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Ikuto and Amu sat in a small café watching their charas happily eat the cookies that they had ordered. Amu was staring suspiciously at the neko-boy who had not once tried to flirt or tease her the whole time they had been there.

"What's going on with you today? Why did you bring me here?" Amu asked bluntly.

"Huh? Oh nothing . . . no reason." He mumbled glancing at the picture above Amu's head. Amu noticed a boy sneaking up behind Ikuto. He put a finger to his lips for Amu to be quiet. He smiled and covered Ikuto's eyes with his hands.

"Guess who!" he smiled brightly. He couldn't have been much older then Ikuto and his smile reminded her of Kukai.

"Hikaru!" Ikuto exclaimed the boy laughed and removed his hands. Ikuto hopped out of his seat and greeted the boy with a large hug.

"You weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow!" Ikuto smiled widely with childlike happiness. The boy smiled back and shrugged.

"I wanted to surprise you. And do I only get a hug?" he teased. Ikuto blushed slightly and Amu raised an eyebrow. The charas stopped playing and turned their attention to the two males. Yoru smiled when he recognized the other male. Ikuto leaned forward and kissed the boy softly.

"Ehhh!" Amu exclaimed blushing as red as a strawberry along with her charas. The two boys looked at her surprised. They had both forgotten about her during their reunion.

"Oh sorry. Hikaru this is Amu Hinamori. Amu this is Hikaru Mori, my boyfriend." He muttered the last part somewhat uncomfortably. Hikaru smiled and shook her hand politely.

"Ikuto-kun can Hikaru-san see us? ~desu." Suu asked cutely, looking up at them. Ikuto shook his head slightly. But to Hikaru ,who couldn't see what was happening with the charas, all he saw was Ikuto staring at the table in-front of him and then shaking his head.

"Ikuto are you all right?" Hikaru asked placing a hand on Ikuto's shoulder.

"Huh? Oh, yea I'm fine." Ikuto answered blushing slightly.

"Are you sure?" Hikaru pressed. He rested his forehead against Ikuto's and Amu blushed thinking they were going to kiss again.

"Hm doesn't feel like you have a fever but I still don't want you to get sick, kitty cat." Hikaru scolded and waved a finger at Ikuto like he was punishing a child. Ikuto rolled his eyes.

"Kitty cat?" Amu asked confused. She would have thought that he knew Ikuto's chara if Ikuto hadn't pointed out earlier that he couldn't.

"Yup he reminds me of a cat!" Hikaru explained smiling brightly. Amu couldn't help but smile back. She was reminded of numerous occasions where she had thought the same thing.

"...I have to pee. I'll be back." Ikuto said calmly. A devilish smirk found its way onto Hikaru's face.

"Need any help with that?" Hikaru asked slyly. Ikuto and Amu both blushed and Ikuto flicked his forehead and slipped off. Hikaru laughed and turned back to Amu who was slowly getting her normal color back. Amu took in his appearance for the first time and decided that he was cute. He had hair the same length as Ikuto's only his was black and the bangs were longer and were swept to the side. His skin was paler then Ikuto's who was quite tan. His bright blue eyes held nothing but joy in them. He was slightly taller then Ikuto but both looked around the same weight.

"So Amu, do you know Tadase?" Hikaru asked her trying to start a conversation.

"Yea we are both guardians at school." She told him.

"Do you like him?" he smiled as if saying 'I know you do so don't even try and lie to me' she sighed and nodded slightly a new blush forming.

"Awww how cute! You two would look good together!" he smiled happily. She blushed and tried to hide it with her 'cool and spicy' attitude. Ikuto walked back and sat next to Hikaru.

"So you guys getting along?" Ikuto smirked. Hikaru nodded enthusiastically and Amu smiled. The charas had gone back to playing 'Chase the Kitty' and Yoru was running for his life.

"Oh yea Amu weren't you supposed to be home before dark?" Ikuto pointed out.

"Oh no! My dad is going to be so upset!" Amu whined.

"Me and Ikuto can walk you home and explain to your dad that we were hanging out and lost track of time." Hikaru suggested.

