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Pairings : Ronon Dex/Dr. Orla Grant

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Summary : An Ancient device has traumatic results for the inhabitants of Atlantis.

Dr. Radek Zelenka had been ordered rather than asked by Dr. Rodney McKay to go into the lower level and put Pandora's Box inside the trinium storage device. He waited for the Marines nearby to help him maneuver the small trolley carrying the storage device into the transporter. It wasn't that it was awkward to move really, he just wanted any excuse to use to keep him away from that particular level longer.

Moments later he exited the transporter into the dimly lit corridor once more. He headed toward the Marines guarding the room and its dangerous contents. Radek acknowledged the Marines at the entrance of the room.

"Hey Doc, so how's this gonna go down?" one of the Marines had asked him, as he hadn't been paying attention he had no idea which one so he replied generally.

"I have to shut down the force field which was put in place by Dr. McKay, and then take the storage device into the room and place the box inside this one. I have a code which is going to be changed once we have established that it is no longer any harm, thanks to the effects of the trinium. It will then be taken to storage," Radek explained to a pair of nodding Marines.

"Go for it Doc," one of the Marines shouted.

"Yes, thank you," Radek grumbled.

Radek picked up the tablet and started entering in the information to over-ride the force field. A minute later it was down, the tension visibly heightened. Radek placed the tablet back onto the trolley to his side and clasped the storage device in his arms and moved slowly into the room containing the box.

He slowly edged in closer and closer watching the box for signs of movement or humming. He heard and saw nothing. There was no table; nothing to put the device on so he lowered it to the floor and removed the lid. Radek was starting to sweat not from the exertion but the danger. He straightened his back and moved to the pedestal rubbing his hands up and down the side of his trousers trying to rid his hands of the cold sweat pouring over them.

Radek extended his shaking arms towards the box, settled his hands on it's prize and closed his eyes waiting for… he didn't know what. When nothing happened he remembered to breathe and steadied himself. He started to gently lift the box which was surprisingly light up and move tiny steps almost expecting it to explode into a bright light, over to the storage device.

He slowly knelt down and gently placed the box inside the storage unit, it fitted well. With still trembling hands he picked up the lid. He carefully placed the lid on top of the trinium base and keyed the code into the keypad. He heard a clunk as a series of bolt like inner bars slid across to secure the device. Radek picked it up and moved towards the waiting trolley. With hands a little calmer he placed the storage device down. He needed to get McKay now, he was a civilian with the gene and Colonel Sheppard had offered his services much like Rodney had done to Radek.

"I will be back in a minute, I need to go back up and get Dr. McKay. Please do not touch the unit and if anything seems unusual, my advice would be to run," Radek said to the Marines standing by the entrance of the room. Without waiting to hear their replies he swiftly walked to the transporter, once inside he indicated where he wanted to be and seconds later walked out to the small group of expectant people.

"Rodney, I need you to please come and test the trinium casing," Zelenka informed a very nervous McKay.

"I really think we should re-think this, if it goes off then I won't be responsible for anyone getting hurt," Mckay blustered with obvious false bravado.

"Don't worry Rodney, if the device reacts to your gene and you hallucinate, Ronon and I will come and over power you so you don't hurt yourself," Sheppard was still trying hard to suppress the laughter at the image Ronon had given him that morning of Rodney as a Wraith, screaming like a little girl.

"Oh, hardy hah," McKay snapped thin lipped heading over to the transporter to join Radek.

"Come on Radek, try not to kill me will you," Rodney needlessly spat at his colleague.

Radek rolled his eyes imagining the three days away from McKay Woolsey had promised.

The transporter opened to reveal the lower level corridor once again and with trepidation and just a little alarm Dr. Rodney McKay swallowed and headed, at least in his mind, to certain doom. As the doctors approached the trolley the Marines guarding the unit looked up showing the fact they were bored and can we move this along Doctors. McKay stood next to the storage device, brought his slightly trembling hands to the unit and touched it. That's when it happened…. nothing.

"It worked," squeaked McKay beaming at a tired but equally happy Radek.

"Yes Rodney, you were right," Radek mused.

"Okay, let's get this over to the South Pier and locked away. Ermm, you what's your name?" Rodney snapped his fingers and pointed at the nearest Marine.

"Corporal Jenkins, Dr. McKay," the Marine patiently answered the excitable scientist.

"Right, Jenkins, bring the trolley with you up to level 12 and then you and your pal, can help us store this gadget," McKay ordered not taking in the look of annoyance on the Marines faces.

The Marines started to push the trolley towards its destination looking at each other wondering the same thing, how come Ronon's not killed this guy and the Colonel calls him a friend?

As the Marines joined the Doctors and Colonel Sheppard at the transporters exit at the South Pier they looked on amazed at the large structure in front of them. The South Pier was generally unused, mainly because it had suffered damage. Though structurally safe it would need a lot of work to make it habitable. This was the reason it'd been deemed okay to revert into Area 52.

"McKay, did you write this sign?" Sheppard remarked slightly amused knowing the accusation on the sign had to belong to McKay.

"Yes, why? Not plain enough for you and your jarheads?" McKay muttered entering the codes into the door locking system to open the storage room.

"I think, "Keep out or die, if you die it's our own fault. stupid", is a little harsh McKay," Sheppard chortled.

"It means what it says, there are some stupid people here Sheppard," McKay bit back and he watched the Marines push the trolley into the vast chamber revealed once the door opened. "Put it down on the trestles, slowly and don't knock it," McKay called out. He breathed a sigh of relief as finally the box was secured in its casing and was about to be locked away.

The men made their way out of the chamber, heading back towards the transport when Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay's radios barked into life demanding their attention in the gate room.

Sheppard looked over to the fraught scientist and said "One disaster down, ready for the next?"

McKay scowled, annoyed at Sheppard who was grinning in anticipation of their next mission.

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