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No Spoilers : Set around Season 5, Dr. Carson Beckett is CMO, Lieutenant Cadman is stationed on Atlantis, Dr. Keller joined Atlantis recently.

Pairings : Ronon Dex/Dr. Orla Grant

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Summary : An Ancient device has traumatic results for the inhabitants of Atlantis.

"Unscheduled off world activation," called out the night shift head gate technician Amelia Banks.

The Marines surrounding the Stargate immediately took their positions with guns trained on the Stargate.

"Colonel Sheppard's IDC," Amelia continued.

The Marines stood down as the Stargate's shield was lowered. Moments later members of SGA-1 followed by Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard strode through the wormhole and into the gate room.

"Good morning, ladies and gentleman. This is your early morning alarm call," Sheppard joked earning groans from his team. Teyla rolled her eyes at the Colonel.

"Well, now that the interesting part of the day is over, can I suggest we get our post mission checks sorted and bed? Your own beds that is, not mine," Sheppard waffled. "We can de-brief Woolsey in the morning, I don't see there's a real need to wake him up at this hour," he continued.

"No," Ronon snorted loudly.

"No? As in wake him up?" Sheppard looked confused.

"Don't wake him; I've been bored to death all day. Don't want all night too," Ronon tetchily grumbled and walked off to the infirmary.

"For once, Conan is right," Dr. McKay assessed following the Satedan.

Sheppard and Teyla looked at each other.

"Had it been that bad?" Sheppard asked Teyla.

"I believe that Ronon and Rodney found the day somewhat…tedious. They were not involved in the specifics of the trade discussions so, found little to do. Ronon and Rodney do not cope well with these types of… negotiations," Teyla tiredly explained.

"You mean they were bored out of their minds?" Sheppard translated.

"Exactly, Colonel," Teyla smiled and headed in the direction of the infirmary closely followed by Colonel Sheppard.

Dr. Jennifer Keller was on duty that night; she ran the usual battery of tests and declared all fit and well.

Ronon turned to Sheppard and asked, "You wanna get something to eat?"

Sheppard looked at Ronon, he smiled. The man could eat more than anyone on Atlantis that included Rodney McKay. He wasn't sure if it was because of his time as a Runner, leading to almost starvation at times if the Wraith chose to hunt the Runner for long periods. Or just his giant stature that led him to eat for two men. The fact that Ronon was so healthy and fit was his saving grace. He looked up at the man, "Sure big guy," "Rodney, Teyla, fancy a late snack?"

Teyla declined claiming she needed sleep, she would see them all in the de-briefing with Mr. Woolsey tomorrow. As she left she turned to the Colonel and prompted him, "What time tomorrow, John"

"0800 should be good," Sheppard answered.

"Rodney, want some food?" Sheppard tried to hide a smile, unless the scientist was dying or scared to death he never passed on food.

"Well, I could eat something," McKay muttered earning a snort from Ronon.

The trio entered the mess hall it was practically empty, a few stragglers from the night shift quickly getting something to eat but that was it. Rodney grabbed coffee, drinking a whole cup in one go, before getting a re-fill. Ronon and Sheppard grabbed at the pre-packed sandwiches, adding a few pudding cups to their trays and sat down. Rodney having decided on his fare sat next to Colonel Sheppard. They began to eat in silence.

"So, look guys, I'm sorry you were dragged back today and well tomorrow too. The elders deciding on the trading matters are a bunch of superstitious guys, you get that right? Sheppard hoped they did.

Ronon grunted and went back to eating his packs of sandwiches.

"It's a waste of time," was all McKay said.

"Actually it's not; the trading partners that can provide food off world are incredibly important Rodney. We can't allow ourselves to become reliant on the mainland and Daedalus. We need to make sure Atlantis has traders in the event something happens to the others," Sheppard elucidated.

"Still boring," Ronon finally added devouring his last sandwich.

"Ronon, when did you last eat?" Sheppard stared at the Satedan.

"Same as you, back on the planet," he uttered.

Sheppard shook his head; he never got over the way Ronon treated food, all food, like it was a rare commodity. He paused, when he thought about it, it had been for seven years.

After finishing his one sandwich Sheppard got to his feet, "Well, 0800 is what I told Teyla for the de-briefing so see you at the gate room then. Ronon, run as normal?" The Colonel looked at the Satedan.

"Yep," was all he gave the Colonel.

"So, unless Woolsey changes the time, I'll see you guys later," Sheppard strolled out of the mess hall depositing his rubbish in the bins as he left.

"I'm off too, McKay," Ronon rose and possibly slightly harder than needed clapped the scientist on the shoulder.

"Lumbering oaf," McKay retorted when Ronon was at a safe distance.

Ronon strode towards his and Orla's quarters, she had moved in with him after their return from "Planet Mud", he had the larger quarters. Their quarters would look rather strange to an outsider, but he liked it. Her silky underwear mixed with his weapons, her family photographs along side his painting of an old Satedan battle. His blaster gun and her hair straighteners. He chuckled at her expression at finding one of his smaller knives stashed inside her make-up bag. He'd told her, who'd expect one there, might need it, you never know. She'd shaken her head at him and laughed.

He palmed the door to their quarters open and stepped inside. The place was in darkness, he knew she'd be asleep. They'd not been due back until the morning but, as the negotiations had more or less been settled, he and Rodney had demanded they go home. Ronon took the middle crystal from the door panel, locking the door. As he moved to the chair he knew was just a head of him, he removed his coat and dropped it onto the chair and placed the crystal on the table next it. He needed a shower, the village had been nothing special but it had been dusty as hell. Ronon didn't think Orla would appreciate being covered in dust. He got undressed silently and headed for the bathroom.

Ronon left the bathroom and headed for the bed, he would only get a few hours sleep but he was home, with Orla. He pulled the furs back and smiled, for a woman as small as Orla, she could steal the whole bed. With a chuckle he slid in beside the woman he loved and fell asleep almost instantly.

Five thirty am came all too soon, Ronon's body's internal clock waking him automatically. Ronon kissed Orla's forehead and eased himself out of bed to dress; he was due to meet Sheppard for their run in ten minutes. Though, looking back at Orla, he was sorely tempted to climb back into bed and ignore Sheppard. He sighed and expelled a frustrated breath, he knew they were going back to finalize the end negotiations and the day ahead, at least for him, would be long and slow. His body and mind would need this run.

Ronon was dressed in minutes; he grabbed the crystal from the table and put it back into the panel. Palming the door open to wait outside so that Sheppard wouldn't wake Orla with the door chime.

An hour and half later a sweaty Ronon entered his quarters and heard the sound of the shower. Orla was up he smiled, it would only be polite to say good morning. Ronon quickly stripped, entered the bathroom and stepped into the shower.

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