three hours later:

"ohhh my head, did anyone get the plates of that Winnebago? Thought Harry as he sat up.

"hmm" He hummed as he looked around the clearing. there were trees and squirrels and a huge she-wolf, and a wait what

"AHHH" he yelled as he tried scrambling backwards only to run into the tree he was sleeping bye.

'what a weird human' Leah thought as she watched him scramble back with amusement in her eyes.

'Is she gonna eat me?' Harry thought as he looked at her.

Leah stared to walk in the direction of the human to sit down

As the she-wolf sat down in front of him Harry started to admire her 'wow i always like wolves after third year and shes beautiful.'

"hey there pretty girl can i pet you?" He said while holding out his hand and thinking 'Please don't bite me! Please don't bite me! Please don't bite me!'

Soon she was sniffing his hand."Wow, your fur is so soft and light, and a brilliant color if i do say so me self" He told her as he started to rub her back.

'hmm' he thought, 'I wonder if she's a pet. Cause i know no normal wolf would come near me without biting my hand'.

'MMMM, that's so nice' she thought starting to purr or whatever wolves do.

"Well Miss wolf, as fun as this is i got to fin a town cause i ain't got a clue where i am." Harry stated as he stopped petting her and stood up.

"So ill see ya later" He said looking around 'hmm where to go Left, Right, or forward.' As he looked forward he saw the small shapes of cars. "ohh a road."

And so he started to walk.


Three hours later:

"Oh ill be so angrified if the town was like two miles in the other direction" Harry said to himself as he walked down the road. {sigh}


I have totally forgotten every thing that has to do with new moon and eclipse. So I'm sorry but his will be put on hold for the foreseeable future until I can find myself some Stephanie Meyer books