in his fists and slammed him down onto the canvas. There, Goldust pinned Triple H, but the cover was too soon. His opponent easily escaped and then Goldust scrambled to follow up. He raised up and dropped a knee onto Triple H. Twice he had done this and felt the canvas smack his knee on the third time. Cody Rhodes pulled Triple H from him and pinned, but he too had failed to get a full count.

Rhodes ducked Goldusts elbow drop, landing instead on Triple H. The two clashed. Rhodes drop-kicked his brother and Goldust had countered a second attack with a quick atomic drop. After a suplex into canvas, Rhodes was glad it wasn't him receiving a sudden pedigree from Triple H. Goldust lay flat on the canvas, like a smashed potted plant. Triple H turned to his other opponent and pulled him up into the famous position. Rhodes had experience in evading this about as much as he had getting it. Rhodes used an enziguri to push off Triple H and allow him to run up the ropes.

Triple H and Goldust teamed briefly to clothesline Cody Rhodes and then Goldust made his move. He side swiped Triple H with a throat thrust and then a hard jawbreaker. Triple H tumbled into the corner. It wasn't a good place to be when your opponent was known for using the corner to kick his rivals where it hurt. Goldust set him up for the kick, but Rhodes struck him in mid-dash. He tossed Goldust out of the ring and met Triple H's powerful spinebuster maneuver afterward. He didn't like that encounter much in the least bit. Triple H pinned him, but it wasn't enough to keep Rhodes down.

He pulled his opponent up, fought back Goldust with a kick and then knocked out Rhodes again with a final pedigree. Goldust tried to strike again. Triple H wasn't having any of it. He pinned Goldust after a second pedigree and claimed victory of the match. He towered over the fallen bodies with his arms out and pumped to still be champion. After the belt was handed to him, he tossed it over his shoulder and decided that Goldust needed another pedigree. Slam! Goldust smashed into the canvas, but Rhodes was up and ready to strike. Brian Christopher and Randy Orton weren't far either.

Triple H took down his opponent and then smacked the gold plating of the belt into Brian Christopher's face. It effectively wiped him off the list of attackers he'd have to worry about. It was just Triple H and Orton now. Orton closed in, but Triple H was pumping with adrenaline. He kneed his rival and smacked him down with the pedigree. What was left in the ring was like a massacre. Four bodies scattered and Triple H striking a pose in celebration of his achievement. He was going to prove that this title run was earned by talent and talent alone. So far, he was doing well in that task.

"What an endurance for all three men. Triple H came out the victor and fought off the new Legacy. I don't know what Orton is planning, but it can't be good." Jim Ross commented.

"Not at all, but one must wonder, can Orton rise up to become the contender and ultimately champion once again?" Don West added, "we'll know when the second season begins, but for now, in our biggest night in the Wrestling Universe, we have the final match for the final major championship. The World Heavyweight Championship Title."

"Jarrett versus Sting is up and it promises to be a great match, if not the best match of the night." Nathan announced.

Sting was out first. The challenger for the title. He stood off the platform before it even had a chance to drop. There Sting stood high atop the large broad screen and he gazed down over the surroundings. Thousands of fans cheered and chanted. They seemed like ants from the height. He jumped down effortlessly with the aid of a seemingly invisible cable that lowered him to the stage where he touched down as if he had only taken a single step. He stepped down to the ring and then upon entry, handed the bat reluctantly to a ringside crew member. The long flowing black coat was the next to go and as he handed it off, Jarrett entered the arena.

Jarrett walked down to the ring after turning the corner from the sides. He didn't feel it necessary to wait a minute until the platform landed. He wanted to get in that ring and give Sting the beat-down he deserved. The strap around his waist and the shades across his eyes, he strut to the ring with pride. He stepped in and handed off the title for the referee to show. After it was placed in the careful hands of a crew member that placed it by the bell, the match began. Sting and Jeff Jarrett. The main event for WrestleJam for the World Heavyweight Championship Title.