"That would be a good idea except for my dad hates it when I hang out with boys and if I come home with two high school boys at night he wont be to happy." Amu explained.

"We could say that we were one of your friends brothers and we were just walking you home." he tried. Amu thought about it a moment before she agreed.

"That would work you could say that you were hanging out with Utau." Ikuto added. Amu nodded and they payed for their food before leaving. They arrived at Amu's house shortly after and Amu nervously approached the door with the boys close behind. She knocked on the door since it was locked. Her dad opened the door and threw his arms around her sobbing.

"Papa..." Amu started sweat dropping.

"Amu! You were out with boys weren't you! No my little girl couldn't be!" he sobbed.

"Um, Hinamori-san. If you would like we could explain where your daughter has been." Hikaru offered. Amu's dad stopped crying and looked at them.

"I am Ikuto Tsukiyomi and this is my friend Hikaru Mori. Amu was hanging out with my little sister Utau and we didn't want her to walk home alone so we offered to walk her since Utau had to go to bed." Ikuto lied. Hikaru pouted slightly when Ikuto said friend but Amu's dad didn't notice.

"Were your parents home at the time?" her father asked.

"Yes of course they were. My dad had to go to bed early since he has an early shift tomorrow and my mom was cleaning the house." Ikuto continued smoothly.

"And what were you and your friend doing while my daughter was with your sister?" he asked dangerously.

"We were playing Halo 3 in my room." Ikuto smiled.

"Oh well thank you very much. Would you like to come in for a snack?" he asked more friendly.

"No thank you sir we have to get home before my mom gets to worried. Goodnight sir and I'll see you later Amu." Ikuto declined and started to leave. Ami ran to the door and when she saw Ikuto leaving she ran after him.

"Kitty person!" she shouted and clung to Ikuto's leg. Hikaru laughed at Ikuto who stumbled. Ikuto smiled at her and reached up and grabbed Yoru. And passed him to Ami.

"Kitty chara!" she smiled hugging Yoru much to his displeasure. Amu's dad and Hikaru stared at him strangely since they couldn't see Yoru.

"Do you want to watch him today?" he asked her quietly. She smiled widely and threw her arms around Ikuto's neck ,still holding Yoru, before she ran in the house happily. Ikuto stood and brushed the dirt from his pants before walking ,with Hikaru at his side, home.

"Ikuto is that really what your family is doing?" Hikaru asked.

"No. Have you ever seen my mom clean anything?" Ikuto asked. Hikaru smiled and shook his head.

"So what was that kitty chara thing with the little girl?" Hikaru asked curiously.

"Oh that was just a game I made up awhile ago with her and Amu." Ikuto quickly lied.

"I'm home!" Hikaru called when they entered Ikuto's room. Ikuto sighed and flopped onto his bed unceremoniously. Hikaru lied next to him after a few minutes of looking through Ikuto's stuff.

"I've missed you." Ikuto murmured burring his face into Hikaru's chest. Hikaru smiled and wrapped his arms around Ikuto,

"I've missed you too. Tomorrow we should visit Amu at her school, Tadase too..." Hikaru said softly as he drifted off. Ikuto smiled at him lovingly as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

With Amu

"Nyah!" Yoru flew into Amu's room screaming.

"Help~nyah!" he cried hiding behind Miki. Ami ran in after him holding up a blue dress.

"Ami I think it is time for the kitty and you to sleep." Amu told her.

"Kitty chara sleep with Ami?" Amu pouted.

"No Ami kitty chara sleep with the other charas." Amu said. Ami pouted and left the room in a huff.

"So why did Ikuto leave you here?" Amu asked as she crawled into bed.

"He wants alone time with Hikaru~nyah." Yoru pouted.

"Why?" Ran asked tilting her head tp the side.

"Well they either are going to talk all night, kiss all night, or ...do other... things.~nyah." Yoru said blushing slightly.

"What kinds of things~desu?" Suu asked innocently confused.

"Nyah! Never mind." Yoru whined embarrassed. Amu smiled slightly and fell asleep. The charas crawled into their eggs and fell asleep.


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