Sting started the match. He grabbed Jarrett and whipped him diagonally across the ring. Jarrett turned at the last second and his back smacked into the padded turnbuckles. Though padded, they still were attached to metal and mostly constructed of the same wiry material. It hurt. He looked across to find Sting running in for the Stinger Splash. A cross body at the corner of the ring, but Jarrett ducked under at the last precious moments of the attack. He was safe. But for how long was up to him. Jarrett needed to act quick as Sting was propelled backward from the impact. He decided a bulldog would be the best course of action, so he grabbed Sting by the man's hair and leapt forward to bring both of them down into the canvas.

Sting didn't fair too well in the slam, but Jarrett was already up on his feet before Sting could turn over. He pinned Sting, but it wasn't going to pass. Sting was aware and he wasn't letting his opponent get away with a title defense that easily. He kicked out at one. Jarrett went on to higher things to attain his goal of destroying Sting. He pulled his opponent up and then hoisted him up with his arms. Sting tried to counter and land on his feet behind Jarrett, but Jeff was quick-witted. He smacked Sting down into the canvas with a snap suplex before Sting could retaliate.

Jarrett was feeling confident in his chances. Even if he was losing, he knew he could just cheat and disqualify himself. Sure Sting would win, but he wouldn't gain the championship title. These sorts of plans raced through Jarrett's thoughts during the match. They all were wiped clean off his mind when Sting finally snuck a move in. String was still behind Jarrett and he urged himself up to grab his opponent for a sudden and adrenaline pumped Scorpion Death Drop. A signature reverse DDT. Jarrett hadn't seen it coming and he wiped his forehead after the initial pain of his body coming in contact with the ring subsided.

Above him he could see the white face of Sting with the black markings looking down at him. Sting lowered onto one knee. He moved Jarrett over so that he could step over him and initiate the camel clutch. Jarrett's arms were draped over Sting's knees and his head was pushed up by the hold. He could barely breath or see with the maneuver constricting his facial movement. He refused to tap out of this. No question about it. Eventually Sting released him - Jarrett touched the ropes with his foot. After the submission hold failed, Sting pulled his opponent up and whipped him across the ring horizontally.

Sting bent over and flipped Jarret over his back. Camera flashes tracked the wrestler fall through the air and his subsequent crashing onto the white canvas below. Sting turned to observe the results and he seemed content with it. After a quick second to catch his breath, he was back on the assault. Jarrett wouldn't let him get in any more hits. He punched String when when his opponent pulled him up for another maneuver. It aided in getting Sting off his back for just the briefest of moments. One more punch did the trick. Sting was now on the defense. His hands up to block the punches, his feet backing away. Jarrett could feel victory slowly returning. He was on the cusp of something great.

Jarrett dropped Sting's face into the white canvas, where smudges of black had rubbed off. He had used a Double underhook facebuster, also known to Triple H as the pedigree. Jarrett then tried to lock on the sleeper hold, but Sting was reluctant. Frustrated, Jarrett punched him hard in the forehead. He just punched, punched, and punched away without thinking. He needed this hold to lock in. He needed the victory. The referee called out to him, but by the time Jarrett returned to his senses, he found traces of smeared blood and white paint on his knuckles. He head punched a small cut into his opponent.

All is fair in love and war, he thought, and gave Sting one last punch for good measure. After that, he locked in the sleeper hold, but Sting still got out of it quickly. Whatever, he though, and abandoned the maneuver. Jarrett stood up, visibly upset, but uncertain how to follow up whilst his opponent was breathing heavily and feeling the blood drip down his forehead. Jarrett then decided a finisher was in order. He pulled Sting to the center of the ring and with his boots in hand, wired them around his own legs to concoct a deadly tangled mess known as the Figure-Four-Leglock. Sting became frantic.

He remembered all those times that Ric Flair had locked the submission hold on him. Those memories rushed back into his mind, but he wasn't going to quit. He was a fighter. He was Sting! He slowly managed to roll Jarrett over until the pain subsided like a wave that moved from his body over to Jarrett's. Jeff cried out and let out a rough grunt trying to escape the hold. When he finally managed to, Sting was on him again. If Jarrett wanted to take the submission route, he knew just the move to pay him back. Sting locked him into the Scorpion Deathlock. His version of the Sharpshooter that he and Bret Hart had made famous. Sure enough, Jarrett tapped out and a new World Heavyweight Champion was rewarded the belt. Sting had came out victorious in the main event of the greatest stage in Wrestling Universe history - Wrestle Jam.